Dispute credit reports. With Upturn, a user has complete control to pick stocks/ETFs of their choice to build Robo-portfolios (assisted with Upturn historic performance and Upturn rating and labels) and Upturn only provides AI based advisories to Buy or Sell them which is updated daily after market close and after Upturn completes churning the algorithms (takes a few hours). Better in every way and you can get equifax as well. The Credit Pros: Credit repair & credit scores, WalletHub - Free Credit Score, Report & Monitoring, Cookies help us deliver our services. Rotate block letters to fit through the hole in the wall. ‎With Upturn Credit, resolve credit report errors anytime, anywhere. A company recently tried to charge me $500 and when I asked them about it, they told me I could not have any accounts already on dispute and it was for Transunion only. The Robo-portfolios can be updated any time and you receive notification in updates of Buy/Sell every day for these stocks.The user can compare different Robo-portfolios by seeing how the Robo-portfolio performed historically based on simulation on the various portfolio metrics and keep the one you like to receive updates.Top Performers & Recent Movers:The app updates daily the top performers and recent movers so users who don't want to create Robo-portfolios can just browse through top-performing stocks or recent movers (who had more than 4% increase in the stock price in the last 3 weeks) and identify stocks based on historic performance, Upturn Star rating and Upturn recommendation to consider investing in them.

So don’t get disappointed if Upturn notifies you that something was fixed and you find that the Upturn report you first accessed still looks exactly the same. “Upturn: Instant Robo-advisor” provides a Robo-advisor for stocks and ETFs. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. I enter my email address and still waiting to get an email back to be able to log on to my account. Add AppGrooves to your home screen for quick access. This app is extremely easy to use and quickly resolved my disputes and removed items I have been trying to remove from my credit report that are not mine within two days. Enhanced Sign-In Recovery and Partner Offers. Checking the score from a different site the next day is how I knew the score had improved. I don’t want transition getting confused and I want to stop the dispute but there is no customer service. In regarding the email issue,the space entry key is necessary to activate the summition entry. It showed my score higher by 20 points and that the error was off my list of loans.

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Was waiting for such an app, simple understandable presentation of insights!Hold Sell or Buy, I wish all recommendations were that easy.

We've squashed some bugs, improved messaging and displaying your credit freeze notice. I knew something won't right, so I researched and seen a lot credit repair companies are doing this. Thank You UTurn so much for your help God Bless America. They were able to help me and get fraudulent accounts of my credit report. If any of the stocks within the portfolio have become either a "Buy" or a "Sell" and the user can choose to act on these recommendations earning you precious time.Stock Market Metrics:Upturn provides a simulated portfolio analysis to show how the portfolio compares to S&P 500 on various metrics, including statistics such as cumulative returns of the portfolio, financial information, annualized return, risk-adjusted returns (Sharpe ratio) amongst others.Upturn is a US SEC registered Internet Investment Adviser.Investing in the stock market is inherently risky. It doesn't manage assets, it only provides AI based Buy and Sell advisories for stocks and ETFs.

Our AI/ML based financial investment advisor will g… You could probably make decent money just doing the opposite of what this program recommends.I suppose it’s risk mitigation, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense for short term trading. I had 8 late payments from years ago and had a choice.

- Fixed issue with soundtrack names not displaying. I ended up getting 6 of the 8 removed, and my credit shot up over 70 points.

Fixing errors on your credit report has never been so easy. This app makes it extremely easy to dispute items and see the outcome. App support shows 493 error and can’t get assistance.

All this good reviews but I can’t seem to understand this app changes its behavior day to day. I hope they fix the problem so I can sign-up. It gives you the ability to learn, plan and invest (paper trade or stocks investing simulator) in the stock market and build your stock market portfolio. With Upturn Credit, resolve credit report errors anytime, anywhere. Everytime I try to sign up I get a message stating my email address format is incorrect. Wait though, are the blocks the only things that spin? New credit alert management features, We continue to improve our app to better serve our users.

Sign Up Now. Many Upturn users have seen their credit score grow by 20, 50 or even more points. Trying to setup an account, but regardless of what I put for an email (I'm certain its correct - even tried autofill) it says "incorrect email format" and stops this potentially beautiful relationship between us dead in its tracks, ya'll. We have updated the app to improve it's stability and performance.

In-App Email Verification and bug fixes with TouchId and FaceId.
Absolutely amazing and it was all done at no cost..

We update our apps from time to time fix bugs and improve usability. Best application ever! Can’t even create a login account. Amazing!!!

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Our AI/ML based financial investment advisor will g… With Upturn, You have full freedom to search and filter your choice of stocks.

The next day my credit score had gone up 20 points, less than 24 hours later! “Upturn: Instant Robo-advisor” provides a Robo-advisor for stocks and ETFs.Upturn provides a different approach to Robo-advisors.
Upturn upped my 40+ points.

Dispute errors on your credit report for free. In this version we've: ・Expanded dispute submissions to allow an unlimited number of disputes・Added more customized financial products・Improved credit report presentation and credit review flow・Added more descriptive creditor names. 1) one day it doesn’t accept any email to register

I am most pleased with the service provided, the timeliness in which my matter was addressed and detail submitted in response to my dispute.I would highly recommend this service to anyone who is trying to clean up their credit or improve their credit rating.

Upturn provides recommendations of "Buy" and "Sell" for each stock for all different types of personas.Notifications on recent stock updates:Notifications can be enabled on each Robo-Portfolios or My Favorites.

Downloaded the app and put in my personal info and after inputting my DOB and the last 4 of my social continuously got a error pop up window that said “UNAUTHORIZED”.

This free app helps users to solve the mystery of credit scores and dispute inaccurate items on their credit report.

Features: ・Securely review individual items on your TransUnion® credit report ・Dispute credit report errors anytime, anywhere ・View your VantageScore® credit score by TransUnion® ・Calculate your debt-to … With Upturn Credit, resolve credit report errors anytime, anywhere. “Upturn: Instant Robo-advisor” provides a Robo-advisor for stocks and ETFs.

Any customer support phone number or email? This app really does work and I am so grateful for the creators.

If you have an item needing attention on your credit report, I strongly recommend this app. I use my fingerprint or my password, it goes to login and just sits, supposedly logging me in but nothing happens.

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