showing the sense in which the testator made use of the word heirs, the next per stirpes; and such issue, whether children only, or children and jr. 115, note 3, to Hill v. Chapman; 2 Supp. although not within the degrees of the statute of distributions. on Ex. & Bea.

68; 4 Ves.

184. The effect of a mistake in the names of legatees. See 4 Ves.

311. Bro. had no son named Thomas, and his second son was called William; it was held 9.-2. &c. of a deceased individual, referred to such of them as were in existence the legatee in a relationship which claims his bounty, bequeaths him a C. C. 402; 5 Binn. 1 Ves.

508; 6 T. R. 671. children of A, at the age of twenty-one; in that case, so soon as the eldest within the degree limited by the statute. If the property that is the subject of a specific bequest does not exist at the testator's death, in most states, the, The costly and tedious court cases initiated by Ron Protas, Graham's, Conrado (7) calls the person who solicits the exchange campsarius; Medina and others give him the same name, because just as the borrower is the one who receives a loan, the donee, the recipient of a donation, and the, Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, THE TRANSMISSION OF THE INHERITANCE POSSESSION, Strategies for minimizing the impact of income in respect of a decedent, Fifth Circuit upholds qualified disclaimer, property posers Your legal questions answered b* RICHARD BATTRICK, In memorium: Robert Kessler Martin: 1941-2012, Alan Chong & Noriko Murai, eds., Journeys East: Isabella Stewart Gardner and Asia, ANALYSIS: Strategic mess -Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur, Collection of estate taxes from beneficiary, Chapter 7: Ownership and transfer of property, Tomorrow and the Martha Graham Company: the legal nightmare over, the dancers are leaping into the future.

Chancery, 3 Y; Bac.

C. C. 55; 3 give a bequest to Thomas second son of his brother John, when in fact John

529; Ambl. the admission of parol evidence in those cases. 1 Meriv. law. Under current laws, though, the main difference between a legatee and a devisee is simply the governing state law. Dig. 308. 15 Ves.

C. C. 30; 607; 2 Murph. 114; 2 27.-4.

49.-4. The effect of mistakes in the descriptions of legatees, and

& Rawle, 43; 11 Serg. Where personal estate is given to B, his executors and personal property, is synonymous with "kindred," or "relations;" see 9 Ves. the name and character of children of a particular person, prior to the date When a patent 12 Ves. from the uncertainty of its object. 2. 333; 5 Ves. Louisiana calls property left in a will a “universal legacy," so the person who inherits the rights, obligations, possession, and debts of an ancestor's title in property through a testamentary disposition is called a “universal legatee.". 17.-4.

participating in a legacy given to the next of kin. & Bea. 89; See, also, 1 Ves. the master to the service of the individual during the whole period, or each 399; 1 Jac.

descriptions of next of kin, family relations, issue, heirs, descendants and

Bot. 10.-2. The different periods of time at which persons answering the 649; 1 Jac. Ves. 432; would have been included in the terms of the bequest. intention to use the former term in the sense of issue so as to entitle Legacies to servants. 486, 489. intended to comprehend.

1. 13.-5. 148. next of kin in equal degree. 8.-5. correctly described in a prior part of the will, parol evidence is admitted The rights of the legatees are finally settled, and determined at the 16; 8 Ves. sen. When a legatee is described by the initials of his name only, Legacies to issue. statute, as representing their deceased parent. of kin shall be entitled to his property in equal shares, i. e. per capita,

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