YouTube videos are clear, get to the, I've been watching his Radar Detector for years.

Vortex is awesome.

The best radar detector expert in the world and a very nice person that I will be honor to meet in my next trip to USA.

Thank you for your reply, i wouldnt use 64bit – i think the x86 would be a better choice.

I wish all tutorials were like these.

He has very good information on dash cams. Full look at all the features and comparison points. is there any easier way to make it easier to edit the settings through your phone?

I am only getting K-band signals from my rear antenna.

Keep up the amazing work! Regular updates of GENEVO devices is a very important tool which constantly increases their Great info and makes it easy to understand. Uniden R3. Remote view, record and capture from your Uniden AppCams. The laser speed gun has found its way into the hands of state and local police in at least half the country.

Selectivity — A detector’s ability to detect police radar while ignoring the presence of such devices as automatic garage door openers and microwaves, which may operate on closely neighboring frequencies. Then press a second time to confirm. We now have more control over alert prioritization. Now as for powering your radar detector at home, you can use an AC to DC cig. Adjust the sensitivity of the radar detector. Unbiased, honest and accurate information. We offer professional & independent advice and best radar detector solutions tailored to your needs.

YouTube videos are clear, get to the, I've been watching his Radar Detector for years. I remember seeing in your update video you did not have that selected. Think of it as high speed muting. The Uniden R7 allows you to mark geographical points where you commonly encounter radar transmissions. Did not fit. Very informative channel for Radar Detectors and Dashcams! I notice that too and that’s one reason why I like the Blendmount. download firmware 1.33 off Uniden’s website here,, Viofo A129 Duo, A129 Plus, A129 Pro Comparison Review, Amazon Prime Day Deals 2020: Radar Detectors & Dashcams, Quiet Ride – Added MRCD On/Off – (Default Off), Priority Alert – Ka/MRCD, MRCD/Ka, Strongest Signal – (Default MRCD/Ka), VPR Laser Gun Detection – Added Stalker XLR, DragonEye (Full size & Compact), Added Auto Mute rear K band – (Default -Rear K Mute Off), Added “Heart Beat” to all standby displays, Normalized volume for each of the alert tones.

Very professional reviews, tests in details.

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