And hon-hon-honey

Let’s have a kiki (Mother) I’m gonna let you have it Their infectious singing and gyrations build into a frenetic chorus dance, as the office staff copy the trio, climaxing with some atop the office desks. [RACHEL] Mothers Touching My Ass

Let's have a kiki (Kiki) "Turkey Lurkey Time" is a song-and-dance number from Act 1 of Promises, Promises, the Burt Bacharach/Hal David musical, with a book by Neil Simon. Kiki, soso The dance takes place as part of an office Christmas party scene.

(Non non)

[ISABELLE, KURT, & RACHEL with the Orphans, (KURT)] Lock the doors (Oui, oui) {Tight!} 'Cause we are all coming over Let's Have a Kiki / Turkey Lurkey Time Lyrics: Hey, I’m calling you back / Oh, she’s been a bitch tonight!

Let's make a wish Lock the doors, (Tight)
[ISABELLE, KURT, & RACHEL with the Orphans] The number was televised at the 1969 Tony Awards and also performed in the 2003 movie Camp.

[KURT & RACHEL with the Orphans] I wanna have kiki (Dive) {Turn} I wanna have a kiki! And work [KURT, (The Orphans)] We’re gonna serve

[KURT & RACHEL with The Orphans]
Kiki, soso [KURT, (RACHEL)] [ISABELLE] Turkey lurkey [RACHEL] Dig in, dinner's being served [RACHEL]

Lock the doors, lower the blinds

We’re spilling tea and dishing just deserts when they deserve

[RACHEL with the Orphans (& KURT)]


[ISABELLE, KURT, & RACHEL with the Orphans] I wanna have a kiki (Kurt: Dive) {Turn} No cabs, nowhere

[RACHEL] [KURT] I wanna have a kiki (Soso, oui, oui), boots, ten, queen (Non non) 'Cause I know exactly what we need! Let's have a kiki [KURT, (RACHEL)] Eat all the turkey you are able [ISABELLE, (KURT)] And though the sun is rising, few may choose to leave We’re gonna serve (Soso)

[ISABELLE, KURT, & RACHEL with the Orphans]

[ISABELLE] I'm gonna let you have it (Non non)

[ISABELLE, KURT, & RACHEL with the Orphans, {KURT}] Goosey loosey And turn

It was originally choreographed for the 1968 Broadway production by Michael Bennett.

Everybody gather 'round the table Climb up and bring it down for me [ISABELLE, KURT, & RACHEL with the Orphans] It was originally choreographed for the 1968 Broadway production by Michael Bennett. It is sung by Isabelle (Sarah Jessica Parker), Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Rachel (Lea Michele) with Brody (Dean Geyer) and Isabelle’s friends as back-up singers. And work (Oui, oui) I wanna have a kiki! [ISABELLE, KURT, & RACHEL with the Orphans] [ISABELLE, KURT, & RACHEL with the Orphans] Some for uncle Joe, (some for cousin Lucy) Let’s have a kiki

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