Triumph Twin Power Ltd. is not affiliated with Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. or Triumph Designs Ltd. in any way. I expect I will keep these risers long-term as I have adapted to the initial change after several trips to Kentucky in the last few weeks (and some off-road in Shawnee Forest). We’ve always thought that the Triumph Scrambler has potential for an edgy, custom vibe., Pingback: 2017 Triumph Street Scrambler Review: Rivaling its Predecessor | Moto Adventurer, Pingback: Triumph Scrambler Project: Off-road Rally Planning | Moto Adventurer, Pingback: Ride Every Day: Reflections On 180 Days in the Saddle | Moto Adventurer. Generations and history of the Triumph Scrambler, (Gen 1, Gen 2, and Gen 3)and how to buy each one (plus a surprising recommendation for the 2019 model!) Item two on the buy list was some sort of lighting upgrade. At any rate, these bars are about $180, and virtually the only option on the market that will fit the Scrambler. Speaking of install, in this case, with a little Windex and an extremely small screwdriver, the stock grips come off pretty easily and can be set aside for later use. Stage 2 Power Induction Kit - Airbox Replacement & Pod Filters. Stage 1.5 - (Stage 1 Torque Induction Kit plus internal airbox baffle removal. Thanks, have ordered now. Riding down the Dragon this year it was abundantly clear that the stock lamp is absolutely helpless. Skip to content. This heavily upgraded 2014 Triumph Scrambler prowls the streets of Zürich—and pumps out an extraordinary 95hp. This custom from Drags & Racing has a jockey shifter on the left and a seat from a 1939 Harley. CAFE RACERS, KUSTOM KULTURE, STREET TRACKERS, DIRT TRACKERS, SPECIAL BIKES, STREETFIGHTERS, MODERN MOTORCYCLES, BOBBERS, MOTORS, DESIGN. Triumph Scrambler Touring. The parts offered through this web site are not manufactured by Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. The Transportation Revolution New Orleans (TTRNO) is a motorcycle dealership and custom bike garage based in New Orleans that, like most things from The. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Deus ex Machina (god from the machine) roared into Australia’s cultural consciousness in 2006, with some neatly customised motorcycles and a quaint notion that doing something is more fun than just owning something. I was a little hesitant to install another set of grips connected directly to the battery, however the Oxford Heaterz come with some sort of electronic sensor that monitors the supplied voltage from the battery and shuts off when low power is detected. As I mentioned way back when, I already had an extensive list of goodies picked out; having ridden over 6,000 miles with Rosie the Scrambler I established prioritized list of modifications, on the top of which was bar risers. If you decide to go that route make sure your ask for the plastic protectors that cover the shock “body” as the slim line springs tend to rub the shock body from time to time which will scrape off paint. Lots of options out there for hand guards. I was immediately surprised by how comfortable the stock bars were in and around town, combined with the fact I could easily reach the bars when standing. Scrambler as a touring bike triumph scrambler the off road triumph scrambler adventure mcn fleet the cat s out of bag for. I have just put some on my Scrambler and I find the 2 up small bumps like bridge joins in the road surface still thud through the bike jarring my pillion. The 30mm risers easily go in place and I hand tightened the bolts down to check comfort and fitment. I looked at some websites this morning, I can’t seem to find the black option, but there are several in bare aluminum; just throw some mud on it, it’ll work out. Once you’re able to get the weight off the rear swing arm (Motorcycle jack preferred), swapping out rear springs is a just four bolt affair. I don’t know why folding shift levers aren’t stock with every bike. As it turns out, the wiring harness for the tail light is quite close to the battery box, so I was really concerned for nothing. SW-Motech Bar Risers (30mm) As I mentioned way back when, I already had an extensive list of goodies picked out; having ridden over 6,000 miles with Rosie the Scrambler I established prioritized list of modifications, on the top of which was bar risers. I carefully laid a thick towel over the tank, and methodically removed the stock bar hardware, gently resting the handlebars on the tank. I do feel slightly more upright and much for comfortable when standing.
If you’re running stock bars they’re threaded with an M5 thread. Beyond the negative connotation of “Crash”, I also suspect they were called “dresser” bars because they’re going to need a slight modification to make them a tad sturdier; the crossbar under the engine doesn’t actually contact the mating bar on the opposing side. Close menu. Ultimately I came to the conclusion that as it stands today, I have very little dirt experience, and very few places to ride dirt locally (best locations are at least 2 hours away); keeping that in mind, it will be best to invest a little into some better street oriented suspension upgrades, and consider increased travel as a long-term project. The folks on various Scrambler forums have also recommended YSS and TEC shocks, but I had a hard time finding any info on them here in the Midwest, plus my dealer was a Hagon rep so that seemed like the best thing to do. I find the term “dresser bars” to be a bit humorous because we’re talking about a Scrambler here; you can “dress” this bike up all day, but it’s a shadow of any bagger I’ve ever seen. Common modifications for a Triumph Scrambler; The alternatives to a Triumph Scrambler (including the Ducati Scrambler, and yes, I know it's awesome — just different!) The Deus philosophy recalls an era before the various pursuits of fun – motorcycling, surfing, skateboarding, whatever – were divided into fundamentalist factions. Considering most of the wiring was going under the seat, I decided that the rear “running” light was probably the best candidate for this “Tap-in” for +12VDC. Initially released as a carbureted 790cc parallel twin, Triumph later upped the capacity to 865cc and switched to fuel injection. When things get sporty I usually bump the dampening up to 5, and then when it’s REALLY gets sporty I bump the pre-load to max. Also fitting handguards to protect levers ! Sorry to hear about that; I actually dropped mine in the parking lot, which scratched the left case cover. I also expect that long-term I may find a bolt-on “highway peg” option for these just make touring a bit more comfortable. Just make sure you don’t break one of those bolts while torqueing them to spec, that mistake adds an hour to the process, take my word for it.

I ordered that shift lever the next day! This one is kind of like adding a piece of chrome to your bike (or in my case something black in lieu of chrome), but I also installed a folding shift lever shortly after the above upgrades. I was immediately surprised by how comfortable the stock bars were in and around town, combined with the fact I could easily reach the …

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