Our stick .... Australian made 200-275hp Dozer Excellent design combining strength and efficiency. 2, and. DOZRAKE StickRake to suit Cat D8 Bulldozer, Wholesale price------ 31,500 GST Our stick rakes utilise a fully manufactured fabricated main beam, designed .... Gold Member

First, tooth 52 can and does engage the tree trunk at a much higher elevation than blade 14 ever could, thereby providing a much better leverage and permitting the felling of larger trees with a tractor of any given power. 1965 April 16, 1968 W. A. JONES, JR. TREE PUSHER ATTACHMENT FOR BULLDOZERS 2 Sheets-Sheet C Filed May 7, 1965 INVENTOR W//f'am A. Jamas; .//f BY Z Afro/wey. Such material of course accumulates to a large volume very rapidly, and then tends to spill rearwardly over the upper edge of blade 14. 454,104 2 Claims.

In this connection it will be seen that the bulldozer attachment of the tractor, and the tree pusher attachment, may be considered as a structural unit, pivoted to the tractor frame at 22, and pivotally connected to the tree at serrated edge of tooth 52, and that the reactive compressive load referred to above will be applied in this plane. 5. 3,377,724 Patented Apr. Industry Attachments.... AUSTRALIAN MADE 18 Gessner heavy-duty stick rake designed to suit CAT D6H R T. Product features include Heavy-duty solid plate main-beam construction.

First, the edge of the bulldozer blade can in most assemblies be elevated perhaps only three or four feet above the ground, with the result that force must be applied to the tree relatively close to the ground. The forward edge of the tooth plate eX- tends forwardly of beams 4i?, and is serrated as shown at 56 in FIG. Fourth, the tree pusher attachment is extremely simple and convenient to attach to or remove from the bulldozer.

Solid 450 grade high-tensile wear resistant alloy tynes. On the other hand, if edge 16 of blade 14 itself were used as a pusher, then the pressure plane involved would be a plane containing edge 16 and pivots 22, and then only at extreme elevations of the blade, if at all, would said plane intersect the ground level forwardly of sprocket 10. CATERPILLAR D5G XL Dozer Stick Rake Tree Pusher DOZATT StickRake to suit Cat D5 Bulldozer, Wholesale price------ 12,500 GST . Each push bar is pivoted at its forward end, as at 20, to the rearward side of blade 14, pivots 20 being horizontal and coaxial, and is pivoted at its rearward end, as at 22, to the associated side rail 12 of the tractor frame, pivots 22 also being horizontal and coaxial. 16, 1968 A further object is the provision of a tree-pusher attachment of the character described 4which serves the additional function of a hold-down member the bulldozer is used to clear brush and the like, preventing said brush from passing rearwardly over the upper edge of the bulldozer blade. 5, for purposes to be described. The tree pusher attachment forming the subject matter of the present invention is indicated generally by the numeral 38, and includes a frame consisting of a pair of pusher beams 40 carried respectively by the push bars 18 of the bulldozer. Finally, it will be seen that the forward and upward extension of beams 40 from blade 14 permits their use as a hold-down element when using the bulldozer for clearing brush or other vegetation. FIG. Bronze Member Push bars 18 may be pivoted vertically on pivots 22, whereby to vary the elevation of blade 14 above the ground, by any suitable means, that shown consisting of a block-and-tackle hoist indicated generally at 30, the lower end of said hoist being connected at 32 to the rearward face of blade 14, and the upper end of said hoist being connected at 34 to a bracket 36 affixed to the forward end of tractor frame 4. Instead, the tree roots break beneath the ground level, often at some distance from the trunk, and tear upwardly out of the ground between the tree trunk and the tractor. .... Australian made Suits 300-400 hp dozer Excellent design combining strength and efficiency. An examination of FIG. United States Patent O 3,377,724 TREE PUSHER ATTACHMENT FR BULLDOZERS William A. Jones, Jr., 710 S. Spring, Nevada, Mo. Stick Rake Tree Pusher FOR Caterpillar D6R XL dozer SU Blade Foldable StickRake to suit Caterpillar D6 Bulldozer, Wholesale price------ 22,590 GST . However, the usual bulldozer is subject to certain disadvantages in this particular usage.

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > wingnut Well-Known Member. April 16,1968 w. A. JONES, JR 7 3,377,724, TREE PUSHER ATTACHMENT FOR BULLDOZERS 2 Sheets-Sheet l Filed May VQ. 1 will show that this condition does exist in the struct-ure shown even when edge 16 of blade 14 is lowered to ground level, although under this extreme condition the pressure plane referred to above intersects the ground level quite close to rear sprocket 1t). What I claim as new and desire to protect by Letters Patent is: 1. Forward angle radiator guard.

The spacing of tooth 52 at a greater distance ahead of the tractor largely solves this difficulty. Gessner s Ultimate Dozer Fitout Package. Further operative details of the tractor are no-t shown, not being pertinent to the present invention and in any event being well-known to those familiar with the art. Rakes are recommended if the tractor will be used for tree removal and stacking, in addition to pushing trees. Rockland TB Tree Booms multiply tractor horsepower by leverage so that large trees are quickly pushed over and root systems exposed for easy removal. United States Patent O 3,377,724 TREE PUSHER ATTACHMENT FR BULLDOZERS William A. Jones, Jr., 710 S. Spring, Nevada, Mo. Rakes are recommended if the tractor will be used for tree removal and stacking, in addition to pushing trees. Description FOLDING DRIVE-IN STICKRAKE SUIT CAT D6R T, D7H R, D8N R T- Brand new, 24ft, Bissalloy Tynes, Cutterbar Ex stock Toowoomba from 24,750 GST 27,225.

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