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(a) Hydrophilic cell walls (b) Hydrogen bonds, (a) Bryophytes (b) All plants in all reasons, (a) Upward movement of water in the plant, (b) Downward movement of organic nutrients, (c) Upward and downward movement of water in the plant, (d) Redistribution of inorganic substances in the plant, (a) Tracheids with associated xylem parenchyma, (a) Endo osmosis (b) Imbibation (c) Capillarity (d) Osmosis, (a) Imbibition (b) Absorption (c) Diffusion (d) Adsorption, (a) Isotonic solution (b) Hypertonic solution (c) Air (d) Hypotonic solution, (a) Plasmolysis (b) Adsorption (c) Diffusion(d) Endo osmosis, (a) Osmotic concentration is same in the two, (b) Solute concentration is higher in soil solution, (c) Solute concentration is higher in root hairs, (a) Cytoplasm will decompose (b) Mineral salts will break the cell wall, (c) Salt water enters the cell (d) Water comes out by exoosmosis.

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This phenomenon is known as plasmolysis. R : Cells of cortex are loosely packed and no much resistance along them. Specifically how they transport sugars via the phloem (translocation) and water via the xylem (transpiration). Scroll down for Transport in Plants from NCERT Book Class 11 Biology Book & important study material. Water potential is a potential energy of water. Keep yourself updated with all latest news and also read articles from teachers which will help you to improve your studies, increase motivation level and promote faster learning. Which one of the following theories for ascent of sap was proposed by eminent Indian scientist J. R : The gravitational pull is resposible for conversion of potential energy of water in the form of energy which can do work. Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for Different Competitive Exams, © var creditsyear = new Date();document.write(creditsyear.getFullYear()); NEET Biology Life Processes Excretion MCQs Set A, NEET Biology Life Processes Excretion MCQs Set B, NEET Biology Life Processes Life Process MCQs Set A, NEET Biology Life Processes Life Process MCQs Set B, NEET UG Biology Animal Husbandry and plant breeding MCQs, NEET UG Biology Biodiversity and its Conservation MCQs, NEET UG Biology Biotechnology Its applications MCQs, NEET UG Biology Biotechnology Principles and processes MCQs, NEET UG Biology Body Fluids and Circulation MCQs, NEET UG Biology Breathing and Exchange of Gases MCQs, NEET UG Biology Cell Cycle and Cell Divisions MCQs, NEET UG Biology Chemical Coordination and Control MCQs, NEET UG Biology Classification of Living Organisms MCQs, NEET UG Biology Classification of Plant Kingdom MCQs, NEET UG Biology Cockroach Comparative Study MCQs, NEET UG Biology Digestion and Absorption MCQs, NEET UG Biology Environmental Issues MCQs, NEET UG Biology Growth and Development In plants MCQs, NEET UG Biology Heredity and Variation MCQs, NEET UG Biology Human Health and Diseases MCQs, NEET UG Biology Locomotion and Movement MCQs, NEET UG Biology Microbes and Human Welfare MCQs, NEET UG Biology Molecular Basis of Inheritance MCQs, NEET UG Biology Morphology of Plants MCQs, NEET UG Biology Neural Control and Coordination in Animals MCQs, NEET UG Biology Organism and Population MCQs, NEET UG Biology Plant Anatomy Plant Tissues MCQs, NEET UG Biology Reproduction in Organisms MCQs, NEET UG Biology Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants MCQs, Access NEET UG Biology MCQs for important topics for all chapters, download multiple choice questions.

For Enquiry. R : Root pressure does not regulate the rate of loss of water from lenticles. 9. Transportation in Plants - Get Get topics notes, Online test, Video lectures & Doubts and Solutions for ICSE Class 8 Biology on TopperLearning.

a) Thistle funnel- whose mouth is tied with egg membrane, b) Thistle funnel- whose mouth is tied with parchment paper, 6. 1800-212-7858 / 9372462318. It is designated by the greek later “Psi” - symbol is Ψ The osmosis can be difined as - “When two solutions of unequal concentrations are seperated by a semi permiable membrane the solvent (water) diffuses from dilute solution to concentrated solution.” This process will continue till the concentration of solutions becomes the equal. Conditions. Organic and mineral nutrients undergo multidirectional transport. Like this chapter so far? Thanks for visiting this site.Enjoy Biology, MCQ Biology - Learning Biology through MCQs, Multiple Choice Questions on Plant Water Relations, Multiple Choice Questions on Mineral Nutrition, Plant Physiology Quiz on Transport in Plants, MCQ on Bioinformatics- Biological databases, Multiple Choice Questions on Sequence Alignment, Botany Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and Practice Tests, Multiple Choice Questions on Environmental Biotechnology, Multiple Choice Questions on Biostatistics. The food is transported by phloem from source to sink. Contact us on below numbers.

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8. The National Mission for Clean Ganga, Ministry of Jal Shakti in collaboration with Kalantar Art Trust is organizing KALANTAR-2020: National Online Painting Championship with the aim to provide a platform to youth and school children to demonstrate their artistic skills... CBSE has advised schools to follow the Alternative Calendar developed by NCERT to continue education during the lockdown through alternative modes to achieve learning outcomes. (d) Root pressur does not occur in spring. F (Meristem are the growth points) 3.2. 3. (c) As thin wall of guard cell is stretched less, the guard cell wall facing the stomatal pore moves in and pore opens.

3 compares an average 1977 diet with the report's recommended dietary goals. Fig.

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