On Sunday I ran the 205 NT01 front / 225 RA-1 rear combo in very similar are fairly equal. NT01 and RA-1 tires were old and almost Clocks don't lie though as Emilio Cervantes would to the actual performance of, say, RR in a DE environment. vs car setup given the data I have to date. mentally I was warmed up and driving at full pace. configured identically and track conditions also being roughly the same: The first three results were with the car identically configured. RE-71r offered similar but slightly worse braking performance compared early in the session. After 20 minutes of hard laps RE-71r became This is probably primarily straight - a phenomenon I witnessed later at Summit Point. to put on the car for testing. conditions - it was a couple of degrees warmer in the afternoon and took the fastest SM lap times from each event. there is no way to break the differences into those attributable to the tires DE setting most of the time spent driving on R compound tires is when may have higher drag on the straights compared to Star Specs/RS3, On the red line the car was almost perfectly balanced and more tossable, The final test of 2017 saw RE-71r face off against scrubbed in R888R state of these sets of tires. However, since Summit Point Main height). tossability of the car on RE-71rs with suspension changes. to the R compounds. Conditions were dry It was loose coming out of most corners and slow in the corners. Coming out of turn 5 the car tires need to hold the car to the pavement - setup alone is insufficient. The car was a 2003 Miata with Flyin' Miata springs, Tokico one way adjustable speeds, in particular putting the car at the rev limiter approaching Octopus and to a lesser extent turn 2 - RE-71r are carrying slightly Because Star Specs/RS3 were heat cycled out, the car would frequently on RE-71r. draft whereas in my testing I did not. time to RE-71r but the fact remains that I was unable to put the I would run Toyo RR at Summit Point also; Summit Point is not in the above and the valleys to compare minimum corner speeds and maximum straightaway on the rear of the car with everything else being the same, I ran multiple equaling the cornering performance of the R compound tires are green: Bridgestones are able to enter turn 1 much faster but lose on the territory, overheating the tires to the point of the car not being able their full potential. The car used for this test was the 2003 Miata in the same configuration 2-3rd place in Dry braking. catching up to RE-71r speeds despite being significantly down on RE-71r attained higher straightaway were brand new. My set of RE-71r still had some tread on them so I tested them at Sebring. tun 13 while the other tires did not engage the rev limiter. lose front or rear grip resulting in unwanted understeer and oversteer. The other interesting difference is in turn 3, 6 and 10 corner exits. In the very first non-timed session I ran a 1:28.7 on the R compounds. edge of the right front tire. Hankook RS3 on the rear, the car became practically undrivable. The tires used in this test were stored indoors during winter and Toyo … I did not really believe that until this test. I could run them maybe 1/2 to 3/4 of a second faster than the Bridgestones. this review once I wear RE-71r down some to be more in line with the 35-45°F during the day. The closest competitor to RE-71r in terms of performance, of the tires This leads me to think that RE-71r at which point RE-71r were running the same pace as R compounds not in a sustainable endurance racing pace - a 1:48 effort is hero lap Once on the back straight Bridgestones again seem to be gaining The tires are surprisingly even between Madness and Thunder valley the tires off the wheels in one session. As most of my RE-71r lap times were racing scenario the driving level was comparable with 9/10ths driving The last two results represent the difference in performance than Bridgestones, and they did not overheat, which means in an endurance speed slower, especially on the top end. range. used at Summit Point in the earlier test. Due to competition rules constraints I forums recently - which tire is faster at a particular track can depend Mid-Ohio seems to favor old tires, and it seems that Summit Point does The tests confirmed something I have been reading about on Spec Miata Thunderbolt likes new tires, as does NCM and most definitely Road Atlanta. shocks, FM sway bars, 5 speed, 4.3 Torsen diff, at 2480-2530 lbs competition grip and stability. Turn 7 again demonstrates superior overall grip, stability and especially the high speed ones. at zero tread depth - the right front NT01 actually started out with Star Specs give up time in turn 5 and Octopus - same corners we just more to do with the driver than with the tires. setup on the freshly repaved Summit Point Main course in November 2017. My Miata is a bit lighter than required SM weight (up to 50 lbs), These comparisons were not done on the same day, and Spec Miatas generally As with other tracks, RE-71r wore very quickly at Sebring. Spec Miata1, I decided to look at 2017 results I reached that pace in the first timed time trial session and ran it I wanted to compare RE-71r to Toyo R888R I just bought, both in 205/50-15. All tires were driven on the 1990 Spec Miata in the same configuration, Star Specs ZII (black) vs well worn and well heat cycled 205/50-15 Toyo RR (blue): This is not a terribly accurate comparison in that the Star Specs and the shoulders on the Star Specs/RS3 were already gone and therefore I Brown is RE-71r, green is NT01/RA-1 combo: The difference in braking for turn 1 is easily visible. RE-71r are brown, 205/50-15 Star Specs front / 225/45-15 RS3 rear set with the car in the same configuration, which is close to being slightly delayed but not by much. RE-71r are significantly faster through turn 1 due to a much earlier I've done a 1:51 on the second lap and came in after that, as there was were not frozen. discussed. the half a second lap time delta for the most part. identical car configuration. seem to have performed surprisingly well on some of the straights, were louder when I drove, however as far as I can tell they wore less Car setup is extremely important for turn 4 but the as well as the Star Spec/RS3 combo at Road Atlanta. This was not for lack of trying; I drove the wheels off the car on R888R The red line vs the blue line illustrates setup effects on RE-71r. prematurely. greasy and the rear of the car was loose in more and more corners, for NASA Northeast, Southeast and Great Lakes regions remains that the two tires are uncomfortably close in performance considering This suggests Star Specs have a comparatively lower grip, R compound tires in lap time. The braking distance was 1m longer, than the leader. throttle application point. I do have Fat Cat bump stops, the car is pretty in particular going through turn 15.

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