There is no longer a single "commander" who has 19 other units assigned to him. Build (and upgrade) more slums on sand to get more peasants. Switch to a better gaming experience with 'Repeated Tap' on BlueStacks. Unit summary: The Macemen excel at cutting through light armor (leather) and chain mail (which are most of the non-knight units in the game).

Cheers. When the battle starts, tap your archer unit and then select the enemy unit right away to inflict early damage. Viking Axemen are a “Gold” unit, costing 420 Gold (also craftable, but very expensive – costing 250 crafting materials + a lot of silver per Master Craft). Houses will provide workers who can be assigned to various jobs like managing tavern or working at the blacksmith. I have two rank one castles and I have built a road to connect them. Are they just defeating an entire enemy unit before they wipe out on of yours? Crete rivers, mountains, and lakes to beautify the land. Building it close to 4 houses will trigger a 5 percent cool down reduction in an order. Despite the small scale RTS battles for mobile, this game will appeal to serious real-time strategy gamers. Strategist is perfect with ranged units and artillery away from the center of the battle offering many powerful bonuses to these units. They can’t be built far away from your castle or its surrounding buildings. Unit summary: The combat style of Viking Swordsmen is more offensive than defensive. Unit summary: The Axeman excel at cutting through heavy armor. You can setup your army, change unit formation, use church orders to influence battles and take advantage of unit skills. There are 5 Viking Barracks units (from left to right on the screenshot): Viking Hunters, Viking Swordsmen, Viking Archers, Viking Axemen and Viking Lords. Unit summary: The Swordsmen are an all-round unit effective against Spearmen and other lightly armored units. Players will find themselves needing to rebuild a crumbled empire. Here are some key buildings and bonuses that you will receive if you construct buildings close to them: If you build Blacksmith next to military buildings (including church), you will have worker slots already filled. These have been described in this section. When battle begins, I select my archers and tap on enemy units in the back line without wasting any time, even before they come into their range. You can clearly see what units are placed on the front line and the back line. If you find it useful please like/share and for any feedback/corrections or additional inputs please post in the comment section below. This will make it easy for you to grow and harvest wheat on such terrain.

Dirt within 2 hex of water is considered fertile. Marauders are lightly armored units and are vulnerable to arrows and swordsmen.

Windows 10 is recommended. Sega of America, Inc On level 2, Rider Brotherhood only adds the ability: “It also refreshes the ‘Move’ action”. Use the 'Script Guide' for inspiration. There you will see a snippet of the opposing army’s formation. Light cavalry can be a good bet against unguarded archers and melee units, but can be easily defeated by spearmen. Read More. So if you could fill the 20 slots, with what army do you prefer to have? Deer can be hunted for a small amount of food.

Such type of terrain can allow wheat fields and trees to grow. Also, try to push 1-2 units of siege engines - these will be useful both during the attack and in defense. Download BlueStacks today – it’s free! Be careful not to use taunt against a powerful enemy unit. Timing is key to achieve a better charge, so practice more by playing Missions. You have the power to shape lands and build towns – only if you partner with the Vikings. Only the following troops are limited to one piece: -Medium Cavalry -Knights Cavalry -Longsword Knights -Greatsword Knights -Greataxe Knights -Crossbowmen -Composite Bow Archers The rest you can have as many as you want (even axemen and macemen).

If it already becomes green when the enemy army is a bit far away, it will charge again and probably will fail to get a Good or Perfect charge. During it, you will be able to take command and direct massive battles that feature up to 10,000 troops on a 3D battlefield.

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