The abilities available to you are based on your mark, as shown on the Greater Dragonmark Benefits table. They walk upright with a ponderous, rolling gait. Contents. You gain proficiency with thieves’ tools. Your claws are natural weapons, which you can use to make unarmed strikes. As a bonus action, you can cast the etherealness spell with this feature, without expending a spell slot, but the spell ends at the end of the current turn. Wearing medium armor doesn’t impose disadvantage on your Dexterity (Stealth) checks. Your unarmed strike uses a d4 for damage. You just get the ability to do one round of moving. You gain the following benefits: Prerequisite: Dwarf (UA: Feats for Races). As a bonus action on your turn, you can increase your reach with a spear by 5 feet for the rest of your turn. A desert tortle can use their sturdy shell to negate damaging blows. Whenever you have advantage on a melee attack roll you make with the weapon and hit, you can knock the target prone if the lower of the two d20 rolls would also hit the target. The device ceases to function after 24 hours unless you spend 1 hour repairing it to keep it functioning. Additionally, when you take the Attack action, you can forgo one of your own attacks to allow your servo familiar to make one attack of its own. Read our Horizon Walker 5E Guide to find out. You gain proficiency in the Animal Handling skill. Your base walking speed increases to 30 feet. Over the course of any short rest, you can temporarily improve the potency of one potion of healing of any rarity. If you’re already proficient, your proficiency bonus is doubled for checks you make with it. Over the course of a short rest, you can expend one reagent to remove one poison or disease from either yourself or a friendly creature within reach. You can’t use this ability if the creature used the Disengage action before moving. You gain natural armor. Rather than focusing on the exploration of the familiar face of the Material Plane, the Horizon Walker trains to defend it. If your check succeeds, you grab the humanoid’s attention enough that it makes Wisdom (Perception) and Intelligence (Investigation) checks with disadvantage until you stop performing. • Shell Defense. They tend to move and speak in a slower, more mild fashion, compared to the other dwellers of the material plane. In addition, when you roll damage for a spell you cast that deals damage of that type, you can treat any 1 on a damage die as a 2. You can mimic the speech of another person or the sounds made by other creatures. Today’s Unearthed Arcana presents a selection of new feats for Dungeons & Dragons. You gain the following benefits: You manifest more of the magical power of your efreet heritage. You gain the following benefits: You master more of the magic of elemental air and water. Increase your Constitution or Wisdom score by 1, to a maximum of 20. It’s also significantly easier for a ranged character to qualify for the third creature clause. You gain the following benefits: Your incredible reflexes and agility further improve. +2 Strength, +1 Wisdom is nearly perfect for you. When you take damage from an attack, you can use your reaction to give yourself resistance to all of that attack’s damage on this turn. Male: Aranck, Arre-Catte, Beshiltheeni, Dustu, Gad, Kanuna, Lanu, Mahkah, Nastas, Taheton, Grok, Female: Abetzi, Anna, Doya, Ehawee, Kuwanyamtiaw, Macawi, Mituna, Talulah, Sikya, Sokow, Family Names: Anthu, Chilan, Dzuwa, Galu, Lanpansi, Mwala, Mwezi, Nyanja, Tengo, Thanthwe. While performing, you can try to distract one humanoid you can see who can see and hear you. Being able to teleport that far in a bonus action will save your butt in 99% of situations. You gain the following benefits: You manifest more of the magical power of your marid heritage. Creatures are normally summoned temporarily and a lot of fights are against threats on the material plane. When you hit with a bite attack, you can choose to deal 2d6 additional poison damage to the target. Tortles are humanoid tortoises. While in your shell, you are prone, your speed is 0 and can't increase, you have disadvantage on Dexterity saving throws, you can't take reactions, and the only action you can take is a bonus action to emerge from your shell. Once you use this ability, you can’t use it again until you finish a short or long rest.

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