Galacta Knight - Kirby Super Star Ultra You go through The True Arena to get to him. First, Dark Matter softens you up with a small challenge, then comes the 2 form nightmare! he's the galaxy's greatest warrior.

I hate this guy with a burning passion, I want to strangle this thing so badly!

But he's only one boss. It's very hard to even land one Hammer Flip. In which it is similar to the Nova battle in Kirby super star. Galacta Knight is actually quite easy if you play as Meta Knight. And I had a helper, and we were both spark! (ik because I had ice the first time then I died and I had no ability) plus the fact that you have to throw hearts at your allies if they get hit makes this a difficult boss, Kirby as the final boss? You can only hit him when he is attacking.

Marx Soul - Kirby Super Star Ultra 2. 6.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy this 5th boss ranking on this channel!~ Social Media ~Twitter ► ► ► Introduction ~Ey, welcome to my channel, y'all! In Triple Deluxe he is so hard I consider him fought too early.

Anyways, the dimension was a nice touch, fairly simple ((EX was harder)) leading up to the Lor Starcutter. A tip for fellow players-USE THE HAMMER. Blizzard Marx, 3 Mages, Sizzle DMK and Magolor as CPU. The first form charge at you sword first, generate dark energy to destroy you, and shoot laser beams from his sword. In the extra mode I got two game overs. Galacta Knight deserves 1st position as the hardest.This guy is just fast. He flips the screen, uses super abilities, an it's such a pain to fight bosses with more forms like this. Whoever thinks Marx Soul is harder than Galacta was really lucky on the Galacta fight, however others, others weren't, this guy can kill you in just about five hits with his light attacks, everything he has is hard to dodge, if you get to close, he'll unleash a inescapable combo that will take about half of your life away.
However, the extra mode, not so much. Dark Mind - Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. In the true arena, he is quite easy. Glad to see ya here!And hey, if you like my videos, then why not subscribe? out my Death Wish Series, a daring collaborative show! You gotta dodge the thing's blood that floats in blobs (because you might be in space or the atmosphere), and 0 rams into you because it can.

Very hard, not only do you have the original 3 phases, but a 4th aND final phase.

This guy is completely unpredictable. Just pull the sword slashes to stun him and pull his sword using the yarn whip. I'm seeing a TON of Kirby's RtD bosses here. The moment you first face off against him, you think "Oh it won't be too difficult. Simple as this the amount of times you verse him should make him number. A utter pain in the neck. ( because how ADORABLE ZERO TWO is) again how could you hate that face of his! Top 10 hardest kirby bosses 1.

Why is this in the list? also his great aether attack (it looks like ike's final smash) is hard to avoid.
He is so hard! Heck, Miracle Matter was harder to me. However, won on first try. NO! You can click on this link right here to become a member! What the crap! I only consider the first phase hard.

And if you get Game Over You have to fight King Dedede again, as if he wasn't hard enough.M, Blobs are very strong. His erratic moves make him difficult to beat. Galacta Knight - Kirby Super Star Ultra. Only fought Twice. In fact, Soul of Sectonia is basically the same thing as Marx Soul just relatively easier. Plus I think zero two has an awesome design.

2. He has clear, consistent patterns that, through practice, can be learned and perfected. She combines the attacks of some of the hardest bosses in Kirby games. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. I am in love with zero two for some reason but is he not EPIC. You mean the Metal General, right? Phase 2 is much much harder. This boss wouldn't be too hard if it wasn't for the fact that it had so many phases, even more if including Landia and the Shooting Segment.

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