The only way to fix it is to flush it all away It would take something like a major disaster hitting that spot to shake people up enough to break them away from this type of mindset. As interesting as it is, Zag's interpretation, is mildyly flawed. It pertains to the Latin word “Anima,” which means “soul,” and the other word, “enema,” which is a medical term. Followed by fault lines that cannot sit still The verses are simply descriptions of why the people of LA are so fucked up. One line that always gets me in this song is "Fuck your short memories". Basically, Maynard is saying that everyone needs to stop being fake and start being themselves. Don't just call me pessimist. The population. It's pretty great. How would a country effectively get an enema? Animisim -that everything has a spirit- comes from the same stem. The tourist attractions. This is simply about how many famous idols are basically criminals in the band's eyes, and how the narrator wants to "suck it down, flush it down." Fuck all his clones OH. Aenima came into widespread use in the mid 1800's (1860 or so if I recall correctly) because of Jung's groundbreaking theories of consciousness which proposed that we all have a shadow-self which he called the AEnima. We are perfectly fallible. You should be afraid for everything that's important to you, even though some of it is really stupid to be important and diminutive, like your latte or hairpiece. Almost everyone goes through that I'm-fat-and-everyone's-skinnier-than-me phase. that could be true but i interprete it to be going into the bible ( i am not religious) when god sends the flood to get rid of the evil in the world and i think that he says that hes praying for tidal waves etc for that same reason. Song meanings ©2003-2020 Lyrics submitted by We begin to forget about the real problems ("Fuck your short memory"). Look into his writings/stories/philosophes, you will find some very striking similarities between his Ideals and the lyrics of this song. Fuck your tattoos It doesn't confirm the whole'm just going to leave it alone. There are hints of all the above mentioned things, but the main theme is that society is in a state today that is a "bullshit three ring circus sideshow of freaks." Because I'm praying for rain Fret for your Prozac and If you put these together you have Ænima, or cleansing of the inner self or inner conscience. He wants California swept into the sea. Arizona Bay? The album artwork contains a painting of Hicks dressed like a doctor with the caption, "Another Dead Hero.". Trends are always changing. when he says moms comming to fix it all soon, he means mother nature will destroy california. If you don't want to go with it, then don't. Los Angeles is just one of those spots where this type of thinking tends to be more prevalent. to tell us what you think this song means. A circus where the clowns drop the bowling pins while juggling and the tightrope walkers fall off the tightropes. He hopes for rain, or destruction among all he despises mentioned in this song.

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