This dip option is a single Y-shaped piece of steel, as opposed to the separate dip handles discussed above. More than any other gaming chair that T3 has ever tested, the SecretLab Titan also comes with a truly game-changing setup experience and package.

Easy as pie.

Otherwise, you'll end up with big $400 clothes hanger! I have 180lbs or 4 45lb plates on the back lower weight holders and about 220lbs on the front weight plate holders and it doesn’t move at all.

But just how sturdy is it? Your email address will not be published. KEEP IT UP MAN!! It doesn't allow you to use a pronated (overhand) grip. But, the short full cage variation will allow you to train at home with all the safety features of the full size T-3 Rack.​, Titan makes makes these 2 short power racks:​. I’ve made a note to add an entry in the comparison table for all variations of the Titan T3 and X3 power racks. The Titan racks are excellent value. Titan Fitness offers same-day … Did you know you can pay around $400 for a feature-packed commercial grade power rack that's easily worth twice that? There are various front-door options and an optional overwrap, which at £384.99 takes the total cost to well over £1,200. How the hell do you LOSE an 8' piece of steel???? I can tell you definitively that the Titan X-3 is the superior option for you scenario. You have to adjust the height of each pin and pipe safety bar, then you have to move the bar into place inside the rack. Require starting and/or ending the lift with the barbell at a specific height (e.g. The exceptions are for highly advanced to elite strength athletes who may be doing exercises with close to 1000 lbs or more (e.g. There is one caveat, though: You must ​bolt the rack down to actually use the band pegs. The Titan T3 plate holders fit perfect now & look nice. For less than the cost of one year at the gym, you can have your own private training facility. All in, it weighs a hefty 23.3kg but the Titan T3 isn't for mobile anglers and doesn't pretend otherwise.

So I came back to find it and WOW! Read more, Commercial grade 2"x3" frame with 1000 lb weight capacity, Sumo base for extra wide stance exercises, Powder coating is subpar; will get scratches/dings more easily than if coating was thicker, May come with some aesthetic imperfections. The Titan T-3 pipes are 1.8" (46mm) outside diameter--which I mention in case you were considering buying this attachment for a different power rack. Like I said, I just got it very recently–But so far, I’m very impressed with the quality. It’s for my first home gym. ...So I reached out to the customer support for more information. They allow you to do a bunch of barbell exercises outside of the rack that: These spotters arms are strong and durable. You step across the precipice of the gym to see every squat rack taken by blasphemers using the j-hooks to take breaks from sets of bicep curls. It is, in essence, a standard Titan scaled up.

Titan also uses metric spacing between holes, 50mm/1.98″ instead of 2″.

Way up! Why don’t you have this and the other Titan racks in the table on your power rack comparison page?? For one, it's sturdier. You get all of the above specs and features for around $400.

Add in the heavy-duty groundsheet at £87.99 and you're looking at a considerable spend. Titan Fitness Free Shipping Policy. With the Titan T-3 Power Rack, you’re basically getting collegiate strength and conditioning grade hardware at craigslist yard sale pricing. Here is a customer review addressing this exact resolution: Here is another video showing the correction of all the first generation issues: The Titan Fitness website has 70 reviews on the T-3 power rack with an average rating of 4.9 our of 5 stars. This thing is vast. Hi Bob! ​To clarify, my focus is on Titan's original rack: The T-3 Series power rack with 24-inch depth and 91⅛-inch height. You finally wrap up the other obligations you need to get done for the day and make your way to the gym for some much needed physical and emotional decompression. Check out this video to get a better idea of the T-3's construction and features: The rack is held together with 5/8’’ bolts and can be broken down into several pieces for easy transportation. In my personal research, I found some other minor issues worth mentioning:​. It may be because I have the deep version and not the tall and 24″ deep rack, which would be less stable. H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. A must have accessory for the Titan Tricep and Lat Pulley System for T-3, this add-on allows you to do various exercises such as bicep curls and seate Show More Show Less. If you buy them without the rack, the price is $49. Thanks, Jamie! After wading your way through traffic and scouring the parking lot for 15 minutes, you find a parking space that requires enough walking to get to the actually gym that you can justify that being your warm-up. Hope my answer helps.

The T3 plate holders I bought were painted, not powder coated. Even though it is only half a rack, there is still plenty of space for bench pressing, pull-ups, and basically every other exercise you can perform in the full cage rack. Do you plan on lifting 1000 lbs. Thanks for pointing that out, Elliot.

Easily compare the T-2, T-3, X-2, X-3 and TITAN Series Racks to learn more about what makes each rack unique. half of the plates would encroach into rack space).

If you're interested, be sure to read my full Titan X-2 Power Rack review for all the juicy details! I was looking on here to see if I could find out if the lat tower would fit on the rack with the monkey bar attachment.

The single landmine attachment and double landmine attachment are a couple of other T-3 power rack accessories that came right after I published this review. Why Consider the Titan T-3 vs. Other Power Racks? You can get creative and do several exercises besides pull ups. That means it can safely handle this amount of weight (possibly more, but you shouldn't try it). When it's training time, just pull your car out of the garage before you start your workout.

I point this out because the 1st generation had several flaws. why you bump a 2 year old thread? ​Westside hole pattern: 1" hole spacing in bench area. …I’m actually partway through a very detailed (probably too detailed lol) Titan X-3 review.

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