I […], Has anyone converted a KL motor from single updraft Zenith to a single downdraft carb? For a short time period some of the lapstrake wooden Thompson vessels were sold by the SeaSkiff division and badged as Sea Skiff. The boat was included by the daughter of the original owners when we bought their cabin on a lake in Michigan. This was one of the first boats to have this style . I need some topside work […], Hello all,Been reading various posts on here. She is also equipped with a Mercury engine. !This is a rare 13 foot 6 inch dual cockpitlapstrake sea skiff. Thinking coul […], Any recommendations on where to buy, brand, or type of bleach to be used on the mahogany centerboard […], Hi Boaters,Please help me identify why my C-C has double engine hatch doors instead of a single door […], Hi all,Looking for recommendations on any shops that in/around the WI area. Any ideas where to find the correct one? Price: $1,500. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Johnson outboard motor runs like a dream. Chris-Craft purchased Thompson of NY in 1962 and may have tagged some of the boats with the Chris-Craft Sea Skiff emblems for a short period. You could win Best Chris Craft and best Thompson at the same show! The Thompson Bros boats had a very good reputation and were built extremely well. Trailer is included and has new tires, bearings and bearing keepers.Bilge pumps are included and the 35hp. It has a new mahogany plywood deck was the original deck material. … Thompson Boat Company of New York, Inc. of Cortland, New York was purchased by Chris-Craft Industries in January 1962 and it became a wholly owned subsidiary. And CC never had any connection with Thompson Bros Boat Mfg Co. Straight from Wikipedia: Early years[edit] The Thompson family came from Denmark and settled at Racine, Wisconsin. Montrose, Iowa. 913 712 8646 home olathe will travel to pick it up ,, cash or paypal no problem on deleivery. It has a new mahogany plywood deck was the original deck material. you guys have a super eye for finding just the right pics for your headers. is it still available????? This is a rare 13 foot 6 inch dual cockpitlapstrake sea skiff. The family resisted the switch and felt that any high quality wooden boat could outperform, outlast, and outsell fiberglass; however, the 1960’s consumer shied away from wood and purchased fiberglass or aluminum pleasure boats, and sales plummeted. Clear title with manufacture's ID number. "Spaceship" design on shell. Electric Start. Electric Start. 1939 Trumpy For Sale On eBay. The original company built lapstrake boats both before and after the purchase. 1961 Evinrude "Lark Deluxe model" 40hp outboard. Copyright © Boats-from-USA.com 2020. Totally original with the 1959 Mercury Mark 58 and trailer that was bought with the boat. 1958 Mastercraft trailer.
It became a wholly owned subsidiary. Year 1962 . LAST TRY BEFORE DONATE TAKES PLACE> This boat is in excellent condition ! "Spaceship" design on shell.

that is a cool story and a really nice boat for the money. This is when Chris Craft purchased Thompson out of Cortland New York and began production of the Corsair Division Sportboats. Thompson of NY had established their own network of dealers before Chris-Craft purchased this Thompson company (only one of four Thompson boat builders). $900 .

Straight from Wikipedia: The transition from wood to fiberglass at all the Thompson operated boat firms was difficult. This boat is located in Plymouth, Michigan and is in good condition. Really nice! This is a rare 13 foot 6 inch dual cockpitlapstrake sea skiff. This boat has been stored indoor its whole life and is in great condition. Copyright © Boats-from-USA.com 2020. All rights Reserved. There were Thomsons in the pipeline that became Thompson/Chris Crafts after the buyout. The factory was eventually used for … Clear title with manufacture's ID number. Dick Cheney Not Included! No badging on the stern at all but it has the Chris Craft script on the dashboard. Possibly those sold by existing Chris-Craft dealers at the time received the aft Chris-Craft logo by the dealers. My grandfather was 2nd owner, and has always been stored in garage. This was one of the first boats to have this style ofwindshield making it more unique as most were replaced with a wooden one. But still a very cool little boat YOU CAN SEE THE EBAY LISTING HERE. It has a new mahogany plywood deck was the original deck material. It has been stored inside and covered. Vintage 1962 Thompson Wood Runabout Boat. We believe the boat has never been worked on. It has a new mahogany plywood deck was the original deck material. Think Sunloungers and Lancers among others. Home » Thompson » Thompson Sea Skiff. Thompson Sea Skiff. If you are in the market for an antique and classic boat, look no further than this 1957 Thompson Sea Lancer, just reduced to $13,000 (offers encouraged). !This is a rare 13 foot 6 inch dual cockpitlapstrake sea skiff. Johnson outboard motor runs like a dream. Model Sea Coaster. I would have the engine looked at, since a new engine right off the bat would make it a 12K boat worth around $5K . This boat claims-ish that it may have been one of the true transition boats of the day, which kind of makes it a cool boat and priced around $4,500 is a fair price for alotta boat. Chris Craft referred to the plant as Thompson Chris Craft for many years as is shown on this hull card which is for a very early Chris Craft Corsair Lancer. That sure is a whole lotta branding going on. looking for wire color code for a 1939 19 ft Barrel BackStatistics: Posted by dave@marineserviceunli […], I have a 1948 Chris Craft Runabout Deluxe that I will be storing in a boathouse over the winter. 1961 Thompson Sea Skiff $3,500.00. There is no doubt that many Thompson built boats were badged as Chris Crafts after they were purchased in ’62, even though Chris Craft had nothing to do with their design or manufacture. Snazzy And In Need Of Restoration 23' Chris Craft on Ebay, wire colors for a 1939 19 ft Barrel Back with a M, 1948 Chris Craft Runabout Deluxe Storage Cradle.
FiberGlassics Fiber Glass Boats! 1958 Thompson Sea Skiff Estimated price for orientation: 1 730 $ Category: Runabouts Class: Description. There’s a lot more to the story but that’s the very basic idea. Would be a GREAT boat for his boy to learn in. Make Thompson. All rights Reserved. Here is the “same” boat in Thompson 1963 advertising. This boat will do 28 miles per hour and rides like dream due to the Lapstake construction.

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