Was it divergents against non-divergents in the purity war? Additionally, given the likelihood that this alteration was done globally, it is possible that there were other, linked conflicts.

https://divergent.fandom.com/wiki/Purity_War?oldid=62188. With great sensitivity, biblical clarity, and pastoral passion, he presents: The need for personal purity in an immoral world. #divergent #dystopian #fanfic #modern #prequel #war The reasons why I think it should be a movie are. It is unclear if nuclear weapons were deployed. The faction system had just begun and we got to see how they generated the rules for the initiation process. Divergent Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. It was genetically damaged against genetically perfect ( I don´t exactly know how they´rer called, I´m German ). I'm writing a persuasive essay about how governments in Dystopian texts have good qualities and are undervalued and unrecognised (i didn't choose the topic), What makes someone a divergent? We got to see new comers being planeted in the city to start a gene pool so that they get pure people in generations to begin with. It is modern day and then a war happens.

Later, it transitioned to biological weapons. 1. A few centuries ago, The United States Government became interested in enforcing certain desirable behaviors in its citizens. It follows a girl named Roxanne Prior. The Purity War. However, there is no information on what happened outside of the United States. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Also, any points about the government having good intentions are welcome :). (; Divergent Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Can someone give me a quick summary of the Purity war? The government had good intentions to protect its people, but its actions spoke differently. 2.

The reasons why I think it should be a movie are You get a better insight on how divergent, insurgent and allegiant are the way they are. The scale seemed to cover the entire United States. 3.

Later, with an unclear interim period, the results o… Okay so it isn't quite clear what the Purity War was about. It follows a girl named Roxanne Prior. Given that most of the history that Tris and her group were given was stated by the Bureau, or the rebel group devoted to destroying the Bureau, it is unclear how truthful the information provided was.

The Purity War. It follows a girl named Roxanne Prior. Plus I think it would be awesome to have a lesson in what happened and this happened and that the reasons named above would be proven to be true. (is it because of the genetic manipulation?). From the set up of the compound, it appears that they also perform experiments in other areas such as agriculture, medicine, chemistry, and engineering.

At some point, the people who were untouched took control of the American government and began to treat the people who were edited as damaged and second class citizens. The Purity Wars were directly caused as a result of the genetic manipulation of the population (it is unknown if this engineering was exclusive to the United States or global). David states that the west was 'wild country' and abandoned, that it was too hard to control the territory. Later, with an unclear interim period, the results of the engineering led to damaged genes rather than repaired ones.

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