Despite the commotion among the excited women in the church, despite his poor Spanish and poorer English, Mandin felt in control, thanks to Señora Chacón’s careful record keeping. the ''common willingness'' of the Mexican and Anglo women ''to put themselves out to care for another city's orphans could have yielded a common interest in child welfare. She also makes the link between the southern origins of many of the Anglos and the role of white women in maintaining the segregation of the American South. Whatever nervousness troubled Deputy Sheriff Dunagan or PD supervisor Mills, they reassured themselves that they were acting to protect the welfare of children and to preserve peace and order in the community. After dropping off seventeen children in Missouri and Arkansas, they traveled smoothly until a floodedout section of track in New Mexico Territory delayed them for a whole day.¹ As they left El Paso they headed northwest for many hours through a desert mesa thirty-five hundred feet high (if they knew they were that high, it was only from a slight shortness of breath) sprinkled with occasional small mesas and clumps of sharp mountains,... Clifton should have been a good fit for the orphans, because nearly everyone there was an immigrant. As they returned, a crowd had gathered, threatening either to hang the priest and The Catholic families were Mexican, as was the majority of the population. Before this practice was regulated out of existence, New York's His Latinness made him a border person in his own way: “white” like the Anglos, but belonging to the Mexicans, a guardian over the Mexicans and, when necessary, an ambassador from them. But this identi~cation was not yet evident to the sisters. Marketplace, Quick News | The next day, the Anglo women persuaded their husbands to press the town's deputy sheriff into traveling to Morenci to arrest the priest and the Foundling Hospital's agent. to satisfy either the town leaders or the Foundling Hospital's agent, so the priest and agent were urged to leave town on the morning train. By tracing the peopling of the Arizona borderlands, a process driven by the mammoth extraction of mineral wealth from its desert mountains, she shows how each epoch -- from the era of the Apache to Several of the Anglo women in the crowd became interested in the orphans and went to the church to witness the children being claimed by their new families. The Great Arizona orphan abduction Linda Gordon; Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, London, England, 1999, 480 pp, HbK ISBN 0-674-36041-9 £21.50 . Reproduction of material from any Salon pages without written permission is strictly prohibited. In addition to stitching the needlework that several of them had brought along, they were reviewing the situation, reconforming their community’s understanding of why what was being done had to be done, and elaborating the arguments they would put before the... Everyone in clifton-morenci saw the orphan incident through memories of the 1903 strike. Get this from a library! Interestingly, the suits were all civil; no criminal charges were ever entertained, let alone filed, against the vigilantes, although they were kidnappers whose treatment of the sisters and the Mexicans was brutal. Leggatt knew exactly where to go because, he said, he knew every Mexican in North Clifton since he was delivery man for the company store. RESOURCES. These are the top 3 quotes from The Great Arizona Orphan Abduction by Linda Gordon. white, middle-class feminism to the experiences of women of color. pushed forward to observe the event. But even the children's return did not quiet the crowd. The nuns again asked Father Mandin about this, and they were satisfied that he had recruited parents only from among communicants.

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