B. Mrs. Raymond Calpin mentioned as point of contact at the state military hospital (not sure if she is local or state hire), Executive Post Adjutant, in command of companies L, K, M and I state Guard Captain Carleton H. Parsons of Co. L, Chaplain Bertram D. Bolvin, commonly termed “fighting parson”, Mayor Stoddart and George Frye Merrill a committee to confer with Major Thompson to see what assistance could be given the military hospital, United States Public Health Service led by. Patriotic music was sung, opening with the “Star Spangled Banner,” following which a proclamation was read by President Antoine Silva of the municipal council, representing the city, after which the vast audience joined in singing “Speed Our Republic”…Among those on the platform was Private Joseph Merchant, who has recently returned from “over there” on a furlough after being wounded. Migration is the most dangerous period in an owl’s life, but hormonal changes triggered by longer days were urging her northward. Final numbers will increase and are estimated to be more than 250. I will append this section with more local examples and inspiration at Cape Ann Museum when Covid-19 restrictions subside. Launch dates for broadcast, cable and streaming programs, Up-to-date lists for broadcast, cable and streaming series, Pandemic-proof vs. pandemic-contingent broadcast lineups, Signup for Breaking News Alerts & Newsletters, Get our latest storiesin the feed of your favorite networks. Families in 2020 can appreciate Clare Briggs October “Influenza” and Halloween panel from The Days of Real Sport. (Illegible) secretions from the nose, throat and respiratory passages or (illegible). Other post offices were not devastated like Gloucester. I had been mostly self-quarantining for a month prior to the mandated quarantine because I didn’t want any elderly friends to catch my cold.

Mobile bath disinfecting equipment, laundry machines, irons and delousing rinses were brought to the troops in the field or camps, and bases at home. The government could send crisis teams straight away and did. “This photograph, taken aboard one of the first American transports sailing for France has just been released by the censor. It was a place where some naval confrontations, both minor and major, took place, which helped secure a victory for the colonists. Landing fees will be payable in the form of cash, check or credit card to the keeper on duty in the boat house. Painter Egon Schiele died peak pandemic, October 1918, three days after his spouse, Edith, and their unborn child. No_Favorite. I think it was sometime in December we first began seeing her perched on Bass Rocks.

Saturday departures:  9:00, 9:30, 10:00, 10:30 and 11:00am, Wednesday departures: 9:00, 9:30, 10:00 and 10:30am, Tuesday departures: 9:00, 9:30, and 10:00am, One benefit of Thacher Island Association membership is access to free boat launch tickets for members who are paid up for 2020. She published her masterwork, Pale Horse, Pale Rider (first edition 1936)– three short novels together– amidst rising global tensions leading up to WWII. Dr. Kelley, Massachusetts Commissioner of Health and a member of the state’s Emergency Public Health Committee, reached out to U.S. He signs off: “…After coming off the range we were held for the influenza quarantine, and we are now awaiting for shipment to Virginia where we get our overseas training, which consists of gas attack drills, hand grenade throwing and more trench work.
In the two years that have passed since our Snowy visited Cape Ann’s Back Shore, all of Boston’s North Shore has not seen the same tremendous numbers of that winter of 2018. These were a bit PSA. The other Gloucester boys are all well, he [Frank A. McDonald] says.”, This photograph, taken aboard one of the first American transports sailing for France has just been released by the censor. one alone features 1130 pictures and chapters by Arthur Conan Doyle and HG Wells.

That night the Virginian, who berthed under Victor Morse, had an alarming attack of nose-bleed, and by morning he was so weak that he had to be carried to the hospital. Pellets form after an owl has fed. He worked for the GDT for nearly 20 years, and had volunteered on the city’s Board of Health committee, acting as secretary, for 14 years, where his esteemed service was noticed at the State level. Edvard Munch surmounted his bout that spring. What happened to Radcliffe and Drs. Gloucester was a destination for visitors from in and out of state, including artists and art enthusiasts. Vernon), Alexander G. Tupper (60 Mt. Many of us followed her escapades daily and we took lots of photos. Timeline Cape Ann: Thacher Island Movies Preview remove-circle Share or Embed This Item. They are constructed of solid granite on the outside with a two-foot thick inner wall of brick.

Carol R. Byerly who wrote a book about the pandemic in 2005, The Fever of War, added in a 2010 journal article how, “Camp Devens physicians performing autopsies described influenza pathology as unique, characterized by “the intense congestion and hemorrhage” of the lungs. here. People’s holiday weekend ran the gamut from joyful to tragic and I so hope yours was not too difficult and you were able to find some light. On October 3, 1918, after the community sing that first week of September, after registering for the draft on September 12, after advocating on behalf of the citizens of Gloucester, after traveling to Boston, Alderman Poole died from the flu. If you enjoy my little daily blog of life on the dock, feel free to subscribe. Freeman Hodson, a native of this place and letter carrier in the Mt. Acting Mess Sergeant Frank A. McDonald sent a postcard from the hospital at Camp Jackson, Columbia, South Carolina, conveyed in the Gloucester Daily Times October 22, 1918 , “Many Local Boys Had the Influenza”: “He is in the base hospital recovering from a three weeks’ serious illness of influenza. Works of art that predate the pandemic, created during– or inspired by– prior infamous pandemics, were used to illustrate 1918 Pandemic news stories. Explore the rich history of Thacher Island with Kory Curcuru! The wonderful success of the out-door treatment, the wonderful organization of the local unit and its many details is being set up as a model for other communities to follow. (From 1900 – 1918 nearly 800 Gloucester fishermen died at sea. Public notices and benefits in support of the war were broadcast over the long weekend, like this striking appeal for fruit stones for gas masks: “Every peach stone counts: Patriotic barrel at board of trade will receive your contribution “The Board of trade peach stone campaign is meeting with wonderful success and the patriotic sugar barrel which has been placed in front of the rooms of Main street is rapidly being filled with the precious stones. For example, a John Collier painting from 1902 was used to illustrate a syndicated article in October 1918 : “The English Artist [John] Collier’s Famous Picture of “The Plague [1902].” Such Epidemics Which Ravaged England and Almost All of Europe in the Seventeenth and Earlier Centuries Are Now Impossible, Modern Medical Science Having Devised Infallible Means of Coping with Them. Worcester ten. Because the general public was not informed about the severity of flu deaths in the military that  spring and summer, and even the experts missed possible tell tale signs, the busy destination season continued into September, as did the dreadful war. The Navy yards in Boston and vicinity were among America’s busiest for transportation of troops and supplies. Director:N/A. I ran back to the car to grab my movie camera and am so glad I did! “the flower in dying gives out its last perfumes…”. Launch fees are payable by credit card through the Eventbrite ticketing service when making your reservations. The Gloucester contingent left the Boston conference armed with a state of the art plan for a crisis team to be deployed in Gloucester, a military unit of doctors, nurses and multiple local State Guard companies. The medical and military personnel, public officials and volunteers who performed heroically during this pandemic have not been memorialized in Gloucester. One bright note that bleak weekend, ten nurses arrived from Ontario, Canada, and five from the state thanks to the commonwealth’s plea and Gloucester’s hustle. As Dean of the University of Michigan School of Medicine and director of the Surgeon General’s Office of Communicable Disease, Vaughan was sent to Camp Devens as part of the federal government’s elite assessment team. Beautiful views of the Rockport and Gloucester coastline on the way.

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