They intruded on Indian land, bringing with them violence and a racialized hatred for Native people forged through generations of colonial conflict. He accurately prophesied to the day the great earthquake at New Madrid, IL (December 18, 1811) several months before it occurred. Between them, the brothers offered a full range of Native social critique—about Indian land loss, cultural degradation, infighting, and spiritual decay—while advocating a program of action aimed at the future. Additional visions showed him a rich country made for the Shawnee, and spurred him to forge a hybrid religious movement, in which he encouraged Indians to eschew most white ways—alcohol, nontraditional foods, and technology—and reject intra- and intertribal violence in favor of peace, kinship, and alliance among Native people. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. Of course, this reelection sleight-of-hand conveniently allows the curse more time to unfold. The one about Donald Trump appointing three Supreme Court justices. But that wealth also rested upon formal systems—colonial, military, and fiscal—that alchemized the lands of an Indian continent into American property and money. Tecumseh seemed to be everywhere during those few years: fighting, recruiting, saving prisoners from torture, cajoling the British to maintain food, supplies, and men, and even rallying their troops in the field. © 2020 Condé Nast. Harrison was elected president with almost 53% of the vote, but he barely had a chance to settle in to the office before his death. The key to all this presidential demising possibly lies more within the realm of the stars than the rumored words of a dead Indian chief. Liana Finck Demonstrates How to Draw Feelings. THE TECUMSEH PROPHESY, New Madrid Earthquake and OUR STABLE GENIUS. It was an opportunity grasped by many of the nation’s first leaders. Encroaching settlers had no respect for Indian ownership and weren’t willing to wait on American surveyors to parcel and sell the land. But the United States didn’t own most of the lands it hoped to flip. The New Madrid quake is especially intriguing not only because of its unparalleled power, but also because it occurred in an area which is normally devoid of tectonic activity, including earthquakes. “Harrison was looking for a way to discredit the brothers in the eyes of the Indians. While there are no ‘super comets’, just yet, on the horizon that does not mean this cannot change in the near future. Somewhere in the smoke and fury, Tecumseh went down. Also interesting is the notion that the curse is a prescient one, as two presidents who won elections in years ending in ‘0’ — Lincoln and Roosevelt — did not die until after beginning subsequent terms in office. He possessed from the start a remarkable warrior charisma. According to Mark Dodich, an astrologer who has attempted to analyze the Curse of Tecumseh, the reason behind this force is one of “cosmic coincidence,” not Native American hexing. And after him, every great chief chosen every twenty years thereafter will die. The only way to check the evil of American encroachment, he said, was “for all the red men to unite in claiming a common and equal right in the land, as it was at first, and should be yet; for it never was divided but belongs to all for the use of each.” If the U.S. imagined itself as an irresistible force, the brothers sought to create an immovable indigenous object, rallying and organizing an Indian military response that carried with it the further possibility of a confederated Indian nation. This was the world in which the Shawnee brothers grew up. Since he was elected during one of his terms in a year that ended with a zero, he is considered part of Tecumseh's curse. No explanation is given for why the chief’s curse would only affect one presidency in five, but one cannot, after all, expect the fanciful to cover everything. Though they inflicted heavy casualties on Harrison’s army, the Indian confederacy ended up in retreat, abandoning Prophetstown to the Americans, who burned it to the ground, destroying the food supplies that would have fed the people through the winter. Ad Choices. Dodich claims the curse’s effects overlap with the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn, whose orbits have lined up every twenty years. This comet was visible for 11 months during the New Madrid earthquakes. The Tecumseh Prophesy – The President elected in 2020 will die in office or be assassinated! He would be elected again in 1944. Maybe Reagan also broke the “every 20 years” curse. Also numerous presidents not elected in the Tecumseh 20 year interval have faced threats and assassination attempts, so it is not unique to Reagan or Bush. He should also be remembered as one of the most aggressive landowners in the early republic, holding title, at the time of his death, to more than fifty thousand acres across several states. The 20-year cycle has been analyzed by the Fisher Exact Probability test and yields a statistical significance level of 0.00004, which is to say that there is only a very low possibility that the 20-year cycle is due to chance. When Harrison threatened him with the unified power of the states—the “Seventeen Fires”—Tecumseh said that he planned to respond in kind, creating “a strict union amongst all the fires” of a strong Native alliance. At the age of fifteen, Tecumseh distinguished himself during a raid on American flatboats on the Ohio River. Bergel, Gary. A Ripley’s Believe It or Not book published in 1934 noted the coincidental twenty-year pattern of presidential deaths between 1840 and 1920, with question marks in place of a name for the upcoming 1940 entry indicating the presumption of a continuing pattern. It could not be more interesting had it been a science-fiction novel, but what I am about to proffer has a substantial amount of reference! Chimneys fell all the way up in Maine from this one. 2015. Impeachment Moves Are an Early Signal Donald Trump is Facing Assassination Threat, Tecumseh's Curse may See Trump Reelected in 2020 and Assassinated by 2021 or 2022 - NOSTRADAMUS AND THE NEW PROPHECY ALMANACS 2 Tecumseh’s Curse, also called the Curse of Tippecanoe, stems from an 1809 dispute between U.S. President William Henry Harrison and Shawnee Indian leader Tecumseh. In the spaces between those lines, you’ll see the footings and foundations of the nation itself. Real Estate Services. In 1805, however, Tenskwatawa fell into a near-death trance and returned with a powerful vision of the spiritual world. They pummelled the Americans at the River Raisin, took Fort Dearborn, chased settlers out of the borderlands, and orchestrated a three-pronged offensive against the remaining American forts. In 1763, a loose confederation of tribes under the leadership of Pontiac fought the British to a stalemate after the Seven Years’ War. In 1811, the Shawnee leader Tecumseh, anticipating the movements of Scott and Floyd, departed the Ohio Country and journeyed two thousand miles across the South, seeking to recruit tribes to a Native confederacy able to withstand the land hunger of the United States. One thing this ole’ gal can state is … Interesting times in my backyard! With the next US Presidential election looming large in November 2020 and time will tell if Chief Tecumseh has  the last word on the prophecy. The New Yorker may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. Rapacious migrants ignored the new boundary lines and started the cycle once again. Shearer, Lloyd. SEMPER FI! Martin Kelly, M.A., is a history teacher and curriculum developer. This book is a dual biography of Tecumseh and his lesser known brother Tenskwatawa who is also know as The Prophet. President Reagan was shot soon after but was resurrected. The British general Henry Procter made a series of strategic blunders before taking an ill-prepared stand near Moraviantown, on the Thames River. Mr. Trump will Make America Great Again – We Must Do our Part and Make Missouri Great, Again! ", ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. To resurrect his story is to recognize that the United States confronts not a singular “original sin” of slavery, threaded through centuries of systemic racism and extending to George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, but two foundational sins, intimately entangled across geographies stretching from the Great Lakes to the Mississippi Delta. They say, there is nothing new under the Sun … If that is true, it seems history is about to repeat the 1811 pattern starting in 2017. This additional defeat and the loss of more land to the American government is purportedly what drove Tecumseh's brother, Tenskwatawa—known by the Shawnee as “The Prophet”—to place a curse of death on all future U.S. presidents elected in years ending in a zero. Tecumseh said, ‘We will not continue moving west. Some say that President Ronald Reagan broke the string of death of the 20 year Presidential curse but maybe not. The breaking of the “Zero Year Curse” on the U.S. presidency. The implication is that this monster quake originated far deeper in the North American crust than is usual for an earthquake. ( Log Out /  The next presidential election will be held in November 2020. The British confirmed their faithlessness in the 1814 Treaty of Ghent, which ended their war, selling out Indian allies once again. Donald J. Trump, this Missourian wants to know, Are you for Real? The ambition of Tecumseh’s effort to renew and enlarge Little Turtle’s alliance reveals his clearheaded diagnosis of the situation and a strategic vision rivalling that of any American politician. This letter was presented to the brothers when they were visiting a friend along the White River. proffer : verb (used with object) 1. to put before a person for acceptance. ( Log Out /  The land entered the public domain and was then grabbed up by speculators, settlers, and companies as newly privatized property. OPINION (MS) – We just witnessed the largest earthquakes to hit California in decades, and this has caused many to search for prophecies regarding even more destructive California earthquakes in the future. While Thomas Jefferson (1800) and James Monroe (1820) were elected in years that ended in zero, they are summarily ignored because both men survived their time in office. Thrown a live grenade which did not detonate. George Floyd’s Minneapolis, as we have lately come to understand, has never been a harmless Midwestern town of grains and lakes. Between 1803 and 1809, the U.S. negotiated fifteen land-cession treaties—some of which its own representatives characterized as farce—relying on handpicked Indian signatories and pushing tribes to sell land that did not belong to them. Our people shall not be the instrument to shorten their time. With few good options, Tenskwatawa and the remaining leaders decided to strike first. While we did not see this curse occur during the Bush, Jr. administration, we saw something much worse, the assault on the American people by her government, in the 9-11 attack. Origins:   With two exceptions, since 1840, U.S. Presidents who have been elected in years ending in zero have been killed or have died of natural causes while in office. Either the Great Spirit shall shorten their days or their own people shall shoot them. 2014. In the opinion of astrologer David Williams, “The cycle became inoperative in 1981 because the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction fell in the air sign of Libra.”.

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