When you choose from different puppies for sale, don't pick the one that beats others, nor the one that stays hidden.
Whether you’re interested in a skilled hunting dog or a beloved family pet, we are the best breeders to choose. Eears are very mobile.

They are also tested for gun-shyness and have fun in the water.

Jaws are strong and well developed. Dogs with long body and short legs have appeared for the first time on frescoes in ancient Egypt about 4000 years ago. They are oval-shaped, with a friendly glance. Our Dachshund, or Teckel, is not the famous American "Wiener Dog"! If you are thinking of a couch potato and are not willing to train your dog, this breed is not for you. It will not tolerate physical aggression during training, and may even refuse to listen and obey. They are also excellent flushers and usually love water retrieval. During excavations of Egyptian tombs skeletons of dogs were discovered very much reminiscent of modern Teckels.

Our breeding dogs are checked for eye diseases and general health issues. Centuries ago, Germans called the dog with a long body and short leg… The Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI), the European head organization of dog clubs, first published the. Teckels are smart, nimble, very brave and tenacious. Nature of the dog depends on various factors such as heredity, socialization and training.

We are expecting our I-Litter in about a month. Centuries ago, Germans called the dog with a long body and short legs castor dog as it was used mainly for hunting badgers and beavers. Puppies with good temperament are curious, playful and eager to communicate with people. Chest is very well developed and sides resulted in an indentation at the end of ribs. Browse thru Dachshund Puppies for Sale near Maize, Kansas, USA area listings on PuppyFinder.com to find your perfect puppy.

My Events. Copyright by Ahornzwinger, Christiane Benoit 2013-21. Its head is extended, skull is flat. I regret it has come to this but as said, I must draw the line.

Home > Dogs for Sale > Dogs Sold. Nose is black in color. They have all gained weight and there is no shortage of available milk for only 3 pups. My ultimate goal is to produce Teckels that blood track wounded big game, hunt rabbits, and Teckels that are great companions. The I-Litter pups are 3 weeks old today. puppies of our first, second and third litter have been sold internationally and are showing valuable in the field. The I-Litter pups will be a week old tomorrow. Neck is long and muscular. Ears are positioned high on the head, with rounded edges and are quite long, without folds. They are growing and gaining weight quickly.

This is a repeat breeding of our bitch Jetta and our stud Rowdy. One boy is white with gray/black dapple piebald. A working Dachshund is generally healthy.

Color is dark brown or black. Report.

Their previous breeding produced 8 pups that are currently doing well and are spread across the states. Eyes are neither too small nor too large.

Our breeding dogs are checked for eye diseases and general health issues.
An x-ray will give us a number prior to the whelping of the litter. If you are unable to find your Dachshund puppy in our Puppy for Sale or Dog for Sale sections, please consider looking thru thousands of Dachshund Dogs for Adoption. They will receive their initial worming tomorrow and they had their first nail trim today. Although it is a small dog, it needs to spend its energy because it is designed for hunting. Our dogs are standard in size, weighing about 16-30 pounds.

All the pups in this upcoming litter are spoken for.

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