One of the reviews at the time trashed this episode for the recurring characters. — Feels a little odd seeing Taylor Swift participating in prison rape jokes, but perhaps that shows what a game host she is. — Despite being yet another damn musical monologue, Taylor is making it very fun.

host performs “Untouchable”, BUNNY BUSINESS Fact: Taylor Swift is the first host on Saturday Night Live to write her own monologue entitled, “My Monologue Song.” Normally, the ‘Saturday Night Live’ writers take care of the celebrity host’s monologue. STARS: ***½. I get the idea of casting against type – I’m sure there were a lot of articles at the time about how she showed her comedy skills by playing a prison inmate, etc.

Although most hosts perform monologues written by the show's team of writers, the 19-year-old country crooner — in a Badgley Mischka dress — wrote her intro herself, Swift's rep confirms to

This hairstyle doesn’t flatter Andy at all but I guess he will be shifting to his more professional style (which he has mostly kept since) soon enough…. Jason was always funny as Glenn Beck. — Hate to say it, but a lot of Amy and Seth’s quips during tonight’s “Really?! — I can’t judge the accuracy of Taylor’s Kate Gosselin impression, given that I’m not familiar with Gosselin’s voice, but Taylor definitely seems to be going for a distinct portrayal here, and her performance is coming off really good. The most interesting part for me (and the best joke in it) is when she says she grew up watching Andy and Bill – it’s one of our first real signs of the way these years would be written in the SNL lore (basically, Andy, Bill, Kristen, Seth, and a few of their special friends). The View Fred would be one of the absolute WORST at this, making a countless number of unnecessary cameos the season (season 39) after he leaves.

a step up, My full set of screencaps for this episode is here, TOMORROW

of the Navy, The Man That Lives By His Actions Keanu Reeves, Movie Actress Dana Delany Cast For Carrie Bradshaw In ‘Sex and The City’, Young Nicole Kidman Dives with Sharks but Fears Butterflies, Directors Martin Scorsese and George A. Romero Are Closer …, Famous Movie Actor Robert De Niro Nicknamed ‘Bobby Milk’, Host of Daily Show Jon Stewart Actually Majored In …, James Franco Interned With Lockheed Martin As A Child, Movie Actor Tom Hanks Was “A Bible Thumping Geek …. “IT IS VERY ODD THAT YOU ARE ACTING THIS WAY AND I AM BOTHERED!”. !” to Goldman Sachs’ H1N1 vaccine use, — OH, NO. The Taylor Swift Saturday Night Live ‘My Monologue Song’, The song took jabs at Joe Jonas and Kanye West. Exhausting.

I liked Abby’s performance as Sarah McLachlan. I remember now. For access to all our exclusive celebrity videos and interviews – Subscribe on YouTube!

Kristen’s “Just kidding” character) commentary earlier this season had a brief, half-assed attempt at a change of pace with her bringing out a chart, SNL does a brief, half-assed attempt at a change of pace in tonight’s Nicholas Fehn commentary by having him try to write down a point he’s failing to say, but it ends up going the exact same route you’d expect it to. I do think that Taylor’s wraparounds are kind of redundant–there’s times in which they cut back to her to just have her basically say “Here’s some more things I’m talking about.”. As odd as it is, I agree that is relatable–I’ve certainly encountered roommates like this. STARS: ***, WEDDING RECEPTION

Carter N’ Sons BBQ

"But everything's okay. Then the mic’ed, off-camera voice of who appears to be Amy Poehler giggles loudly, then, while still off-camera, shouts out a half-audible “Once again, Taylor Swift!”, then Taylor begins her musical performance. To his credit, it still works. — Something seemed to go awry during this part.

This was probably the only time in the history of sketch comedies that someone from Wyomissing was spoofed in a sketch by someone from Wyomissing. — Great trick Kristen does at the end where she seamlessly switches from speaking out of one corner of her mouth to the other.

It is interesting to think about cast members who keep repeatedly coming back too many times in cameo appearances.

Taylor Swift and Kate Gosselin are both from Wyomissing, PA, which is a suburb of Reading. Although most hosts perform monologues … T.R.A.A.A.P.D.

There’s some really funny performances in the Bunny Business sketch. attention-hungry Kate Gosselin (host) & Nicolas Cage (ANS), — Nasim’s not doing the best Barbara Walters impression, but I still like it, and I feel it’s better than the one Michaela Watkins did the preceding season. — The interview with Andy’s Cage ended up being way too short. “This swine fever is contagious!” alone is one of the best things he ever gets on the show, and is a great example of how much he added to SNL.,,, ” I don’t mind Amy’s cameos as much here because I feel like she was probably helping people remember her as she was getting Parks and Rec ready,”.

But then comedy matters more than the impression anyway.

Didn’t he originate the role in a Weekend Update special? Monologue Her song has a lot of very solid lyrics about what she’s “not” going to sing about, and she’s doing a great job getting me and the audience on her side, especially during the bit about her celebrity ex-boyfriend, Joe Jonas.

I remember some people being surprised that the sketch was still on Youtube (and still is today), but then there’s a fair amount of SNL stuff I’m half-surprised is still up. — I do like the part with Taylor being forced to do a very stiff, unnatural laugh, and how the Hollywood Dish show eventually airs it out of context in a cruel manner during a preview of Taylor’s interview. STARS: ***½, MONOLOGUE — I saw it coming a mile away that Taylor (who’s in the other room) was going to be revealed as the person on the other end of the phone call that Nasim receives.

I think the most annoying part of this Update is Seth’s joke about the GOP clearly only objects to good actors having a role in politics – it’s such a cheap joke, was cheap even in 2009, and doesn’t even really make much sense in this case (Jon Voight was an acclaimed actor for a number of years). STARS: **, T.R.A.A.A.P.D. Taylor Swift made her debut this week as host of "Saturday Night Live," and put her own little twist on her monologue, Us magazine reports. ?” segment. Taylor Swift didn't leave anyone out of her monologue when she hosted last night's Saturday Night Live! — Boy, Kristen-as-Elisabeth-Hasselbeck’s constant rants are so grating, and not grating in the funny, satirical way it’s intended to be. — Absolutely spot-on Natalie Merchant from Kristen. — Great bit with Bill and Jason as security guards holding up a police sketch of Kanye West. Unfortunately, a month later, SNL would have Taylor Lautner do an entire monologue focusing on the Kanye/VMAs incident. Now how many more seasons of Kenan in a Dress do we have to deal with? This musical guest intro opens on a typical far-away shot of the musical guest stage while some stagehands are strangely seen in the shot, but there’s nobody in front of the camera to introduce Taylor’s performance (usually in the 90s and onwards, a cast member or special guest introduces the musical performances if the musical guest also happens to be that night’s host), and there’s an awkward stretch of silence with nothing happening. This time, even Jason himself cracks up. Even the audience seems to somewhat agree with me, as they’re usually more responsive during these sketches.

Does anybody know how the second musical performance intro was fixed for the rerun? I’m pretty sure his total amount of airtime that season is higher than that of some of that season’s featured players (e.g. Parks and Rec had already debuted earlier this same year, in April. STARS: **½, FIRELIGHT The notorious January Jones episode. — This Sarah McLachlan commentary is a solid showcase for Abby, and ends up being one of the more memorable things she would do in her forgettable SNL tenure.

Like I said last time, this episode was the first one I ever saw, but the only things I can remember from it are the monologue, Swine Fever, and The View. His initially-funny shtick became officially played-out after his second appearance. IMMEDIATE POST-SHOW THOUGHTS — Yet another sketch appearance tonight from the omnipresent Andy Samberg. That being said, during the “Monologue Song” she had a hard time seeing because Taylor is nearly blind. Talk about making up for his absence in the preceding episode. sketch earlier tonight, there’s a lot of solid relatable humor here. — Much like the T.R.A.A.A.P.D.

The thought of actually getting a tattoo terrifies her and couldn’t possibly think about marking herself permanently. "You might think I'd bring up Joe, that guy who broke up with me on my phone, but I'm not going to mention him," she sings. — Loved Seth’s “Women with two vaginas” jokes, especially the second one. I think I mainly remember the recurring sketches and Amy’s welcome return during “Really? I think the “roomies” sketch is a good use of Nasim (both she and Taylor–and Andy–are good in it), although it’s one of the rare sketches I can think of when she plays a lead role that is a young woman her age.

If you look closely at her hand during the taping of the SNL, you will notice a number 13. I think Kristen manages the best of the trio (she really is an underrated impressionist).

While not without its clunkers, this episode was mostly good and had several strong high points, especially in the pre-Weekend Update half.

There was something unintentionally amusing about the whole enterprise for me since some Swift fans had been involved in trying to “cancel” Bill Hader around that time for some of his SNL work (not because of Swift, just for general social media posturing reasons), and here they were together. Bill’s Shepard Smith simultaneously works as comedy and does not actually remind me of Shepard Smith (who was more low-key/icy). ?” edition they’ve done together (the first one being in the preceding season’s finale).

On top of that, Taylor’s Shakira impression is a lot of fun. As she did in promos the week of her SNL hosting gig, she took a shot at West, who ambushed her onstage during the MTV Video Music Awards this fall. In her most recent stint SNL’s Youtube even put up a video compiling her sketches, which led some to think she would do more. I don’t mind Amy’s cameos as much here because I feel like she was probably helping people remember her as she was getting Parks and Rec ready, but I do agree about the perils of too many cameos (we’ll be dealing with that plenty from now on…). "You might be expecting me to say something bad about Kanye," she says, looking sad. By the point of this Taylor Swift SNL episode in November, Parks and Rec was already well into its second season. What Affleck and Damon Wrote Into The Initial ‘Good Will Hunting’ Script Was Ballsy!

Taylor’s especially good in the car sketch, with all the indignation and squealing.

What the hell happened there? More than anything this is a wonderful showcase for Nasim, with a real physicality and verve which shows she wasn’t just Female Cast Member Not Named Kristen Wiig #3. She also hinted to the fact that she could be dating Taylor Lautner from ‘Twilight’. I do enjoy moments of these, and some installments as a whole (I remember Scarjo’s as being entertaining), although I think they are hurt by Kristen already doing so many of these mannerisms as Kathie Lee. She also added well to the atmosphere of this episode, giving the show a fun, likable feel.

She was in more sketches than Kristen Wiig. She then blew a kiss and winked.

This is the second consecutive subpar “Really?! Taylor’s even wearing what appears to be the same outfit Shakira wore in the preceding episode, and is spoofing the “She Wolf” song that Shakira performed in that episode. Wedding Reception

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