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AHHH SO NICE I AM BLESSED TO HEAR SUCH NICE THINGS OH MY! As Daichi starts to explain Karasuno’s goals, Tanaka adds a complaint about their nicknames. Your small hand is wrapped tightly in his, the other waving animatedly as you praise Alisa.

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Daichi & Daichi's Little Sister!

Turning in his arms, you face him with doting eyes and bring his face close to yours, pressing a chaste kiss on his cheek. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Hinata Natsu in Haikyuu!! She also has two arm bracelets with metal spikes around it. "I hope you control yourself better when you're at school. Current Concern: Not a single girl seems to get just how cool her lil bro is! She'd never heard Ryuu talk like that. Employee at Karasuno Eatery (manga)/Karasuno Kitchen (anime) (Former). Wiki. Hope you enjoy this because I'm not the best writer out there, and I hope you can follow the series! Ryūnosuke Tanaka (Japanese: 田中 (たなか) 龍之介 (りゅうのすけ) , Tanaka Ryūnosuke) was previously a member of the Karasuno High volleyball team. Miyagi Precfecture Tanaka Ryūnosuke

", This was too much for Ryuu.

48 Comments. She could feel the rage screwing up her own face, now.

The day of the 3-on-3, Tanaka gets ready with the others, but gets distracted as Kiyoko walks by him. So I’ll do Natsu and each Karasuno person! Tanaka and the other second years are studying for their exams when Saeko comes home and interrupts their session[3].

The setter vaguely explains a quick to Hinata, who says that he understands, but Tanaka doesn’t believe him. Comment.

Engrossed with this powerful addition to the team, the upperclassmen fail to notice Hinata until he calls out for their attention. March 3, 1996

Saeko admits that she had been out drinking the night before but was still able to depart with her team at the correct time though they did get lost on the way. Even now, Saeko still remembers the Small Giant's expression.

She also gets along well with Yachi, who often stood next to her in the bleachers during Karasuno's matches, although Yachi was intimidated by Saeko's extroverted personality and appearance initially. This reveals Tsukishima's past to the team.

", He squishes her cheeks to shush her, scolding, “you know nothing, Natsu”, Natsu has been dying to go to Hinata’s games, but their mom is too busy to take her, You secretly arrange to bring Natsu to the next Karasuno game, Natsu is so happy to finally see her brother play and is in awe at her quick attacks, It’s a spiritual experience for her to see Hinata breaking down walls of huge opponents, "NII-CHANNNNNN” she wails from the stands, Hinata whirls around and tracks the two of you down immediately, Hinata plays the hardest he’s ever played in his life, carrying the hopes and wishes of you and his sister, Usually people try to impress their S.O.’s siblings, Five hours before the dinner, you are scouring through your own closet, Lev is one of the most beautiful humans you’ve ever seen, You decide on a red dress and heels, dressed to the nines, When you arrive at the Haina household, gift basket in hand, you’re honestly shaking with nerves, Lev opens the door and his eyes pop out of his skull, You look even better than on the two of yours first date, “Y/n-chan, you look so pretty,” he says, eagerly motioning for you to spin around before kissing your cheek, Alisa greets you, coming out of the kitchen, “A-ah, Y/n-chan!

"What are they doing?" "I'm telling my dad on you!

When plans go astray people get worried, especially when they are left out of the loop. Later, Tanaka is seen cheering for Kanoka as she plays at the Olympic's on the Women's National Team. After she comments on the members' problems, Akiteru explains to her Ushijima's left-handed status, the reason why Nishinoya can't receive his spikes initially. One girl in particular who he has a large interest in is Kiyoko Shimizu. almost every haikyuu lovechild does this as well, Karasuku is the least weird of all the haikyuu kiddos and even then he's extremely fucking weird, is that it?

Sell custom creations to people who love your style. Weight She is slightly under-average in height, and has short, honey-blonde hair and four earrings on her ear. Ryuu sighed, still looking around at the neighbor kids. Yes, I could! When Hinata is removed from the game due to his fever, Saeko is shown with an upset expression. Author's Note. The night of Karasuno's game against Inarizaki, Saeko encountered Akane Yamamoto and an instant rivalry began. Lev escorts you home, listening to you chatter passionately about his sister. He also has the tendency to take off his shirt and spin it over his head when he scores a point in practices. But there was no one around and he wouldn’t stop. It just...twisted things up inside her. Being Nishinoya's younger sister includes: 34. Category:Images of Saeko Tanaka | Haikyuu!!

Since the start of the Spring High, Saeko has attended almost every one of her brother's matches (she didn't attend the first day) and loudly cheers him on from the side, doting on him like a proud sister, sometimes to the point that she unintentionally embarrasses him. English Actor Carli Mosier Despite all this, he is shown to be caring and supportive of his teammates, and even protective of his underclassmen. ☆. But, he tells himself that thinking like that is just a waste of time. Saeko argues back with him a bit but soon leaves the second years alone.

Summer break was great and all, and it was nice having the house to themselves with dad working, but sometimes Saeko wished she was a little better at making food. When Karasuno loses the match, Saeko tells Udai that, had Hinata not seen him playing at Nationals, everything leading to this moment would not have happened.

Seiyu Information

田中 冴子 "Ryuu..." Saeko looked at her brother with wide eyes.

During class, Tanaka is seen being upset about the loss against Aoba Johsai.

Just asking, but can you make a Kageyama's Sister!Reader X Tsukishima Kei part, if you haven't? Saeko did take notice of the Small Giant though due to his fame as an incredible volleyball player and his mischievous personality that she has once stated she might get along with; although, in the anime, she says the opposite and claims that he didn't stand out so she never knew about him outside of his volleyball achievements[13]. Tanaka also meets the other first years, but he dislikes them right away. 24K Views . When the stands are clearing, Saeko and her group encounter Inarizaki's demon cheer squad and they bow to each other in respect.

Gender Tanaka is the youngest of the second years. Since the beginning of Spring High Preliminaries, Saeko has attended most of Tanaka's matches. As the match is about to begin, Tanaka instantly becomes infuriated that Oikawa has caught the attention of numerous female fans.

sorry about not specifying it earlier. At this point it is practically a shared 'verse, we've both written so much for it. “Yeah, I can help! When Kenji was gone, Ryuu suddenly relaxed.

As Tanaka trains with Kageyama, he admits that the first year’s good, but he dislikes his attitude. Nov 26, 2014 - Ryūnosuke Tanaka (田中 龍之介, Tanaka Ryūnosuke) jest uczniem drugiego roku w liceum Karasuno i atakującym klubu siatkówki.

After graduating high school, he became a personal trainer and married Kiyoko Shimizu.

In the Manga Dismayed, Saeko stops and looks at Shiratorizawa hopelessly. It would have been funny if Ryuu's expression and stance hadn't been so deadly serious. The annoying Brat aka My brother (Tanaka x Younger Sister Reader) One-shot.

Greg Cote He winced under the torrent of words, hunching into himself. He stopped in the middle of the movement, causing him to land and the ball to hit his head.

Birthplace: Chiba, Japan.

This was between different panels and it’s so cute!? At the end of the day, the three upperclassmen head down to the gym to begin practice and see Hinata and Kageyama already at the gym. According to Hinata in the bonus story Kageyama of Class 1-3, Tanaka is to be the next ace after Asahi. Terushima was just spiking a ball, when he felt the gaze.

Feb 24, 2016 - Saeko Tanaka.

I didn't mean to scare ya. “Plus, why else did I almost get a tattoo with your name on it?". She once encountered him near the volleyball gym after he was benched during a practice match and went outside to vent. Tanaka has a large interest in girls, as shown in the numerous posters of female idols that are posted up in his room. His arm went limp in Saeko's grip, and he stepped back toward her and looked her in the face. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools.

“That’s me!” he said proudly.

and 34 more users Loud, hot-headed, and easily angered, he is no stranger to picking fights. When the third years reveal that they will be staying with the team, Tanaka is shown to be thrilled by the announcement. "You get outta here, ya punk!

Being Asahi's younger sister includes: 36. Still nervous, he makes a receive on Kindaichi's spike with his shoulder. I'll accept your request, but it will be a while before I write it. I hope you do! He remains quiet until Daichi kicks the two first years out.

Kageyama selects him to make the first attack in the match as he believes that Tanaka was the perfect choice to strike fear into their opponents as well as boost the team morale. He starts by telling them that Daichi is usually kind, but when he’s angry, he’s terrifying so if the two don’t quiet down, the others will find out. Yū Hayashi Kageyama initially refuses to try it with Hinata, but decides to do it after Tsukishima insults Hinata again. ... Haikyuu x (Mostly) Sister Reader One-shots (Requests Open!) Can’t get in trouble like this.” She rubbed his head even harder, making the shaggy hair flop around.

In the second set, she would question why Karasuno does not use the same method they had done with Ushijima by having the taller players try to block Hoshiumi. Nee-san isn’t answering any of my texts!”, He picks the two of you up, now having to deal with two obnoxious drunks. Likes (M/n) peeked through the doors, carefully glancing into the gym. “Ow,” he muttered, before looking around. Instantly, Tanaka jumps to the two first years’ defense and retorts that they’re going to pulverize Tsukishima. He is also somewhat of a slacker, shown by his less-than-stellar work ethic in school and his usual lateness to practices. They had each other, and that was enough.

Haikyuu!! This neighborhood had seemed nice when they moved in a couple months ago.

Status He still wasn't looking at her, focused on watching his enemy flee.

When Tanaka is able to make his cross shot work, Saeko is shown with a look of joy.

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