If you do the same to an object, it will place the decal on the origin point of the object. You can also spawn objects from the Games menu from your Workshop and Save & Load categories. Same as pressing. Every letter typed triggers the function. Hides the Object from the specified players, as if it were in a hand zone. These functions can hide Objects, similar to how hand zones or hidden zones do. Folders will always remain at the top. dealToColorWithOffset(offset, flip, player_color). What the value represents depends on what type of Object this function is used on. Switches the axis an Object rotates around when flipped. Optional, Default: keep_open = false. Input a string as an entity's Lua script. Unlike scale, it can help indicate the size of an object in in-game units, not just relative model size.

Returns information on any joints attached to this object. Each one is for a special type of Object.
The 6 character unique Object identifier within Tabletop Simulator. -- Example of enabling reveal for all players at 3 units of radius. Returns a Table of information on the states of an Object. This does not set the Object to a specific scale, it scales the Object by the given multiple. The functions can be used on Objects, but can also be used on the game world using Global. Deals Objects. Returns a Vector after converting a local Vector to a world Vector.

The only parameter that is required is the index. If an Object is roughly face-down (like with cards). Read only. Use, Detaches the children of this Object.
Saved Objects: To save an object, just right click on the object and click “Save Object”. Optional, if no value is provided the deck is cut in half. Removing an index instantly causes all other higher indexes to shift down 1. Indexes start at 0. The minimum width/height is 60. Smoothly moves Object by the given Vector offset.

Starting a value with a # will cause it not to show in the Object's tooltip. Adds torque to an object in a rotational Vector. Indexes start at 0. Gets a value. If rotation is used, flip's Bool will be ignored. A more advanced version of setHiddenFrom(...), this function is also used to hide objects as if they were in a hand zone. It still exists to them, just invisibly so. Deals from a deck to a position relative to the hand zone. --self.attachHider("hide", false, {"Blue", "White"}), --self.attachInvisibleHider("hide", false, {"Blue", "White"}). It then takes the clone and gives it new front and back images, a new name and description, it then changes the state and gives the other state new images, name and description as well. Returns a Table of Vector information describing the size of an object in Global terms, as if it was rotated to {0,0,0}. -- Both examples work to scale an object to be twice its current scale, -- Example returned Table for a custom token. This does not include the Object the input is attached to. Creates/updates a variable in another entity's script. string: script_state: Returns the saved Lua script state on the Object. click_function(obj, player_clicker_color, alt_click). Spawns Vector Lines from a list of parameters.

The first button on any given Object has an index of 0, the next button on it has an index of 1, etc. Inputs can not be clicked from their back side. Returns a Table of Object references to every object in the scripting zone.

Once you have a reference to an object in you're script you can call functions on it directly. Clicking on an object will spawn it in the middle of the table, while drag and dropping will allow you to place the object where you want. Creates/updates a variable in another entity's script. If an object should be lifted above other objects to avoid collision when held by a player.

Deals Objects to hand zones. Buttons are placed relative to the Object they are attached to.

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