Even though they prefer to be under cover during day time, the tantalizing smell of food in the water will often bring them out of their domain for a good feasting time. Regards, Looking for Aba Aba any size willing to pay a reasonable fee for one or two, I am very familiar with these guys and have the tank space,

Walter Lechner, Lidia E Wysocki, Friedrich Ladich. Notice the lower light levels, hiding places, and algae growing from the wood which comes from a long established tank. Post Your message has been sent, thanks a lot! They will not die of hunger, but this approach serves as a good prevention of diseases. In the immediate vicinity, 3 pairs of mustaches grow. They are not difficult to keep in a well maintained environment and will get along well with other fish in a large community aquarium. For the most part, they leave each other alone; however, it is not uncommon to see one or the other take a swipe at its tank mate. A minimum aquarium size of 50 gallons is suggested. They prefer moderately fast flowing rivers. If it is turned on, it is only to complement the existing aquarium community. To keep an optimal health, it is advisable to feed a varied diet of prepared food, live/frozen food and vegetable matter ( for example, shelled peas). Like all bottom dweller fish, they do require their own space and overcrowding with these fish can cause serious territorial behaviour. Amano Shrimp – Care, Size, Tank Mates & Details You Need! Most catfishes are found in the African rivers Lekini and Malebo. At the highest point of the body is the dorsal fin. I can send to any country, all legal documents paper ready to run. They are bottom dwellers and so it is important to keep the substrate extremely clean to prevent them from getting infections on their barbs, for this reason, a sandy substrate is recommended. Have you forgotten your password or username? The tail has an elongated V-shape. They fall into the range of semi-aggressive. Its natural habitat is the freshwater reservoirs of Cameroon and the Republic of Congo. I have a male black belt but I am looking for a female. Featherfins can be kept as individuals or in small groups. They are also compatible with others of their own genus as long as the tank is large enough with plenty of rocks or driftwood for places of refuge. This looks to be a perfect aquarium environment for this Featherfin catfish. Synodontis are known as squeaker catfish because they produce a squeaking sound by rubbing the spines of the pectoral fins into grooves on the shoulders. Glen S. Axelrod, Brian M. Scott, Neal Pronek. it should have a neutral acid-base balance; The temperature in the range from 23 to 28 ° C; the volume of the aquarium is not less than 80 l; the minimum water hardness is 5 ° F, and the maximum is 25 ° F; driftwood, branches, and algae at the bottom of the aquarium.

It isn’t accepting either of these now..Any advice will really help? The skin of Synodontis Multipunctatus is light with a yellowish tint. The average adult in an aquarium is 6-8 inches and in the wild the average adult can reach 12 inches. Once they find their favorite spot, they will stay there much of their lives unless the tank is revamped or a competitor out competes them for the space. Bristlenose Pleco – Care, Feeding, Tank Mates & Details!

Thanks a lot! to login or create an account further down the page below. Synodontis eupterus is an upside-down species.

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