True, if you’re looking for ultimate dynamic polish, the Ford Fiesta does it better, but the Swift’s up-and-at-’em nature and neutral balance still make it a very enjoyable car to drive.

Kez Casey. Dual-clutch transmissions are expensive while torque converter gearboxes aren't great for emissions which is why manufacturers are increasingly offering automated manuals in small city cars (or not providing an automatic gearbox at all). Sta...Read more. It works, too. There's a port for charging my mobile phone. The Swift is tuned with a one-size-fits-all approach, and it's really none the worse for it. 3. Feels solidly built and should be reliable according to surveys in UK . As an update to all this 5 months on, im still reasonably happy with the car, but ill add this.

The red-to-black dash and door highlights are funky, and the black-on-black colour scheme keeps things from looking too cut-price, but the Swift’s origins as a cheerful little runabout are inescapable.

I'd recommend a Kia Picanto. The engine is, essentially, the same 1.4-litre turbo as you’ll find in a Vitara or S-Cross, but in a blind test you’d never know it. There’s a good amount of cushion length for the base, but like the fronts, the rear seats are statured on the small side. Like the front seats, the rear seats offer more space than you might think, with plenty of head and leg room. The range starts with the SZ3 and pricing is as follows. While the single-mode one-size drivetrain works a treat, the single-size seat will be harder for some. All except the entry-level SZ3 also get a reversing camera. You’ll pay $239, $329, $239, $429 and $239 respectively for the first five visits, or $1475 all up. Découvrez les pannes les plus récurrentes enregistrées sur le forum Auto-Evasion. Hopefully this car goes for another 15 years, will gladly drive it for that long and beyond. 26-10-2018: Continuation of 17-9-2018. But in order to keep the price competitive there have been some trade offs. And for good reason.

There are no external styling upgrades and only the smallest of equipment tweaks. I sometime get freaked out by the alert in the middle of the road. It now makes a awkward space where it sinks in, not deep enough and creates a gap between the boot and folding seat. Now over 70Ks with a set of tyres a battery, belts and normal services the only inputs. While it will do the sporty thing pretty easily, the Swift Sport will also settle into a life of work commutes, driving to dinner, running to the gym, and all the other much less exciting stuff that takes place each week. Compared with more recognisable names like the Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen Polo and Peugeot 208, prices for new Swifts look very low indeed. Suzuki, fight for a better deal for your customers. Swift news, reviews, comparisons and videos, Narrow seats are selective about who they let in. calculator. There’s a cargo-covering parcel shelf, a boot light and a single bag hook. The Suzuki Swift 1.0 and 1.2-litre petrol are offered with this mild-hybrid tech. The warm hatch goes on sale in June 2018, powered by Suzuki's latest 1.4 litre chain cam Boosterjet petrol engine. Plated and registered in Jan 2013 and May 2013 respectively. On the plus side, plenty of internal space and fuel efficient. Check out our. After snapping off the side mirror at a shopping mall I found that second hand parts are so easy to source as wreckers strip a lot of this model. This thing really is lots of fun. Gearbox and engine still feel off, particularly in reverse and first gear. Drove it 3 years (60,000km) and it had no issues, only standard servicing. As a mechanical device, it's great, but as an all-round car, it has two significant failings. SZ5 adds Navigation, 16-inch polished alloy wheels, automatic air conditioning, keyless entry and start, telescopic steering wheel adjustment, rear electric windows and door mirror side turn indicators. Would strongly recommend to anyone. Took the car in for servicing at Suzuki centre. Recently had 8 days in Tassie in a brand new rental Swift. After a week of mostly commuting, the trip meter claimed 7.4L/100km and with some touring thrown in settled to 6.5L/100km. Left reader with no lane departure warning: only works on dual carriageway. They had told me that each light represents what the car is running on if it's battery or petrol.

The 1.2 Hybrid is the most efficient according to official WLTP figures, with a best average of more than 55mpg, but even the thirstiest of them, the 1.0-litre (non-hybrid) automatic, manages almost 47mpg. The development goal was to create an all new hatchback styling that is undoubtedly Suzuki. Car is an absolute gem to drive. Suzuki covers its range with a five-year, unlimited-kilometre warranty (or 160,000km if you use your car commercially, say as an Uber), and offers a capped-price service program for up to five years or 100,000km. Great for everyday use. However, it’s still a very likeable car thanks to its funky styling, thrill-a-minute handling and rev-hungry engines, and there’s much more to like besides. During interior design, lowering the seating positions has ensured sufficient head clearance (the same as for outgoing Swift for the front seats) and added 23mm vertical and lateral space for the rear seating positions. The Swift Sport has 12-month/10,000km service intervals, which means you may be back more than once per year if you do plenty of driving. It reads like you want a mild-hybrid petrol car.

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