50:1 - Mix 100ml of … All two stroke outboards require an oil / fuel mixture when being used. Suzuki Marine engine oils offer the right blend of lubricants to give the required protection to the Suzuki outboard range. ), Difference between 2-stroke & 4-stroke outboard engines, Click on the link in the confirmation email. A  range of oil injected motors up to 140hp was introduced in 1981. No rebuild ect . What are your thoughts on this? You can avoid the hassle of measuring and the potential environmental and personal harm that can result from trying to mix "on the fly.". Below I have listed the oil ratios recommended by manufacturers and a few tips based on my experience.

Apr 25, 2020 at 10:00pm, |  Do not guess at the right ratio or approximate the amounts of either gasoline or oil; your engine requires a specific mixture of fuel and lubrication to run properly. Jun 10, 2020 at 4:49pm, |  Every engine will have it's own fuel mix ratio, often mandated by power, intended use and age of the outboard and manufacters state this required mix ration and any tolerance (if there is any!) Simple divide 1000ml or 1 litre of petrol by ratio = the required amount of oil per litre of fuel There are some gas stations that sell ethanol free gas. Mixing the two-stroke oil with the gasoline before pouring it into the tank is by far the simplest method of lubrication for two-stroke outboards. Recommended by Mercury, Mariner, Tohatsu, Johnson and Evinrude this is my preferred ratio for all outboards including Yamaha and Suzuki. small engines = less oil 100-1 / 50-1 distinction between ratio and proportion eluded me, 4400 S Kildare Ave If you can't find what you need or are simply looking to sell or exchange your outboard manual then drop us an email. Awesome. Pour the correct amount of 2-stroke oil into a clean gas can. Planning is either the hardest part or the easiest part of this because, if you go boating, you not only have to carry along enough gas to get where you're going, you also have to pack enough oil for the motor. 4-stroke engine oil (FC-W) As Most are oil injected anyway . For older Suzuki outboards, pre-1997, I'd recommend running 50:1 as the information I've provided about is for current model two strokes. Feb 1, 2020 at 6:56am, |  Jun 12, 2020 at 1:48pm, |  Pour the correct amount of 2-stroke oil into a clean gas can.

Suzuki South Africa currently offers 15Hp and 40Hp which offer the consumer easy operation and low maintenance needs. It depends on what your recommended ratio is. If you're absolutely stuck we recommend a mix of 50:1 for outboards older than 1980 and 100:1 for outboards manufactured since 1980. For a 32:1 mixture, use 4 fluid ounces of oil per gallon of gas. This gas is much better but you may also need to add a little octane booster since many only sell 87 octane ethanol free gas. The ratio of oil to gas for most two-stroke outboards under most conditions is 1 part oil to 50 parts gasoline. The oils are designed to meet the demands of Suzuki’s high performance engines but are the perfect blend to optimise your motor’s performance, whether it's a 2.5hp or 350hp model.

Not only does the wind blow the oil into the lake and the bottom of the boat as you try to pour it from the can, you don't know if enough oil ends up in the fuel tank. Use the mixture within 30 days or add fuel stabilizer to extend the shelf life. in the owners manual. Feb 5, 2020 at 8:43am, |  Note: For commercial applications Suzuki recommends 50:1. How to Create the Oil Mix. If all else fails a quick internet search of your outboard make, model and age will quickly reveal the required ratio. The Suzuki 2-strokes are ideal, not only for the most demanding of their equipment but for anyone looking for an economical and trustworthy solution. not mix ratio.. you can run 'em rich as you want if the carb tuning is right..... 20:1 was the standard suzuki mix ratio for decades.. The best way to mix the fuel and oil is to start with a premixed container. What's the reason for adding oil to the fuel mix if the motor is running fine . Once you've landed on the ratio you need actually do the mixing. Other models require the user to mix the oil and fuel together in the outboard’s main fuel tank each time the fuel tank is topped up (this is known as a premix model) In addition to this you will need to know if your outboard’s oil/fuel mixture is either 50:1 or 100:1 so that the correct amount of oil is poured into the fuel tank. Search the Library and Learn about our FREE DOWNLOAD options here. Your calculator, as with 4 other gas:oil calculators I’ve sampled, is WRONG! I have a 2 stroke outboard motor, Mercury 50 HP, 4 Cyl 2 carby (just bought) I would really want to know the correct mix ratio, oil to petrol Standard Fuel Tank is 23 litres, so how many litres of oil … not on the ground of some dusty car park! Watch Video, Let us help you find your outboard and boat, Suzuki Dealer – Atlantic Suzuki Is Looking For A Marine Technician, Suzuki Warranty – We Are Right Behind You, First, 4-Stroke 140 Horsepower To Offer Drive-By-Wire Throttle And Shift System, #Testimonial – Partick Shares His Experience. If your engine has been idle for more than a month, such as when coming out of winter storage, check the fuel to make sure the mixture hasn’t degraded. The loop charging allows the engine to breathe efficiently for maximum combustion and performance. As the other post says,50 to 1.Suzuki invented oil injection and it's just about bullet proof.Unless the oil pump and reservoir … Anyone who owns, or has owned, a two stroke outboard would have asked themselves the question; how much oil do I mix with my fuel? Apr 14, 2020 at 9:08am, |  Apr 12, 2020 at 8:38am, |  See Privacy Policy, Difference between 2 stroke & 4 stroke outboards, difference between two stroke and four stroke engines here. i.e 1000 / 50:1 = 20ml of oil per litre of fuel new engines 25-1 / 20 to 40 liters, Are you able to use the same oil as for aircooled engines such as chainsaws etc.

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