One more player will take the bag and use the pieces inside to solve a Survivor word phrase (IMMUNE TONIGHT).
Plus, this season gave us three signature moments: Ozzy volunteering to go to Redemption, Cochran flipping, and Brandon giving away his immunity. On one hand, there were a bevy of huge, crazy Tribal Councils with last-second whispering and maneuvering leading to jaw-dropping exits. And that is a rough way to go. If they get one wrong, they are out. Credit: Wendell and Domenick were as great as we in the press thought they would be when we met them pre-game, and that merge war between Dom and Chris Noble made for one of my favorite Survivor episodes ever. Respect is due. I actually like a little season recap at the start of the finale. Tempting people to quit an immunity challenge for a mystery vote steal advantage? Apparently under the impression that he could somehow play the coin WITH HIS EYES, Jeremy did his best Eliza Orlins impersonation by bulging his peepers halfway out of his head, but Michele wisely held on to the coin herself and prepared for her fateful flip. It was flat-out grating. An underrated season that saw the first totem pole shake-up: where people on the bottom got together to overthrow those on the top.

Terry was robbed on a final challenge that may or may not have been completely fair. Sorry for the broken record act, but it’s just too bad watching this moment be dramatically neutered. Survivor Pentathlon (also known as Second Chance, Try Again, Let's Give It Another Go, Mate, Learn from Past Mistakes, Redemption, Chinese Leftovers, Meso Soup, and Return From The Dead) is a recurring challenge of Survivor. Under one of the holes is a bag. One of the more unlikeable casts so far. It wouldn’t be the first time. Tribes will race through a series of tangled ropes. Once close enough, they grab the key and jump off the pole into the ocean. Think about it: Right now we should all be on the edge of our seat with anticipation wondering who will win the battle back competition. I never understand folks who get angry when you have an opinion that differs from theirs. And then if Natalie does win, will that seem dramatic or exciting? I’m not sure why this happened. Quite simply: It made the rest of the season impossible to enjoy. It’s interesting watching players accustomed to a position of power having to recalibrate and play a different way to stay alive. I am when I found myself rooting for Michele’s coin flip to come up “Not Safe.” Why would I root for someone to be miserable? Jesus, I’ve been screaming this for a decade now. Once through, one castaway will climb a hanging rope to ring a bell. In one bag is a yarnball. and Survivor: Micronesia — Fans vs. So, yes, feel free to call me crazy when you inevitably disagree with my rankings, but, you know, do it in a fun way. I know a lot of fans were bummed to see all the old-schoolers go early. Most of the vote-offs were clearly telegraphed and the Redemption Island twist sucked the life out of Survivor’s signature moment — the vote-off. Rafe was good for a few laughs, though. After the second Tribal Council… the episode was not over! Pretty predictable boot order as well. We know Adam and Jeremy are not big Ben fans, but what about the others? Why else would I have sat through all five seasons of Temptation Island? Loved it. Especially on rope obstacles.

I will say there were a few strong post-merge episodes, and it definitely got better over the last few weeks thanks to Natalie’s strong play. The main problem, of course, was that there were not enough people to root for. Two endurers from each tribe stand on pedestals avoiding a trip bar as it passes back and forth between them. Finally, one thrower waiting at the station will use a trampoline to hit a series of targets.

That’s super boring. You can make pros and cons lists (as I have even done in a few of the entries above), but, in the end, it all boils down to how a season makes you feel. Now I’m yelling too! I also really liked the Ghost Island concept but felt there could have been more drama surrounding how someone was sent to GI and the games they played once they got there. I was.

Shut down Survivor. But PEOPLE!!!! Seriously, other than Tyson getting blindsided, were there any memorable moments that didn’t involve the Dragonslayer? Just look at this slew of other players and personalities that created great TV: Angelina, Nick, Davie, Gabby, Mike, Elizabeth, Natalie Napalm, even wacky Jeremy. I generally really liked this cast — but I do feel all the early tribe swaps made it difficult for viewers to connect with many of them. Maybe I give some money to charity, or I tweet out something really deep that doesn’t have to do with whatever dorky board game I am playing that week. And, in the most terrifying example imaginable, Michelle gave a harrowing account of NOT BEING ABLE TO TRUST DIRECTIONS TO THE BAR!!! Lastly, two castaways will place 50 numbered pieces on a table in order.

They are voting for the winner of winners. If they let go, they are out. But if I flip the coin and the “NAY!” side comes up, then I bitch about a system in which voted out people not only still have a chance to win the game, but the earlier you get voted out, the more of a chance you have to return due to more opportunities to win advantages, and I moan about players already voted out getting to screw with the games of players still in it, and I complain about all the whispering at Tribal Council giving players an easy out where they no longer have to thread the needle in terms of saying things they hope are picked up on by certain people and not picked up on by others, and I whine incessantly about the editing, which for large swaths of the season left me a bit clueless as to who was aligned with whom and why.

I was reminded what a P.O.S. Each tribe would select a team of 5, then one at a time race up the structure avoiding trip blocks to a basket of sandbags. Flat. So, we had our second Tribal Council, and the show did not end. Not one of the best seasons ever; not one of the worst. But doing it at the end of the penultimate episode doesn’t exactly get me pumped up to watch freakin’ SEAL Team or whatever else comes on CBS after Survivor. To this day, I still have players upset at me for where I ranked their season.
And it’s not just Christian, who was one of the most universally loved contestants of all-time.

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