Jesus called Nathanael a man of integrity that could be trusted. King Xerxes makes a decree to help the Jews. S5, Ep8. Sometimes the people we least expect will be open to hear about Christ. Chris wants to be treated like a rock star until he sees how Jesus shows leadership. When she begins to cry, Chris feels desperate. Superbook also snags Ellie and brings her on the journey with them. Joy plans to get even with Barbara, who shared an embarrassing video about Joy. Chris has stage fright until meeting David, the boy who confronts Goliath. Even though King Saul tries to kill David, David shows mercy. Through Nehemiah, Chris learns to do the job God gave him and ignore mockers. Year: Season 5. As Joy questions why Sharon shouldn't be punished, Superbook transports her, Chris and Gizmo, to meet up with a prophet named Jonah. And, in John:5:19, Jesus said: “I tell you the truth, the Son can do nothing by Himself. Heartened by Noah's example, Chris and Joy return to the present day determined to make better choices.

Chris defies his mother until he sees Jesus suffer, die, and rise again.

You place your hand of blessing on my head. Overcome any difficulty and doubt by trusting in God. The God of Israel is the one true God-He alone is to be worshiped. Superbook takes our heroes to witness miracles as Jonah is cast overboard; Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego are tossed into a fiery furnace; and Daniel is thrown to the lions. A new travel destination, a night in jail, an unexpected outcome—it was all part of God’s plan. Chris thinks a magician can do miracles until he sees God’s power at work. (Matthew:4:18-21) “Master,” Simon replied, “we worked hard all last night and didn’t catch a thing. In Ecclesiastes:4:10, the Bible talks about the importance of having someone to help us when we fall: “If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. The Gospel of Christ that we share is like throwing a fishing net into the water. Elijah challenges the prophets of Baal on Mt.

To address this issue, Superbook whisks the kids off to Jerusalem and Chris learns from Jesus that even though Jesus is famous, he was humble and served others.

He sent the fishermen to deeper waters and he sends us to the ends of the earth to share His message. Chris Quantum loses the courage to play his guitar in front of a crowd. God will help me stand up for those mistreated. Naaman received healing when he humbled himself and was obedient to God. Joy gets angry when Chris forgets to help her. Through Abraham's obedience to God, Chris learns that you should put God first, above all else (even an Holo9) and everything else will work out. Superbook takes Mateo to witness God miraculously save Daniel from the lion’s den. Peter was a fisherman on the Sea of Galilee. Superbook intercedes and whisks the kids back to the days of Jacob and Esau. By disobeying his father, Chris causes a robot to destroy the yard. Exclusive Amazon Originals as well as popular movies and TV shows, Over 300 Box Sets and the best TV channels, Online, app, or TV - over 60 devices supported, Your favorites, all in one place. This website uses cookies to ensure the best user experience.

But if You say so, I'll let the nets down again.” (Luke:5:4-5) By their immediate obedience, Jesus performed a miracle that completely blew the three men away!

Süperkitap web sitesini kullanarak, Kullanım Şartlarımızı ve Gizlilik Politikamızı kabul etmiş olursunuz.

David marveled at God’s intimate knowledge of Him in Psalms:139:1-6. After his grandpa dies, Chris and his grandma find an old family Bible. Peter, James and John were amazed at this miracle.

When a delinquent teen enters Chris and Joy's lives they don't see any chance of him changing his ways.

The Superbook episode guide has information about the Superbook videos that tell the Bible stories from the Old and New Testament of the Bible. They were nicknamed the "Sons of Thunder" by Jesus. God covenants to save Noah and his family from the flood.

Chris, Joy and Gizmo witness the true meaning of Christmas. When He was done, He told Peter and the others to go out deeper into the sea to catch some fish. Chris has promised to write a new song for the church’s Christmas program, but he’s out of ideas. Sometimes sharpening one another may mean correcting or re-directing someone in love. Includes special editions of "In the Beginning" and "Jacob and Esau" plus special features. Chris, Joy and Gizmo see how God gives His laws to protect and bless people. How did He do it? Includes special editions of "Solomon’s Temple" and "Paul and Silas," plus special features. Superbook teaches children timeless moral truths and life lessons through the captivating, Bible-based adventures of two time-traveling children and their robot friend.

Chris and Gizmo give Joy a virtual tour of the world, but she is shocked by all the suffering she sees. How can a few things possibly be enough?

Episodes Available for Superbook DVD Club Members Only.
It had to be—it was a house for the Lord!

Chris is arguing with his mom, Phoebe. Chris is mad at Joy until meeting twin brothers torn apart by unforgiveness. The people of Israel repent and declare that the Lord is God after God incinerates the altar. During the Last Supper, the gang ultimately returns home and Chris has a major shift in his attitude towards others. James most likely would have been with the other disciples in Jerusalem when they questioned Peter about entering Cornelius' home. But with Jesus’ help, their nets were full.

No matter how big your mistake, you can always find grace and forgiveness with God!
Superbook takes them back in time to learn what it means to become fishers of men. Watch Superbook season 5 full episodes. A death sentence! The message of the love of Christ for each of us. Includes special editions of "Jonah" and "Paul and the Shipwreck," 2 Bible Background and 2 Signposts videos—plus music and how-to-draw videos!

S5, Ep7. S5, Ep9. Jesus teaches the Pharisees about humility by sharing a parable. When she shares how God spoke to Moses from a burning bush and gave him courage, everyone learns that the Lord fills us with strength and wisdom to obey Him! Dan saya sudah mendapatkan ijin dari orang tua saya untuk menggunakan website ini. Chris is mad at Joy until meeting twin brothers torn apart by unforgiveness. (John:21) Paul receives a vision encouraging him to visit Macedonia.

God covenants to save Noah and his family from the flood. God doesn’t have favorites—salvation is for everyone! John baptizes Jesus, and the Holy Spirit descends on Jesus. This website uses cookies to ensure the best user experience. Peter was one of Jesus’ twelve disciples. Shortly after their nets went down, they were filled with fish, to the point of tearing and the boats were on the verge of sinking! © Copyright 2020 The Christian Broadcasting Network. Peter did so, even when they had fished all night and came up empty! How can one person make a difference?

Chris, Joy, and Ellie get baptized and become followers of Jesus. Should he follow her instructions anyway? Gideon tells soldiers that are too frightened to fight to go back to their homes. If Adam and Eve hadn't sinned, would people sin today? God will show you a way out, even when you are tempted. When Superbook returns the family home, a wiser Chris apologizes for their argument and their relationship is restored. The disciples now fully understood what Jesus meant to fish for people! Season: OR . Chris is hooked on becoming the most powerful “god” in an online game. Kullanım Şartlarımızı ve Gizlilik Politikamızı kabul ettiğiniz için teşekkür ederiz. He healed the sick, cast out demons, walked on water, calmed the sea, and had the authority to forgive sins. You can now hide this message or find out more about cookies. Episode List. (ames:1:22) says, “But don't just listen to God's Word. Superbook takes Chris to meet Eliezer, who is on his way to find a wife for Isaac. Jesus reaches out to everyone—friends and the not-so-friendly. Love, loyalty and kindness are rewarded by God.

Elijah rebuilds the altar and then has water poured over the altar.

Be the first one to add a plot. and "Miracles of Jesus," 2 Bible Background and 2 Signposts videos—plus music and how-to-draw videos! No one seems to be following Joy's orders and her service project is falling apart.

Şimdi bu mesajı kapatabilir veya Kullanım Şartlarımızı ve Gizlilik Politikamızı okuyabilirsiniz. As followers of Christ, let us imitate Him; consistently spending time with our heavenly Father in reverence and seeking His will and wisdom.

After seeing how Rahab helped the Israeli spies, Joy learns that those who seem like enemies can get along and find common ground. Peter was the disciple who climbed out of the boat to walk to Jesus, and he was also the first disciple to recognize Jesus as the Messiah. Jesus knew Peter would deny Him, and He prayed for Him that his faith would not fail, and when he came through it, he could then strengthen others. And, as we follow someone who is on fire for Christ, we will be challenged and sharpened! Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too great for me to understand!” Know what this is about? We need positive influences in our lives to keep us accountable, on track, and sharp in our walk with Christ. Before getting even, Superbook takes Joy back in time to witness miracles performed by Elisha against the Syrian army. Saya mengerti ini adalah website yang berdasarkan ajaran Alkitab. © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc. CBN is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) charitable organization.

Chris and Joy see what it's like for Ellie to see Jesus for the first time and guide her to accept Him as her Savior. After seeing Peter deny knowing Jesus three times and his eventual restoration, Chris comes to understand the value of true friendship. After watching Paul's tireless persistence during his missionary travels, Joy returns to an international relief project filled with the Spirit that no hardship will stop her.

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