Surf City is a cool place and there are so many things that you can do.

For some people, they don’t enjoy the summertime because it may be too hot or do not like to be outdoors. As we all know that the regions around the tropic of cancer experience extreme climates, India is also known to experience extreme summer as well as winters every year. It is quite longest season than other seasons of the year. Since the Tropic of Cancer almost divides India into two halves, most of India is affected by the extreme nature of the seasons. Always believe in hard work, where I am today is just because of Hard Work and Passion to My work. Brooklyn, New York City, Weather 609  Words | Summer is the Best Season (possible topic sentences with suggestions for details) During this movement, when part of earth comes nearer to the sun, gets heated (because of straight and direct sun’s rays) which bring the summer season.

We should wear comfortable cotton clothes. The dusty and hot breeze runs all day through which affects the health of the people. In order to have the best summer season of your life, all you have to do is make sure that you are engaged in something which you love.

Some fauna also fire up during the summer season when they get dehydrated or due to sun’s direct heat.

It is also the season when fruits like pineapple and mangoes are available. Summer season is one of the six seasons that we enjoy with different actions. Autumn, Rain, Halloween 487  Words |

But out of the four, summer and winter is the most two widely known seasons that are complete opposites. It is one of the four temperate seasons of the year which falls between spring and autumn.

3. Cool, Sand, Beach 627  Words | This time of the day will be more soothing rather than the burning effect. ii. We should consume more water and eat more fruits to avoid dehydration and sun stroke. In fact, June 21 is regarded as the longest day of the year and is also referred to as Summer Solstice. o You don’t want frustrate your readers by mentioning some new statistic or fact that you aren’t going to The sun turns out to be exceptionally hot by twelve in May and June and singing breezes likewise start to blow. We should eat and drink cold things to fight summer heat. You are usually surrounded by colors of varying types in vegetation, colorful birds flying around and animals having more fun.

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