Show Printable Version; Subscribe to this Thread… 04-04-2011 #1. Strider provides very clear instruction on how to add the pedals. Dream riding destinations and wrapping up the season | MBA Podcast S3 E13, Buying Mountain Bikes and Equipment Reviews, Learning New Bike Skills – Bunny Hops and more, Mountain Bike Racing – Reports, News and Advice, Mountain Bike Training and General Cycling Training. Here are the similarities for the Strider classic vs sport balance bikes: Both bikes have a 12-inch steel frame (As suggested in the name) The bikes weigh 6.9 pounds – which is great as it’s less than 1/3 of the kid’s weight, which allows for easy maneuvering. Head over to our media gallery to view some of our fabulous photos. Google+ Colin, You share interesting things here. While learning to pedal, bike kids naturally pedal backward when the feel like they are losing their balance. With a handlebar and seat post that easily adjust, the bike was easily adjusted to fit our main 5-year-old tester with a 19″ inseam in size 5 clothes. At 6 months, Strider helps kids experience two-wheeled freedom. Below is a simple sizing chart that will answer the many questions we receive about what ages the bike is suitable for. Kwai Chung BMX Park $2,400 • All other venues $2,800 Our Level 1, 8 Lesson Certificate Program is ideal for the 24 month to 5 year old beginner with no experience required. The Strider Classic has the same rear brake mount as it’s bigger brothers, for example, so you can buy a brake kit separately in the future, once your kids are confident and hitting higher speeds. Last Friday the Strider Early Learning Program were very pleased to present the ROCHE corporate team building fun day. A Strider bike with pedals? It is the most affordable 16″ balance bikes on the market, but it does have a taller minimum seat height than most. Hi Parents. 10 Students per class Max. A size 6 Allen wrench is provided to fasten the pedal assembly, but you will need to have a size 5 Allen wrench to adjust the handlebars and a Phillips screwdriver to install the chainguard. Extending, Learn to Ride Class. Weight is 2.2kg The Sport : Steel frame, fork, We were very happy to be teaching a seminar at Abacus ESF School this week but this time the teachers were the students! The Strider Early Learning Program Team was happy to be a special guest on the Sport Soho Sportunes radio show last month. Our professional bike coach, Coach Chewy will drive his van and equipment to your location, This week we launched our first week of 2016 Summer Intensive Training Courses. The Strider Early Learning Program team conducted a special arrangement class for 10 students of the Tai Po Balance Bike Group. Hailing from Ireland, the LittleBig also cost $30 to ship to the US, so it is a jump in price from the Strider 14x. As a balance bike, the Strider 14x shines. From speed races to rams and tricks, the balance bike gave him the confidence to try out tricks he was previously hesitant to try out. Considering kids who use the pedal bike mode of the Strider will already be familiar and comfortable on the bike, the transition should be relatively smooth and painless. Really nice page you got there. Because it is a relatively new bike, reviews of the Strider Pro have been difficult to find; however, the early results are positive. Higher gear ratios take more effort to get the bike going from a stop but require less pedaling to reach higher speeds. All opinions and images are that of Two Wheeling Tots LLC. Parents often ask us what the difference is between the Strider Pro, Sport and Classic models are.

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