this drama is very good!! the lines and the music blends simultaneously.

i love this drama so MelloW. Both Yoo-ri and Tae Mi-ra feel remorse for their wrongdoings against Jung-suh, and apologize to her. brilliant acting. Choi Ji Woo is a great actress. but ihate the bitchy, ugly face..choi ji woo..what an old lady..hate her so much…because she sould date with a man who as old as her……not lee min jook..b**th!!!! !1

=D, One of my best drama.

I really admire Tae hwa, he love jung suh more than himself.. wah I am crying now when I write this comment, isn’t it silly? i always wait it…. Tale of the Nine Tailed (tvN) Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo are a lovely couple in this drama. i think stairway to heaven are quite dragful story. i cried my eyes out!

i love kwong san woo very much…he is such a lovely man n father…:> It aired on SBS from 3 December 2003 to 5 February 2004 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:55 for 20 episodes. The Uncanny Counter (OCN) The Han Tae-hwa character was well done. Even my kids got into the show. Gradually, Jung-suh's vision deteriorates into blindness. Love beyond death… I hope such kind of love is still present during this time. I really like choi ji woo!!!!!!!


but jingshu trully dead!! I have all the episodes from beginning to end..all in english subtitles… if you really wanna watch it online…go to, click on the title then scroll down to watch online.. i really love this was so touching and i cry almost every episode..i like the story because it’s tru to life..i also like the actors and actresses especially choi ji woo and kwon sang woo..they look good together..i hope that they will work together in a movie like this..i was just so sad because of the ending..choi ji woo died..but maybe that’s just what true love returns and they will meet again in’s so true..i believe in that..i love you kwon sang woo and choi ji woo.. i love this movie so soooooooooooooo much and i love jung suh very much from iraq. Get Revenge (CSTV)


Jung-suh’s father remarries Tae Mira. She takes the real Jung-suh to her biological father's home. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The content of is available under license of Creative Commons, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Korean Drama I Have Ever Watched | My Life My Journey. After his death, Jung-suh has the operation and is able to see again.

Song-joo rushes to Ji-soo and tells her that she is Jung-suh, but she doesn't believe him.

Song-joo marries Jung-suh, who is now blind, with the blessing of his mother and her father. Tae-hwa (Shin Hyun-joon), still in love with Jung-suh, finds out what Yoo-ri has done, but seizes the opportunity to run away with Jung-suh. i love you choi ji woo and you’re the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i like the drama this much. Title: 천국의 계단 / Cheon-kuk-ui Gye-dan / Stairway to Heaven Eighteen Again (jTBC)

Dis is a heart-touchn n tragic story….d eye cancer shld hv happened 2 d evil stepmum or stepsis…why shld bad things happen 2 gud pple??

uhhhh…sorry i mean lee jin wook….choi ji woo = too ugly for him….

Lee Wan as young Han Tae-hwa/Han Chul-su this is the drama that make me cry the most Episodes: 20 Private Lives (jTBC) 14.

Single Dad in Love I felt like this was actually real while watching this.

In 2005, broadcasting rights to the drama were sold to eight countries across Latin America including Mexico, Peru and Costa Rica.

The drama was a hit and received an average viewership rating of 38.8%, and 45.3% for the finale.[3]. Why? I watched a version dubbed in Thai with a friend who filled me on what was going on.

If i remember it right, I was crying on its every episode! I am hesitant to watch this drama.

[5] It aired as part of Fuji TV's "Saturday Hallyu Wide Hour" programming block.

!agter all her struggle n abuse by the stepmother n kids…. I LOVE this drama. This drama is so sad =( The ending, really really sad… The actor and actress were good..

[6] The first episode received a viewership rating of 6% to 8% and went on to receive ratings as high at 12%.

The Legend Together with Tae-hwa, they start anew. Flower of Evil (tvN) Five years later, tragedy occurs when Jung-suh gets into a car accident causing her to lose her memory. That life without love is useless and incomplete. I Love the tension, excitement and romance which beautiful music and songs of this drama gives us, from Ave Maria background music to Bo go ship da Song. Yoo-ri is jealous of Jung-suh, making her look terrible in front of her mother, who begins to turn on Jung-suh.

kawe tok puah tengok.

have a good story line, very touchingg!! Kwon Sana Woo luvvvvv U………… Jung Han Yong as Han Pil-su (Tae-hwa & Yuri’s father)

His last scene in the car was capivating. It’s 8/10. ", Recreation complex Lotte World in Seoul was used as a filming location, namely the carousel, ice rink and as the seat of Cha Song-joo's family business. and the greatest Gift we could also give to our loved ones.

} Phoenix (SBS) everything is in its own best place in this drama, from great casting of kwon Sang woo who is a really Prince Charming and off course also Prince of Tears!! Lies of Lies (Channel A) touching ones. what move me most is the part that they will meet in heaven someday. Park Ji Mi as young Han Yuri 1st Best drama I’ve watched…then I’m hooked. i love them both.

this is really romantic drama. 12. I am about to watch this drama, at first i dont want to watch this drama because of the sad ending.. but i think i will give it a try now.. get ready to cry a bucket of tears.. Hiks hiks.. Broadcast network: SBS

… the girl you will never forget. Kwon Sang Woo is in this really awesome show called into the sun. Kwon Sang Woo is a great dramatic actor! Even though I don’t know Korean, other differences for me between domestic and foreign versions are: 1) the evil stepmother is much more evil in Korean, what a snake she is 2) sound effects leak into the dialogue track in the domestic version, and add realism to the audio–this may be a drawback for those who prefer an “aesthetic distance” 3)Jung-suh is a bit over the top (with the wailing) in Korean, I prefer the more toned down foreign versions in this case.

I love this drama! I liked this show, after being dissappointed in the Winter Sonata. Missing is the great “Ave Maria” theme in the foreign copies. But even though I say this, that doesn't mean that I loved her any less.

Don’t know, but maybe it has something to do with intellectual property rights. My Wonderful Life (MBC), Record of Youth (tvN)

yes,but the important fact is how it shows this story such greatly with enough depth and so attraction and complication ,with masterful directing,casting, music, location,…made this drama unique and so memorable . so do’t miss to watch it. SF8 (MBC)

Bread, Love and Dreams OST | Baker King, Kim Tak Goo OST | Korean Drama OST SOUNDTRACK : Bread, Love and Dreams / Baker King, Kim Tak Goo ... [ Kdrama ] Full House OST : Sha La La La Lyrics Lirik Drama Korea Full House - Sha La La La Full House Opening Theme Soundtracks Sha La ... “A GENTLEMAN’S DIGNITY” Genre : Romance, Comedy, Drama Sets of Episode : 20 Released year : 2012 This is one of my favorite dramas ... “MIRACLE IN CELL NO.7” Genre : Drama, Comedy Released year : 2013 The first time I heard about this movie , when my friends and I wa... Bogoshipda Lyric - Stairway To Heaven OST, I Will Be Fine Lyric - Hot Shot Ost Lyrics, Full House OST - Geh Deh Ji Geum Lyrics - Lim Jung Hee / Lyn, [Kdrama] Full House OST : Sha La La La Lyrics, Sojunghansaram Lyric (English Translation), Sojunghansaram Lyric - sorry i love you ost, I'm Going To Meet You Lyric (English) - Kim Bum, Saranghaeyo Lyric - Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang ost, Sarangun Yuri Katun Got Lyric - 18 vs 29 ost, Sarang... Darayo Lyric - Cain And Abel OST Lyrics, Nol Bonaen Hu Lyric - Mr. Goodbye OST Lyric, Sangorul Saranghan Ino Lyric - My Girls OST Lyric, Do Gaji Mal Lyric - Princess Hours OST Lyrics, Queen Lyric - My Sassy Girl Chun Hyang OST, Fight The Bad Feeling Lyric (English Version), Something Happened To My Heart Lyric (English), Something Happened To My Heart Lyric - A'ST1, My Everything Lyric (english Version) - Lee Min ho, Haengbokhagil Barae Lyrics - My Sassy Girl Chun Hyang, Good Person / Choh-un Saram Lyric - Coffee Prince OST. Jung-suh loses her memory, and Tae-hwa moves them away and changes their names.

Best Song Title They have an excellent chemistry when it comes to love story…

A story of the greatest love of a man to a woman.

I luv STH very much! being parted with the one you love is bearable with the promise that you will meet someday. the 1st korean drama i was able to watch from ep1 to ep20! Love Story in Harvard

this drama is very sad n who’s watch this drama maybe always crying, whine. I have never cried while watching a drama, but this made me cry, repeatedly. I did not believe it until I actually watched the drama.

this is the most bestest bestest best show ever!!! It makes you long for a guy like him in your life.

Subtitle English. when CJW cry I will cry too…I can feel wat she feel in that character… It’s was the sad wonderful love story….I want KSW n CJW can act together again….my 4 both of them GOOD LUCK..I LOVE U!!

He is so gorgeous !!! u just at least keep her alive, my gosh, hate it the end, heyyyyy.

I like (Choi Jiwoo).this film is my favorite film.

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