Sprinkle the 1/2-1 cup of cheese onto pan, (make sure cheese is evenly spread out into a circular shape). Mozzarella has become a popular candidate for fried cheese because it has a mild flavor and melts well producing that ooey-gooey goodness people love. Dog Pound Members have exclusive access to Spanky's discounts and promotions. Traditionally, Edam, Hermelin or Niva cheese is used in the Czech Republic and Emmentaler in Slovakia. They of course have other things on the menu! Cook until cheese is golden brown about 1 1/2–2 minutes, and fry until the bottom is browned, about another 30 seconds or so. Vegetable oil for frying. In Bulgaria, it is made with kashkaval cheese.
directions In an 8-inch non-stick pan heated over medium-high heat add 1/4 cup Remove sticks from freezer, coat in the flour mix. Then this fast and easy fried cheese egg toast recipe is for you. Get a big block of cheese and grate it yourself (it's actually cheaper too that way). Famous Fried Cheese. When cheese is bubbling a lot and the edges have a golden/brown color flip the cheese over like a pancake.

I used string cheese for my first attempt and they tasted amazing, but would recommend using mozzarella sticks because you get a great melty, gooey consistency that strong cheese doesn’t have. But Gouda or Swiss cheese also work well. Drain on paper towels. Cook the sticks for 1-2 mins each, turning during cook to make them golden on all sides. Provolone does not crisp well. Remove from pan (or you can just serve in the skillet), top with lemon juice and a drizzle of honey. The lines are long, but its oh worth the wait!

Which European country will inspire your culinary journey tonight? Pro-tip – I use an infrared thermometer to measure the temperature of the oil, because it’s quick, easy and doesn’t make a mess! A great low carb snack which can be eaten plain, topped with ingredients nacho-style, or used as crackers with dip. You will not find a better Cheesesteak in South Florida, pair that with delicious wings, tater tots, sweet potato fries and the list goes on and on. Fried cheese exists in nearly all cuisines but, as you might expect, the cheese changes with each country. Repeat until all sticks are done. (for those keeping track, Jeff is the committee chair of little Troop 5) The Raiders played on Sunday so they would be the only game on TV. Fried cheese, nothing else added other than maybe spices... they have a cheddar, smoked, and chili version.

July 2020.

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