This page was generated at 11:21 PM. That's why, when I refrigerate, I don't feed until I can bring it back out and refresh for a few cycles at room temp again. So while it was using up a large share of the available sugars, it was not helping the pH to fall. Regarding the 75% bread and 25% WW flours: I did do that when I was working with the 1:1:1 everyday feeding stage, but ceased that after I firmed them up and stored them in the fridge. There are other possibilities for lack of success.

There are bacteria in flour that prefer the more neutral pH of freshly mixed flour and water (like Leuconostoc and company). If you go to San Francisco hoping to find authentic gold-rush-era sourdough, you're not going to find it, not at Fisherman's wharf, not at Tadich Grill or any of the smaller bakeries.

To preserve them, I ended up mixing up several batches of pie filling, freezing in, and then popping them out of lined pie plates, and storing them as individual "pie-cicles," I call them. I see you have experienced what draws some of us to communities like TFL. Sort of figure out the question behind the questions, because I think the answer starts with fundamentals that hopefully can clear up some of the confusion around sourdough.

That amounts to a 1:1.5:1.5 ratio. It's nice to be in a community where I can talk about this stuff to my heart's content. Although I was there to take advantage of what he had to teach, pineapple juice did come up once.

This latest experiment, acidifying the water with lactic acid, is irresolute. I won't be able to judge the souring power/lactic-acid content until I actually bake with them. I've been meaning to ask this question for a while, and you're the person I would really like an answer from, if you have one, so pardon me for posing it here on your blog!

. What do you mean by that? Sometimes rye flour finishes faster, sometimes whole wheat is faster.

Also, I congratulate you on snapping together so many of the missing blocks in a manner that can be well understood by a wide audience (this, by itself, is no small feat).

But you can often fix an existing starter faster than you can make a new one and get it to where you want it.

For fastest results, use 100% whole grain flour until yeast show up, and then switch to or add white flour if you want a white starter or a mix.If the addition of the flour to the acidified water moves the pH upward significantly, the mixture may not be as conducive to yeast and LAB growth as intended.In the case of pineapple juice, it's there just to inhibit the leucs and company (which stall other LAB in the succession).

But first, here is a recap of the key patterns revealed by notes and data collected during experimental trials: But it wasn't enough just to find a fix. And I guess from time to time we get frustrated and mess up the attempts of the microbes to pass the baton! I just use organic flour and water. And if you find that it works well, then there's your real answer :-). The important thing is not to forget to stir every day to keep mold from getting started. Answering these questions will help you rule in/out the flour as the problem. Once you have a starter that is mature enough to bake with, the acetone smell is pretty normal and just means it's 'hungry' and it needs some more flour & water!

I am new here and wanted to say thanks so much for your articles.

He didn't elaborate, but he also didn't know in what form they are present in flour---spores (haploid), or some other diploid dormant form. The Pineapple one looked like it double again after a vigorous stir last night deflated it. The gaps in progress just magnified from there. I think maybe that's what Leader was intending, but can't be at all sure.

If I'm trying to flush out acidity and maximize leavening power, I may feed 2:1:1 every four hours or so (if I can) for a day. "Just keep in mind that the first days of the seed culture process have nothing to do with developing flavor or even fostering the most desirable species. Let it show you what it needs. That said, Pamela (xaipete) started feeding her starter 1:1:1 once a day, using a blend of 75% bread and 25% ww flours. I would have thought that freezing temperatures would just stop the metabolic action in its tracks. These two acids are the main souring agents in sourdough bread.In their research, Debra and her team found that vinegar inhibited yeast growth so I discarded that idea.

Since I never measure the pH anyway, it's more of a pure knowledge interest rather than something that I expect to use on a regular basis.

This pattern of growth is not unique to the formula in the Bread Baker's Apprentice. Regards, Tempe. Thanks for sharing your wonderful research with this community. This seems to be making a difference in the activity and the flavor and smell (all positive). I have not heard of people doing this though. The starter goes through each phase laying the groundwork for the next phase.

Thank you so much for conveying reliable information to us in a manner that is easy to understand.

Thinking of the Stock culture as a place to make all the organisms happy and healthy so they can produce all of those wonderful flavor compounds is a new way for me to think about it.

Regarding the apparent delayed yeast growth (lactobacilli being the first to populate)...I wonder if perhaps the lactobacilli produce specific enzymes (maltose phosphorylase is one that I've seen mentioned) that are conducive to yeast growth. You could save money by using pH paper instead of a pH meter and calibration solution.

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