How to obtain the Silver Ring The Wolves Have All Gone (Missable)


The sphere will emit a white glow before adopting a reddish color, (this indicates that the sphere is about to fall), at that moment, jump (or double jump with Maria) and you will obtain the sphere and therefore the trophy. Immediately, get all the way to the corner because he will throw shadow energy balls which cannot be absorbed.

Clock Tower

In order to open the room, continue attacking the gears until you hear a different sound. Inside the room, place yourself next to Maria and after the cutscene you will get her as a playable character and earn the trophy. Shafted Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

How to get the Jewel Sword

Guys pls help.

Finally, when you are in the last section (before the blue door), use the soul of bat and when you are next to the door, change to the mist for a few frames and quickly press the button where you equipped the potions while also holding left on the directional pad.

Not counting the final room where you fight Shaft and Dracula, I'm one room short. The exact spot is marked in the following map: There is a video of this jump in Whip First, Axe Questions Later. Any time related things?

Although the trophy tries to make reference to Castlevania: Portait of Ruin, the spell has no relation with this installment what so ever. Check the map below for the closest clock subweapon location: How to get the Leap Stone Fly through the passage from left to right as a bat, then, when reaching the end, morph to the wolf form and walk back through it from right to left.

Castlevania Symphony of the Night presents two Castles, one Normal and its reflection (or Inverted).

At the end of this step, you should earn the following trophies: Easiest way: If you chose to keep your starting equipment, execute the Shield Rod + Alucard Shield Combo or use your Alucard Sword (“Tips and Tricks”).


Normal way: An easy way to defeat these two bosses is to hit Slogra just when Gaibon lowers him to the ground. The clock will make some sounds and the roof will open, revealing a new area from where you can access the final battle. This is because the alternate routes take longer and have more (and harder) enemies.

Normal way: Attack with the Crissaegrims or any strong weapon that has no poison element. To do this, first, reach the corridor with the spikes at the Royal Chapel, equip a potion under the or attacks and proceed through the corridor using the soul of bat and the Form of Mist as normal, while resting on the ground when possible. Spelling Bee In order to get this trophy, it is necessary that you visit the Master Librarian in the Long Library and buy the Joseph's Cloak for $30,000. This will open a hidden room at the lower left corner, leading to the Jewel Sword. For this, as soon as you make your first jump, you will see two hanging chandeliers, the key is in the second one (the highest), just before jumping the second gap in the floor. The "easiest" way and the normal way.

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Easiest way: If you chose to keep your starting equipment, execute the Shield Rod + Alucard Shield Combo or use your Alucard Sword [B](“Tips and Tricks”).

Up there you'll find the Gravity Boots and the 'Alucart' set which isn't very useful if used separately, but is equipped all together you'll get the "Alucart Status" and receive, +30 LCK! What Could It Be? Castlevania Requiem: Running on Schmooze Control Trophy. The trophy will pop after a few seconds. As soon as he transforms, use the Holy Water special attack with to deal massive damage.

How to obtain the Sword of Dawn

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: Summon a cow using the Shield Rod or the Mablung Sword.

This trophy makes reference to Akumaj? Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Each audible clock tick is a second on the game timer.

The sword can be obtained as soon as you are teleported to the inverted castle and is located behind a breakable wall in the area directly above the Throne Room, at the upper right end of the Inverted Castle's Reverse Keep area. Wait a few seconds and Alucard will fall asleep (you will see the “Zs” above his head like in the picture below) and you will get the trophy. Complete both game routes (normal and alternate), Save the four maidens (Check each individual trophy description), As a rare drop from the enemy Discus Lord, located in the Catacombs of the Normal castle (check the map below for his location).

You don't belong in this world! This trophy makes reference to Castlevania Aria of Sorrow, which is confusing since only Circle of the Moon and Harmony of Dissonance allowed to summon the Fairy familiar. Marble Corridor

The easiest way I found to get this animation is to press square and immediately after, press two times forward ( ).

Full Belmonthy contains a time efficient video I made so you can get 100% of the game without having to explore all the aformentioned variants; however, if you want to have a better idea of them, I invite you to check this LINK

The enemy will not stand a chance.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: Literally make money using the Jewel Sword. I say this because the clock goes by game time, of course, and there are dots on the 3 and the 8, and two panels, one with a skull...I assumed if you visited there at the right time (3:00, 3:40?)

Thanks in advance. Step 2: Enter the inverted castle, reach a map completion of 200.6%, get some miscellaneous trophies and kill Dracula during the final showdown. Castlevania Requiem: Easy Whip it Good Trophy, The ferryman is found during stage 4’ (alternate route). You'll also want the full original set: Twilight Cloak, Alucard Sword, Alucard Mail, Dragon Helm and the Alucard Shield and either the Moonstone or the Sunstone to increase your stats (Ring of Varda could help too). Also, If you followed my advice to kill all the enemies you encounter on each room you entered during your map completion journey (Map Legend), you will get this trophy as soon as you defeat Dracula in the final battle (Lisa, forgive me…).

To reach the Merman Statue you must first travel to the western end of the Underground Caverns where the ferryman will be located. It is accessed by finishing the Tower of Execution as Reinhardt, or the Tower of Sorcery as Carrie (or Cornell in Legacy of Darkness).

appears in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

If you exit the room without collecting the sword and then come back, it is gone for good and you won't be able to get the trophy since there is no enemy that drops it (thanks to optimusmart for pointing it out). Each time you enter a room, it will be filled with a blue color, a red color (save room) or a yellow color (warp room), with each square of the room representing a percentage of approximately 0.11% of the map.

First, get both the Soul of Bat and Soul of Wolf relics, then proceed to the center of this room towards the big rock that has destroyable walls on its sides. Here is a video I made to show you how you can defeat Dracula with Richter. Olrox's Quarters does not appear as a stage in this game, and Olrox is fought above the room of clocks. While you can get this trophy in any stage, the quickest and easiest way is Stage 1, however, be careful with the Wyvern Boss attacks, as they are quite fast and erratic, and you could get hit easily. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night: Summon each Dawn Warrior at least once.

The Full Belmonty, Step 1: Beat Castlevania Symphony of the Night while getting the bad ending. Check the Map Below: To access this room, you will need the Blue Jewel relic (purchased from the Master Librarian), the Soul of Bat, the Echo of Bat (to get through the spike room), the Form of Mist (Vampire’s Greatest Hits); in addition to the Spike Breaker armor, which can be obtained after going through the spike room in the Catacombs located in the following part of the map: TIP: You can actually get the Silver Ring without getting the spike armor. Boss Strategy (Shaft) If you can stay away from their attack, you can hit them every time they attempt to land, thus keeping them in the air and keeping yourself safe. Boss Strategy (Dracula)

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