Omniglot is how I make my living. By presenting unique content side by side, in parallel, sequenced by level of proficiency (Informal, Formal, Literary), readers of all abilities can enjoy reading and ensure the language is accessible to all. Mae'n cael ei, Emyn Cymraeg a ysgrifennwyd yn y canrif 19eg gyda geiriau gan Daniel, Cân werin boblogaidd iawn yw Ar Hyd y Nos, sy'n cael ei, Mae'r cân hon yw'r tiwn tradoddiad sydd yn disgrifio ble mae'r ffynhonnell, Reading and Understanding with Dafydd Roberts…, Emyr Davies: Behind the Welsh for Adults Exams, WLPAN: The lineage of Welsh for Adults courses, Eiry Miles: Creating new courses for learning Welsh, Ceri Shaw of Americymru: Welsh-language Crosswords, Luke Williams: Analysing Welsh Football Matches, Lynne Blanchfield: Competing in Learners’ Eisteddfods. Hugh Brightwell: Selecting the Patagonia Learner of the Year, Haf Llewelyn: Creating Diffodd y Sêr & An Empty Chair: novels about Hedd Wyn, Elizabeth Jane Corbett: Finding My Way Home, NINNAU: The North American Welsh Newspaper, Elizabeth Jane Corbett: 15 of us in Melbourne are helping to reach a million speakers, Jonathan Simcock: Learning and using Welsh in Derby, Gruffydd Meredith: The future of the Language, Lynda Pritchard Newcombe- A Taste of the Cornish language, Elin Williams: Publishing the blog My Blurred World, The Joy Formidable: Launching the Formidable Festival, Kathryn Hurlock: How the Welsh outside Wales kept St David’s Day alive, Linden Peach: Pacifism, Peace and Modern Welsh Writing, M. Wynn Thomas: Preface to Cyfan-dir Cymru, Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes: “The Speckled Band / Y Cylch Brith”, Rhea Seren, Aneirin Karadog, Ann Parry Owen, Eurig Salisbury, Natalie Ann Holborow & Norena Shopland: Introducing Welsh Poets, Cololmn by D. Geraint Lewis- The Lexicographer, Jeremy Wood: The Welsh language in Patagonia, How I Became an Author & Advice on Writing, The first ‘What’s On In Cwmcarn’ newsletter: Legacy Edition, Gisella Albertini: Wales through new eyes, Tŵt: Creating a new online community for Wales, Word Tango: Creating a Welsh-language word puzzle game- from the Netherlands, Jeremy Vine responds to Welsh language debate on Twitter, Luke Upton: Introducing Gethin Absolutely Huge, Welsh rugby’s new fictional hero, Interview with Gofid of Welsh Black Metal band Iselder, Analysing the readership of,, the Llanelli Scarlets are playing. Currently popular pronunciations. A Dafydd y gwas yn ei fedd;

A’r gath wedi sgrapo Johnny Bach . Mae bys Mari Ann wedi gwella, A Dafydd y gwas yn ei fedd; Mae'r baban yn y crud wedi tyfu, A'r gath wedi huno mewn hedd. Mae bys Meri-Ann wedi brifo, Mary-Ann has hurt her finger, A Dafydd y gwas ddim yn iach. With it’s somber minor key melody a funny story has been told where Welsh supporters convinced a crowd of English commuters at Liverpool station to remove their hats in respect.

ch . Old land of the mountains, paradise of the poets, Sosban fawr yn berwi ar y llawr is an online magazine that gives a voice to anyone who is using the language of heaven, and to introduce articles, stories, Welsh culture and books to the world.

Sosban fawr yn berwi ar y llawr

A'r gath wedi huno mewn hedd

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