According to the ASTM F2219 test protocol, a softball (with tight restrictions on weight, COR and compression) is fired from a cannon at 110mph towards a stationary bat. function adddate() {

The ASA has only approved two levels of compression - 375 pounds and 525 pounds. The collision efficiency is measured using the ball-in/ball-out method in equation (2). After colliding with the bat, the ball rebounds and passes through the same light gates, only in reverse order. Although leagues are more than welcome to enforce a minimum compression test standard for bats in their game, it is far from a performance test. The measurement of BBCOR was changed from a "bat-out" measurement to a "ball-out" measurement which results in greater accuraccy and less variation in the measured value. The ball must rebound through at least two of the light gates to be considered a valid hit, and a high-speed camera is used to monitor the trajectory of the rebounding ball. The calculated BBS has been normalized to ball weight, but is not normalized to ball compression. The compression is much more important and it's as simple as this : 375lb. No sales may have occurred at this price. function getFullYear(n) This will generally raise the compression and level of play up to a point, then performance will decline once the ball takes on too much water and becomes too heavy.Keep these factors in mind when deciding which bat to use and when determining your approach for each at-bat. This is why it is important to separate the two. We cut through the B.S. There are a number of different designs, stamps and measurements found on the leather canvas, but all of them are important to keep in mind.

Its not that easy.

Further testing is underway to ensure the stastitical repeatibility of this new technique is before this new normalization technique will be adopted. The ratio of ball-out to ball-in speeds determines the collision efficiency or BESR. The photograph below shows the cannon at the. return yr One very important discovery from the 2002 field study and subsequent laboratory validation of the new F2219 test standard was the fact that BBS values determined using the old F1890 standard were significantly underestimating bat performance in the field. High-compression balls are hard and have the capacity to travel farther than other softballs. Sick of exaggerated or useless bat reviews? var now = new Date(); The data from this field study, along with other concurrent laboratory studies[6,7] revealed that all of the assumptions made in the F1890-98 test standard were incorrect. Each gate is triggered when the ball breaks the plane of light, and the ball speed is measured as the distance between pairs of light gates divided by the time between trigger signals.

The BBCOR is often represented by the symbol e and represents the ratio of the combined speeds of the ball (vball-exit) and bat (vbat-recoil) after the collision divided by the initial speed of the ball (vball) before the collision. These compression tests, done at the field level, attempt to remove bats from the play that are too hot. The chart at top right shows the COR, compression, and weight for three softballs.

A softball is very similar in construction to that of a baseball, with some minor differences (other than size, of course). Softballs are rated based on two metrics - Coefficient Of Restitution (COR - pronounced like core) and compression.

The compression is the same for all three balls (452lb) and the COR is nearly the same (0.46), but the weights are significantly different (6.43oz, 6.78oz, and 7.04oz). How to Choose a Pair of Softball Batting Gloves, Everything You Need to Know About Softball Pants, How to Choose Sunglasses to Wear on the Diamond, How to Choose Baseball and Softball Turf Shoes, Softball Coaching Tips for Your First Practice, Softball Outfielder Tips: How to Read and React to a Ball Hit to the Outfield, Softball Hitting: Stride, Load and Timing, Delaney Spaulding’s Tips on Starting a Double Play, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents Only.

This throws into question the entire validity of the BPF standard as a legitimate predictor of performance. The cotton or linen string can be either raised, adding a better sense of grip, or run true with the cover. "Some coaches use weighted softballs, which are heavier than official softballs, for training pitchers.

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