n The Chicago Manual of Style also allows spaces when either of the separated items is a compound that itself includes a space: "Our New Zealand / Western Australia trip".

N If only two elements are present, they typically denote a day and month in some order. / in particular are groups, the same style of quotients extend also to these, although the denominator may need to satisfy additional closure properties for the quotient to preserve the full algebraic structure of the original (e.g.

∣ My sister was born on 06/12/1992. The employee should wear his/her proper uniform at all times. N ∼ Such formatting developed as a way to write the horizontal fraction bar on a single line of text. Slashes are a common calendar date separator[10] used across many countries and by some standards such as the Common Log Format used by web servers. Our office will be moving sometime in 10/09. ∼


In the ISO 8601 system, slashes represent date ranges: "1939/1945" represents what is more commonly written with an en dash as "1935–1945" or with a hyphen as "1935-1945". Technically this notation is a shorthand for contracting the vector with the Dirac gamma matrices, so , which both are ways of writing the set in question as a quotient of groups. For example, "page 17/35" indicates that the relevant passage is on the 17th page of a 35-page document. / Slashes are used in musical notation as an alternative to writing out specific notes where it is easier to read than traditional notation or where the player can improvise. In the 19th and early 20th century, it was also widely known as the "shilling mark" or "solidus", from its use as the currency sign for the shilling. To learn more, visit our Web site at http://www.justanexample.org/info. {\displaystyle n\in N}

Before the decimalization of currency in Britain, its currency symbols (collectively £sd) represented their Latin names, derived from a medieval French modification of the late Roman libra, solidus, and denarius.

[3], The word "slash" is also developing as a way to introduce topic shifts or follow-up statements.

{\displaystyle \mathbb {Z} } [39] (Compare use of an en dash used to separate such compounds.) The slash or vertical bar (as a "separatrix") is used in proofreading to mark the end of margin notes[note 1] or to separate margin notes from one another. In these, the separate gendered desinences (grammatical suffices) of the words may be given divided by slashes or set off with parentheses. ∈

One example is the ISO treatment of dating. The virgule may be thinner than a standard slash when typeset.

The CEO s/b arriving before 7 p.m. Abbreviations such as the one illustrated in the latter example directly above should be reserved for very informal contexts.

Z Other initialisms employing the slash include w/ ("with") and w/r/t ("with regard to"). Even in casual writing a slash should be used in this way only sparingly, and such constructions should generally be avoided in formal writing. virga/PIE.


The genre as a whole is now known as slash fiction. ≁ , where The number of addresses of a subnet may be calculated as 2address size − prefix size, in which the address size is 128 for IPv6 and 32 for IPv4. A pair of slashes (as "slants") are used in the transcription of speech to enclose pronunciations (i.e., phonetic transcriptions). This use is sometimes proscribed, as by New Hart's Rules, the style guide for the Oxford University Press.

[28] In Britain, exactly five shillings was typically written "5∕-" while, in East Africa, it was more common to mark it with a double hyphen as "5/=". Such slashes may be used to avoid taking a position in naming disputes.


{\displaystyle \neq } "bee slash mosquito protection" for a beekeeper's net hood,[17] and "There's a little bit of nectar slash honey over here, but really it's not a lot." {\displaystyle \sim } as negation of In Raku the double slash is used as a "defined-or" alternative to ||. [4] The variant "oblique stroke" was increasingly shortened to "stroke", which became the common British name for the character, although printers and publishing professionals often instead referred to it as an "oblique".

(For more information on how to treat gender pronouns in writing, see the article entitled Writing without Bias) Since many algebraic structures (rings, vector spaces, etc.) I am acting as the secretary/treasurer/social chairman since there are only two of us on the board. The slash is an oblique slanting line punctuation mark /. iff

Similarly in the United Kingdom, an address such as 12/2 Anywhere Road means flat (or apartment) 2 in the building numbered 12 on Anywhere Road. The double slash is used by Rexx as a modulo operator, and Python (starting in version 2.2) uses a double slash for division which rounds (using floor) to an integer. / / When the original set is the set of integers The file should be in users/jane/work.

For example, when quoting Hamlet's soliloquy, To be, or not to be, that is the question:

[29][30] When the d. fell out of general use,[28] one penny less than two pounds was written £1 19/11. To find the folder, browse to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users. Slashes may also be used as a combining character in mathematical formulae. IRC and many in-game chat clients use the slash to mark commands, such as joining and leaving a chat room or sending private messages. In decimalized currency, a slash followed by a dash ⟨/-⟩ continues to be used in some places to mark an exact amount of currency with no subunits. Jason was present at his parent/teacher conference. The slash (/) is used to show a division between paired terms or between lines of poetry. Do not use a space before or after the slash.

{\displaystyle S/{\sim }}

S It can also indicate a shift to an unrelated topic, as in "JUST SAW ALEX! / The separate encoding is also intended to permit automatic formatting of the preceding and succeeding digits by glyph substitution with numerator and denominator glyphs (e.g., display of "1, fraction slash, 2" as "½"),[24] though this is not yet supported in many environments or fonts.


μ Note: Though not appropriate in most other contexts, the expression and/or is common and acceptable in legal writing. {\displaystyle \mid } The same style was also used under the British Raj and early independent India for the predecimalization rupee/anna/pie system.[31]. Generally, it is used to mark two-letter initialisms such as A/C (short for "air conditioner"), w/o ("without"), b/w ("black and white" or, less often, "between"), w/e ("whatever" or, less often, "weekend" or "week ending"), i/o ("input/output"), r/w ("read/write"), and n/a ("not applicable").

The slash in an IP address (e.g., indicates the prefix size in CIDR notation. © 1996-2020 WriteExpress Corporation. {\displaystyle \mathbb {Z} _{n}}

Write these terms out instead. / In addition, all of the multiples less than 1 of 1⁄n for 0 < n ≤ 6 and n = 8 (e.g. In computing contexts, it may be necessary to use a non-breaking space before the virgule to prevent it from being widowed on the next line. Spend no more than $200/month on food. g

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