He said that one day while walking with some friends, one of them pointed up to a mesa where they saw the woman standing on the cliff edge.

There in the middle of the wash were three Native Americans doing a ceremony, they appeared to be older men. Now I have a little more background.

Yes I've been to the bridge in Clifton a number of times, nothing ever happened. Then all of a sudden she stepped out and just floated to the bottom where they lost sight of her. There is no way of knowing.

It is said that one way to kill a Skinwalker is to discover it’s identity, and it is for this very reason Skinwalkers are reputed to be extremely secretive. A Facebook picture circulating Thursday has a lot of people up there worried. Jack Ehrhardt of Kingman Arizona is a sustainable contractor and an environmental activist.

I would encourage you to do research on what the Bible has to say about them. At first, he thought it was a wild animal of some kind. I also read encounters where skinwalkers are able to be killed through ritual and ceremony. I would like to hear more of your theory. He showed me where his brother die and was very cold and as matter a fact about it when I gave him a ride. No, I’m not. I was told later I had seen a skin walker. When these things “change” do they lose some of their strategic thought processes and begin to function on a more primitive and animistic level, bound to an animal’s level of reasoning? He said that these energies extend to Earth’s surface and are what the white man refers to as ley lines and that he himself had been trained to locate and use them. Whereas the good path is always encouraged, it is up to the medicine man to make his choice as to which direction he goes. He lurks in the woods (and maybe under bridges sometimes?) But there's many others. The biological chemical mental which causes the body of the spirit to throw up barriers and defenses.

I’ve heard so many personal stories of skinwalkers.

Yes, Some of the stories are quite scary… And I’m not just talking about the legends… I mean the murders. Perhaps a Skinwalker has to complete a task lest the energy comes back to him; much like the common belief in western witchcraft. It’s unclear how the story was connected to Lybrook or Counselor, or that so-called geologist. Needless to say, they ran. Yes..this is something which is reported often.

I really want to learn more in as respectful a way as possible. Imagine something that is trying to stay hidden. Skinwalkers, the name alone gives me the creeps and smacks of something unclean and infesting. His practice and bad works will become increasingly become evil as he pushes the boundaries and becomes corrupted by these energies which feed his selfishness. “The damage they are doing is real,” she says. Copyright 2020 Nexstar Inc. All rights reserved. I wish we had a better legend. Everything …

the skinwalker ive done a quite a bit of research on several cryptids. They could be an ancient mix of wolf and Sasquatch? He started running down the hill yelling at his sister to run which she did.

If only they are parameters predicated upon Navajo ideals and values. To The People it would have been an encounter with a Skinwalker. The person who posted it claimed it was taken near Lybrook and Counselor, which is near the Jicarilla reservation.

Then they began breeding, and interbreeding and INbreeding! Certain things are simply understood in their culture and often no thought is given as to detail or methodology during the delivery process of these ancient accounts. Regards Farhan, […] as I would never be able to recall it as good as he told us but I’ve found a really insightful link which goes into depth about them more.

The other friend held a spotlight which he was scouring the desert with and the third drove.

That was a great read, I hope you post more. The second guy told me he too had an encounter with one. He told his family about it and they called a Medicine Man to come perform a cleansing. Awesome read ! Cory Daniel is a professional certified interpretive guide and writer/researcher who currently lives in the Valley of the Sun. The Grand Canyon is one of the only places on earth geologists can access the deepest available rock formations of the earth’s crust without having to dig down. I’m pretty sure i have knowledge of this and possibly other things as well. I can’t help but notice that the primary tribes which harbor a belief in Skinwalkers all happen to be located in the same geographic area. The first rule of Skinwalkers is; you don’t talk about Skinwalkers. The story claims that a geologist was working in an oil field in the area and saw something odd and decided to take a heat signature of it. Not entirely sure if thats true but it certainly scares the crap out of me. Could these energies somehow facilitate or permit the altering of the human condition over a long period of time and allow for this? And their descendants turned and became exposed to the downwind radiation from the -over 100 nukes- set off at the Nevada Test Site, and boy o’ boy, what a grand cocktail we have!

I just came right out and asked and by the looks, on their faces, you would have thought I had just murdered someone. Skinwalker refers to a Native American legend which was brought to life by author Tony Hillerman. I appreciate your balance in this article.

He said that it was the dumbest this he had ever done in his life and warned me against my curiosity for the Yee Naaldooshi. Canada ns.

Creatures once human who roam the deserts and canyons of the southwest preying upon anything they can. It is often accompanied by difficulty breathing, and sometimes the feeling of an evil entity sitting on one’s chest preventing you from drawing breath. Whereas they are generally thought to be a witch gone bad, it is understood that they are always pure evil. Often you will be taught by another Skinwalker but sometimes the power just comes and you become one on your own.” He and his friends went on to tell me their first-hand accounts of their meetings with these creatures. I pray you come to this profound knowledge and receive all that God has for you my brother! Seek and you will find. It could be a sheep Camp, it could be Tourists, The Hunting Party, researchers, Anything is Possible. I personally don’t like the area just west of CRNM anyway. I am sure I wasn’t supposed to live to be able to say that statement.

As his friend raced up behind it in the truck he took aim and shot it square in the back, which slowed it down considerably. Or are there other energetic laws in play here? It didn’t take long for the picture and story to be debunked. I felt a presence of something laying on my chest during the episode and woke up very scared.

Pathological liars, thieves, manipulators, con artists, game players, and few even bat an eyelash as if it’s the norm!

Is there any difference between a Hopi Skinwalker and a Navojo Skinwalker? Simply put its what scientists refer to as (resonance) in physics. George Knapp, a well-established reporter out of Las Vegas has covered this story at great length and has written a book covering the subject as well and contributed to the same-titled documentary. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, http://www.mjwayland.com/index.php/red-devil-virginia/. I don’t want to say what tribe I am from because I have heard that skinwalkers and witches target “enemy” tribes. That night is coming up, if you have access to passive nightvision / thermal imaging equipment would you send me an email? I believe this could be a credible answer to this ancient belief. In any case, we eventually got to sleep, however, I awoke in the middle of the night to her hitting me in the chest. I looked up an saw what I thought was a baboon walking in the trail. Try not to think about them too hard, and whatever you do never say the name out loud. I was hunting quail when I came around a bend to a surreal scene. But I guess him and his friends/tribe did look and did find me. Part of the deception of the enemy of our souls is disguise the evil activity in the spiritual realm and have us operate in powerless fear towards the attacks. Bushy brows, no long facial hairs, bluish black hair in the sunlight. What happened next I will never forget. Perhaps there is a medical or scientific reason for what happened, but to this day both of us are unaware as to what it could be.

I made the most of this opportunity and asked him everything I could think of. I was wondering if you heard anything about fire and its connection to skinwalkers? Note on above story: Myself being a hunter and knowing a bit about the behavior of animals, I can’t help but wonder about the gentleman’s statement that the Skinwalker “may still be around” It begs the question. Before we get started here I will give you some Navajo advice. I looked in that direction and saw a hairy “beaver like” creature about 4 ft tall scurrying across the room and disappearing. A number of people were invited including myself and some guys from a road crew who happened to be working in the area, these men were Navajo. Could there be a collective psychic battle occurring here, something akin to mass prayer perhaps? He said that the sheep were weak and couldn’t take the evil energy of the creatures even being around, sort of like a canary in a coal mine. He’s coming back soon. An examination of Skinwalkers.

The four corner area, my home is a very mysterious place, beautiful and yet dark. A Skinwalker is a witch who is no longer fully human, has the ability to shape-shift and is personified evil. She says she has no information about its origin. After all, we know that stress kills people every day. One need not be physically attacked at all in order to suffer physical negative effects in this world.

I instinctively pounded on her chest and she finally caught a breath then she burst out into tears. Shortly thereafter powers will creep into you and you will begin to gain the power of the Skinwalker, including shapeshifting and invisibility. Three times I went to Monumental Valle from Phoenix, the first time we were a friend and I, more than 20 years ago and we went to a restaurant in Kayetan and the waiter a native of there told us kindly that if we were going to sleep in the city and We told him no, then he told us, it is not good that they drive at night in Indian territory, so if they plan to leave, do it already so they arrive in Flagstaff. Thanks for bringing up a great point. This Navajo swore to this and by the look on his face, I believed him.

Don’t forget capitalization and punctuation in your sentence structure. and he told me that strange things happen at night and more on the road and he left. Each of them isolated in some of the roughest country the U.S. has to offer.

Scary scary stuff.

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