It means that the runs which picked the upgraded version of a card did not perform any better overall compared to the runs which got a regular version (or even performed worse - the upgrade score is floored at 0, a handful of them should actually be in the negatives).

Apply 3 poison to a random enemy 3 (4) times.

If this card is discarded from your hand, draw 1 card. Deal 7 damage. Apply 4 Poison and 2 Weak to ALL enemies. At the basic level, it's just delta winrate*1000 (to make a nice round number) and then act scores are added up together, but there are some adjustments: Draw 2 cards. Pretty consistent IMO. Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted.

But drawing Echo Form and Creative AI in the first 2 turns of Reptomancer? If transformed or removed from your deck, lose 3 Max HP. Next turn gain 1 Energy. Add a random Skill to your hand. Watcher is fucking impossible so I avoid her like the plague. Clear Row Images, Add a Row Above (Not Ethereal). BASE: rates the base power level of a card in an “average” deck. Unplayable. Discard your hand, then draw that many cards. Discard all non-attack cards. Deal 10 damage to ALL enemies. You cannot gain Block from cards for the next 2 turns. The most obvious Core, it's colorless and doesn't need any Setups.

(Don't Exhaust). I won the basic run with three of the four and haven't made Silent work. Relics are permanent items that provide a passive bonus for the rest of the run. They cost 0 this combat. Other Slay the Spire Guides: Beginners Guide. Exhaust. Written by Uzui Seiki.

I also was lucky in my last run through and made got the card that hits everyone with lightning early and was able to bottle it so it would appear in my hand at the start. Cannot be removed from your deck.

Apply X Weak. Starter Relics are granted upon starting a run with the corresponding character.

Dedicated to all discussion on the roguelike deckbuilding game Slay the Spire by Mega Crit Games. The highlighted heroes in group C are Impervious and Rampage.

Draw 1 card. Can only be played if there are no cards in your draw pile. Slay The Spire tier list and deck builder.

Facebook, Download More posts from the slaythespire community. At the start of each of your turns, add a random colorless card to your hand. If you have discarded a card this turn, gain 2 Energy. Just not enough defense from my couple of runs. Draw 2 more cards next turn. (Don't Exhaust), Draw 2 cards. At the start of your turn, draw 1 card and discard 1 card.

When the enemy dies, deal damage to all enemies equal to its max HP. It's also important to note that these scores are indicative of strategies and deck archetypes which are successful on high ascension. Draw 2 more cards next turn. If this card is discarded from your hand, draw 1 (2) cards. Dual Wield (Ironclad) Core The most prominent cards in the group B are Armaments and Offering.

There are cards in every category, the cards are Ironclad, Silent and Defect. Gain 1 (2) Energy. Tips and Tricks. While in hand, lose 1 HP when other cards are played. Deal 7 (10) damage X times. Unplayable. Exhaust.

This turn your next Skill is played twice. Next turn, draw X cards and gain X Energy.

Reduce the cost of cards in your hand to 0 this turn.

Enemy loses X (+1) Strength. Ironclad - He has a great offensive (Strength + multi hit moves/Heavy Blade) and defensive (Barricade/Entrench/Body Slam) scaling that is viable even late game. The top cards in group A are Corruption and Entrench. If you can get a rainbow (all three orbs) card early and upgrade it doesn't exhaust, which is also amazing since it's 3 orbs for the cost of two energy. Unlike the old tier list I chose to make all values positive for aesthetic reasons. Deal 6 (8) damage to ALL enemies.

Shuffle your discard pile into your draw pile.

Slay The Spire tier list and deck builder Take an early Entrench?

Great for the heart. 2 . Deal 7 (10) damage.


Upgrade Bonus shows how much better the upgraded copy of a card is compared to the base version. is not an official website of Mega Crit, although I heard they make great games and you should check out Slay the Spire if you are here and somehow don't know what it is.

Increases Base ATK by 20/25/30/35/40%. If the enemy is Weak, Gain and draw 1 card. Exhaust. Poison is OP, especially Catalyst, and there are several great poison relics. Exhaust. This strategy should lead you to victory on most runs. On your next turn, your Attack damage is doubled. Exhaust.

We welcome feedback as there will most likely be something we've missed, SpireSpy is not an official website of, or affliated, with MetaCrit. Frost and claw is the ol reliable but you need to draw 2-3 claw early. I considered throttling low-sample negative scores the same way, but linear scaling wasn't doing the trick and cards still ended up with -300 when they have 0 winrate out of 7 samples in Act 3 or something like that (and it would take forever to get more samples, since nobody picks the card in the first place). Favorite. It costs 0 this turn. Glass Knife's damage is lowered by 2 this combat.

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