Innovative, high strength, stainless steel CTA™ (Click Together Assembly) baffles are easily disassembled for cleaning and make the Octane the most durable pistol suppressor on the market. package. Under their slogan, "Fight the Noise!" The piston and spring can be cleaned with solvent; light gun oil, CLP or break free is applied to the thread and o-ring groove. With the popularity of the original Octane, SilencerCo set out for a new sleek design that still offered the same performance as its predecessor. Cleaning and maintenance is also straightforward, designed for the shooter to perform. A huge variety of pistons, mounts, 3-lug solutions, and now ASR mounting system allow for versatility, and assurance that the Octane 45 can be fit onto any firearm you’re looking to suppress. With a combination of steel and aluminum, the Octane 45 2.0 is light but is still able to handle select fire weapons with ease. Although it is a multi-caliber centerfire pistol silencer, the SilencerCo Octane HD can also be used with subsonic 300 Blackout rifle ammunition. The SilencerCo Octane K 45 features a modular mounting system, allowing transfer between hosts with a wide variety of pistons available. The SilencerCo Octane 45 HD features a modular mounting system, allowing transfer between hosts with a wide variety of pistons available. After high customer demand, SilencerCo brought back the SiCo Octane … User serviceability with increased caliber versatility. 2000 Windy Terrace #1A, Cedar Park, TX 78613. A Pistol Brace Ban Will Happen Someday. Subscribe to our email list and get exclusive access to promotions, sales events and more! Now, the Octane is becoming a small family with the addition of the compact Octane K 45. The SilencerCo Octane 45 HD features a modular mounting system, allowing transfer between hosts with a wide variety of pistons available.

The average measured levels for this model are 130.4 dB for 9mm, 130.6 for .40 S&W and 132.0 for .45 ACP. It has always been a great sounding, no frills suppressor with a wide variety of mounts.

OSPREY 45. 9MM TO .45 ACP INCLUDING .300 BLK SUBSONIC, 9MM: 130.4 DB .40 S&W: 130.6 DB .45 ACP: 132.0 DB, Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales. Why the prototypes, those look slightly different, seems like they would just be putting the existing model back into production, unless something changed? It’s nonsense for them to offer short cans when a person shouid ne able to have both in one.

By employing aluminum and stainless steel throughout its design SilencerCo ensures a durable and effective can to meet/exceed your suppression needs. Protesters Want Justice. VIEW OCTANE. Great. Theme designed by Papathemes. 9MM AND .300 BLK SUBSONIC. Model #SU588

The body of the silencer is made of 6061 aluminum and the baffles are made of 17-4PH Stainless. OSPREY 9. 130.6 dB (.40), 132.0 dB (,45). You Can’t Stop It. ... We are SilencerCo.

And now, they’re at a lower price point, too. When the o-ring shows wear or if it fails entirely, it can be easily replaced with a standard Viton size 18 ring. This silencer is rated for 9mm-45ACP, subsonic.300blk and.22lr. With the introduction of the Omega 9K and 45K, the mounting solutions have increased. I did send this rifle to Silencerco to have them approve it with the use of both the Octane and Osprey. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Taken together, this modular design allows the same suppressor to be used with a very wide range of firearms -- all for one $200 NFA tax stamp. And talk about maneuverability!

.22 LR | .22 MAG | .22 WMR | .300BLK (subsonic) | .357 Mag | .38 Special | 9mm | .40 S | 10mm | .45 ACP, Build materials: aluminum; stainless steel, 13729 Research Blvd Suite 630 Austin, TX 78750. © 2019 Omaha Outdoors, LLC. They don’t have a modular version like the AAC Tirant M, Dead Air Ghost M, Rugged Obsidian, though they do have some short K versions plus cans like the Omega 45/9.

Or, in another example, a stock car race is typically 130 dB (which could lend itself to an interesting plot for a future Hollywood movie). Lack of Reliable Magazines Limit Hornady’s 6mm ARC Cartridge Offerings, Flash Sale – 10% Off EOTech – Expires 6/16/20, Concerned About the Second Amendment?

Give us a call on 1/2/18 and we will still honor the special. 300BLK Subsonic.DIAMETER: 1... SilencerCo Hybrid 46 - Octane 45 2.0 - SPEQ Program Available at, please visit 24 hours a day 7 days a week! Compatible with the Alpha accessories, the Octane 45 2.0 can be mounted to a handgun with a piston, and to a fixed barrel firearm via direct thread, 3-lug, ASR, and others. “New, friendlier MSRP: $624.”… friendlyER, but certainly not friendly. The Octane 2.0 is a 12.1 ounce, 8.5-inch user-serviceable suppressor using SilencerCo’s pioneered baffle design. The stainless steel baffles not only provide durability, but are suitable for harsher methods of cleaning. The Omega Ks are the smallest, lightest, and quietest silencers in their respective classes... B&T TP9 QD Suppressor This suppressor is the perfect addition for the MP9/MP14/TP9 submachine gun/PDW.

Manufacturer restrictions do not allow us to show you the price in the catalog or the product page. SilencerCo Octane 45. Offering premium performance at an affordable price point... SilencerCo Octane 45 The Octane line of suppressors offer industry leading sound reduction in all major combat pistol calibers, sub machineguns, and subsonic rifles. Constructed of aluminum to reduce weight where it counts, and stainless steel for supreme durability where its needed, the Octane is a dependable and versatile option in the pistol suppressor category. Due to the... 3801 N. Interstate 35, Suite 134 The Octane 45 will handle 9mm, .45 ACP and .300 Blackout subsonic in a 13.3 oz. Seems like after the BOGO from year before last they realized people still want these suppressors, so now they are back pedaling and putting them back in stock.

In fact, with a reported decrease in felt recoil, the suppressor dampens muzzle lift to provide a faster accurate follow-on shot. 9MM AND .300 BLK SUBSONIC. From the original SWR production to the updated SilencerCo production. The SilcencerCo Octane 45 Suppressor offers multi-caliber pistol and subgun suppression.Also SC’s Octane 45 is full auto rated and user serviceable. Offering excellent user-serviceability, the Octane 2.0 utilizes the unique Click-Together Assembly (CTA) baffle formation, which allows the shooter to effortlessly disassemble and maintain this suppressor. Our price is lower than the manufacturer's "minimum advertised price." Then You Should Be Concerned About the First. My Octane 45 is nice but every other newer .45 can I have is quieter with the exception of the absolutely wretched Gemtech GM-45 pos.

With the introduction of the Omega 9K and 45K, the mounting solutions have increased. The convenience and versatility of this condensed modular suppressor stands alone. Powered by BigCommerce. Model #SU588. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

It's got versatility where it counts without being overly complicated. Car mufflers have a similar amount of engineering, and handle extreme heat for many thousands of hours of use.

Lifetime. Suppressors are still way overpriced for what they are. Slim, light, reduced noise, dampened recoil, multi-caliber and cross-platform design, simple cleaning and maintenance: what's not to like? It retains all the same mounting system, and is light weight without extra nonsense. The versatility goes even further. This design allows for extremely high internal pressures, which dramatically decreases muzzle noise. SilencerCo recommends that cleaning should be performed at intervals of about 500 rounds, or more often when the suppressor is shot "wet" (that is, with 5cc of water added to the suppressor's bore). require(['jquery','owl.carousel/owl.carousel.min'],function($){jQuery(document).ready(function(){jQuery('').on('click',function(){jQuery('.input-search-zipcode').val('');});jQuery('').on('click',function(){jQuery('#search-by-state-name').val('');});if(jQuery(".catalog-product-view .dealer-reviews > a").html()=="undefined Reviews"){jQuery(".dealer-reviews > a").html("0 Reviews")}jQuery('.reset-dealers').insertAfter('.footer-bt-links');if(jQuery("body").hasClass("customer-account-logoutsuccess")){var getUrl=window.location;var baseUrl=getUrl.protocol+"//""/";var loginUrl=baseUrl+'customer/account/login/';jQuery("ul.header .authorization-link > a").attr('href',loginUrl)}$("#banner-slider-demo-1").owlCarousel({items:1,autoplay:true,autoplayTimeout:5000,autoplayHoverPause:true,dots:true,nav:true,navRewind:true,animateIn:'fadeIn',animateOut:'fadeOut',loop:true,navText:["",""]});$("#new_product .owl-carousel").owlCarousel({autoplay:false,autoplayTimeout:5000,autoplayHoverPause:true,loop:true,navRewind:true,rewindSpeed:0,margin:30,nav:true,navText:["",""],responsive:{0:{items:1},640:{items:2},768:{items:3},992:{items:3},1200:{items:4}}});$("#bottom_category.owl-carousel").owlCarousel({autoplay:false,autoplayTimeout:5000,autoplayHoverPause:true,loop:true,navRewind:true,margin:0,nav:true,dots:false,navText:["",""],responsive:{0:{items:2},640:{items:3},768:{items:4},992:{items:4},1200:{items:6}}});});jQuery(document).ajaxComplete(function(){setTimeout(function(){jQuery('.product-info-main').addClass('price-show')},1000);});jQuery(document).ready(function(){jQuery('#banner-slider-demo-1 .item').each(function(){var imgPath=jQuery(this).find('img').attr("src");jQuery(this).css('background-image','url('+imgPath+')');});});}); Always FREE Shipping and NO TRANSFER FEES!

Internally, the suppressor is simple. 9MM TO .45 ACP & .300 BLK SUBSONOIC.

Muzzle pressure should be fine on that long a barrel. VIEW HYBRID 46.

Rugged Obsidian45 Suppressor with ADAPT™ Modular Technology SPECIFICATIONS CALIBER: Full Auto Rated for Pistol Calibers up-to 45ACP and . Look for them to hit stores in the next 45 days or so. We are shooters. The Octane 45 HD has a weight of 12.1oz, is 8.7″ in length and has a diameter of 1.375″. Although it is a multi-caliber centerfire pistol silencer, the SilencerCo Octane HD can also be used with subsonic 300 Blackout rifle ammunition.

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