If you’re ‘not in the loop’, you may interpret your iguana’s distance as natural reticence and not signs of a more serious problem. What feels warm and comfortable for you can be too cold for your iguana. Use of an iguana safe disinfectant is also recommended. > Bleeding from the tip of the finger or toe usually means that the claw is broken or missing.

It is most commonly seen in juvenile iguanas (less than 2 years old). The most effective tool for knowing when your iguana may have a problem is by paying attention to anything you feel is different from what your iguana normally does. > Stool changes > slight or dramatic limping > Swollen limbs or trunk > Muscle weakness, tremors or paralyses > Changes in sleeping, eating, body colour, alertness, weight, appearance and energy levels. Claw Pulled out Symptoms: > Bleeding from the tip of the finger or toe usually means that the claw is broken or missing.

> Mites are found around the mouth, eyes, dewlap and vent of an iguana.

They occur when bacteria (most common) or fungi are introduced into the tissue by trauma or a bite wound, a penetrating foreign body, a tumor, or certain parasites. > Offer him water from a spray bottle every time that you mist him. Your iguana is

An infection with these bacteria can cause severe gastrointestinal disease, with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, cramping, fever or septicemia (blood poisoning). They spend most of their time under your iguana's scales and hide in places that are most difficult to clean. Take extra care with the feces after administering the medication – they will be literally stuffed with your lizard’s ‘unwanted guests’ once the de-worming takes hold.

Discard any broken or damaged items You can suspect on them if your pet scratches excessively, has damaged skin on some areas or simply – has visible parasites. Your iguana may also be admitted to the hospital in order to keep them stable in a warm, calm environment.

owners, Iguanas are susceptible to the common cold. They are treated by surgical removal or lancing and flushing of the abscess. I want to enjoy my iguana as long as I can, so it’s

Make any changes you need to the are approximately the size of the head of a pin and can most often be found Calcium plays a major role in the proper development of strong bones along with the functions of the intestinal tract.

respiratory infection in an iguana can take hold surprisingly quickly and turn They are diagnosed by appearance, palpation, fine needle aspiration or surgical exploration. mouth mucus, Thick yellow plaque in the gums and These occur when excessive dietary minerals form crystals in the bladder, which then become bladder stones.

There are plenty on the market, but many

Offer him water to drink. little poorly, it’s time to give him a careful examination. order to stay healthy. You will also feel crawling things on you after handling your iguana. The most common cause Symptoms: > Change in eating and normal activity > Excessive scratching > Possible listlessness > Shedding problems > Irregular and damaged scales in an area > Small ugly creatures crawling on or stuck under the scales and in the skin folds Mites are as small as the dot above an i, by the time that you notice them there is already hundreds. Although not common in domesticated iguanas, infestation by ticks and mites can Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. thoroughly. The disease is usually characterized by inflammation and pus in the mouth. As if this weren’t enough, iguanas attract raccoons, snakes, and other predators that come with a host of their own diseases and dangers

Infectious stomatitis (mouth rot), usually requires injectable antibiotics, as well antibiotic mouth rinses. It’s an > Change from daily routine

If you are not sure how bad the burn is then it is best to see a vet. Iguanas are often afflicted with a condition called avascular necrosis, in which the blood vessels supplying an area of the body become obstructed, leading to death of affected tissue. Getting rid of external parasites involves lubrication of attacked areas with petroleum jelly or baby oil (parasites won’t be able to breathe and will suffocate) and thoroughly cleaning the enclosure afterwards.

If the blisters are not treated, bacterial infections or ulcers may occur.

absolutely crucial to know what you’re looking for. > Lethargy, inactivity and a sick appearance > Normal activity reduced > Possible listlessness

If your iguana has the sniffles, your vet will

Iguanas are also very sensitive to toxic feeding bowls. ... Yearly exams can significantly reduce the risk of finding your iguana sick, and too late to help him. enjoy a lifetime of steady good health if they are properly cared for. Lack of proper UVB light is another major factor in the development of this condition. The type of parasite identified on the microscopic fecal examination will determine which drug is needed. priority. When laying eggs, iguanas have difficulty removing eggs so need help from their owner. As a parent, it’s up to you to understand the their iguana against it. > Symptoms are the same as with ticks. Take close stock of what you are feeding him


to eat. A thorough cleaning of all lamps, surfaces, Symptoms: There are usually a lot of blood, take your iguana and rinse the tail under lukewarm water and then apply corn-starch or Kwik-stop to stop the bleeding.

Pinworms are probably commensal organisms (commensalism is an association between two organisms in which one individual benefits from the relationship while the other is neither benefited nor harmed). Learn more.

general health and therefore, a thorough physical examination is in order if If your iguana is already sick with MBD, you’ll need to keep a close eye on him.

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