Dentist: Have it your way. Customer: Not that much. My Comedic-Writing Epiphany: Spotting The Ext... After Losing Hope: True Heroes Of The Enterta... Weed Remix - Katt Williams ft DJ Steve Porter. Dentist: And what color would you like? Well, the last time I checked I was the customer and I paid for my crowns. Customer grunts.

Free Short Stage Scripts Comedy, Funny, Humorous Skits "Hipster Hobos" by D. M. Larson A short funny script skit (sketch comedy stage play) The scene is written for 6 actors but can be done with more or less. I have four, maybe five teeth left in my jaws, and I would bet my monthly income that you’re planning to replace those as well within the next year. Dentist: That’s good to hear. But a comedian has the ability to use their anger and intelligence to refocus and reconstruct their pain into entertainment. What idiot would I be to replace yellow teeth with yellow crowns? Top 10 Funny Skits for Two People - Duologues - Short Comedy Stage Play Scripts for 2 Actors "The Last Can" A short play about two people in love... at the end of the world... with only one can of food left. When you purchase a PDF, you may make as many photocopies as needed (but please do NOT repost online in any way). It’s not like they’re going to rot away. And we’re also taking donations for the latest earthquake in … Customer: Don’t care. Most of them are replaced with crowns. Dentist: It doesn't’t work that way. Customer: You may not.

They perform them regularly and professional and non-professional playwrights have responded by writing short scripts and making them readily available through online databases. All rights reserved.
Here are some excellent free school plays in English that you can use in the classroom that teach reading, speech and communication skills t... “Cell Phone Zombies” (aka "Smartphone Zombies") short comedy play script by D. M. Larson Copyright (c) 2016 From the publ... "Worrying About the Future" is a scene  from the published play "Control the Future" by D. M. Larson   WORRYING... "Cell Phone Zombies" SHORT sketch comedy skit about cell phones and time travel. Customer: You meant to ask, have I been brushing my crowns. Dentist: Bye now. Lazy Bee Scripts' website has 250 full skit and short play texts, available for free online perusal. God knows I won’t miss you doctor. These scripts are published and protected by Copyright (c) 2001-2019. We could see through the hypocracy and illogic of our parents and teachers, but because of our age and size we couldn't do anything about it. My hand will be in your pocket for many more years. Interested parties can search by cast size and gender, skit length or the skit type (religious, musical, plays for kids, or a number of other choices). Don’t forget to stop at the front desk, to pay the bill. IMPORTANT: Please be sure to get permission from your competition for the script before performing it. Purchasing a PDF of this script gives you the rights to use for: If you use the script in a paid performance where admission is charged or in a competition, please pay the royalty: This royalty covers all performances that occur within one month’s time.

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