La capitaine maudite est la deuxième fable de flibustier disponible dans Sea of Thieves. Bring the Star Map and Broken Spyglass to Madame Olivia! This outpost includes company NPC's, shops, and a tavern. It only took me a few hits, of course it may just be because im doing this alone. So, it should be quite easy to find Captain Blake. Here’s the guide to help you on your way: The Legendary Storyteller Tall Tale Guide. On top of these special moves, Briggsy also wields a deadly Flintlock. There you will find two of Briggsy’s belongings—belongings she felt important enough to keep safe with a separately guarded chest and key: Briggsy’s Star Map and Briggsy’s Broken Spyglass. Inside the Tall Tale book that you will find in your Map Radial will be pages comprising of two stories. Si vous pouvez en décoder le sens, alors vous pourrez peut-être trouver des artéfacts et reliques du passé de Briggsy. Now that you have both the Skeleton Key and Skeleton Chest, you can open the Skeleton Chest. However, there is one iconic bird statue within a cave. Ces pages contiennent les souvenirs de malheureux qui ont prêté allégeance à la seigneur squelette. Walk in and head to your left. This is where you will find Captain Blake and his crew. “Wild Rose… True love shining like a beacon that calls across the waves…”. With two of Briggsy’s belongings, Madame Olivia might be able to divine Briggsy’s whereabouts. Adventure Island - Plunder Valley. Yet, it seems no one knows where Wild Rose is. The stars guide Sudds well enough, but most pirates need a bit more help. This time, it will be Captain Blake. Third, stay away from cliffs! Hello, for defeating Captain Briggsy, Me and my crew found out that harpooning her is a great idea, lure her to the beach, and use the ship’s harpoon. However, we’ve only known the compass to lead to the following islands: Wanderer’s Refuge, Discovery Ridge, The Crooked Masts, Cannon Cove, Mermaid’s Hideaway, Shipwreck Bay, Lone Cove and Kraken’s Fall. On Crook’s Hollow, there is a cave at sea level. Je suis Madame Olivia de l’Ordre des âmes. In the first stage, you’ll need to acquire a Skeleton Key…. Rapportez-moi tout ce que vous trouverez et j’éclairerai les ténèbres qui vous attendent. After you’ve heard what Madame Olivia has to say, check your Map Radial. Thieves' Haven is a Large Island situated in The Ancient Isles. Sachez-le, je vois en vous la force nécessaire pour atteindre les Shores of Gold. So, you find them right at their spawn point. Salty… Tremblant devant une lame, révélant le repaire d’une piégeuse. I’m disappointed, the enchanted compass is in the quest inventory (on C-button i think). Keep exploring deeper into the cave. Pour la vaincre, il est suggéré de l’attirer près du navire et de tirer des boulets de canon. It is as tricky as it sounds: The Art of the Trickster Tall Tale Guide. I did this run three times before I figured this out! Luckily, we think we have all the possible pages on which you might find this Skeleton Chest. To begin this adventure, you must seek out the Cursed Rogue Tall Tale book. Adieu. Once you and your crew best this famous pirate, Briggsy will drop her skull. Also similar to the first story, you’ll find the Skeleton Chest guarded by a Skeleton Captain loyal to Briggsy. It seems Captain Avery prefers to camp on the high ground. Just keep climbing up and up the winding pathways. With small islands, there is a chance that you or a crewmate accidentally agro the skellies away from their spawn point. Took my girl and I less that two minutes to kill it, with hand to hand combat. For a more specific digging location you can always pinpoint the spot on your interactive map. Each Outpost contains one of each Shop, some with their own unique items. Plunder Valley is a location in Sea of Thieves. Learn how your comment data is processed. Promotion légendaire : Terminer cette fable 5 fois, Promotion légendaire : Obtenir toutes les promotions pour « La capitaine maudite ».

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