The log cabin you can build is very simplistic, and has only one door – you generally don’t have to look for long to find a static house which has more than one ‘layer’ of doors. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact, This item is incompatible with SCUM. Can't believe you want me to do all that work for you. Check out our complete Scum Interactive Map with car spawn locations, bunker locations, petrol station locations and more Map (Loot, Towns, Police Stations, Points of Interest & More), Guide to the Hidden Controls and Features, SCUM - How to Practice Lock Picking in Single Player, SCUM - Maps (Loot, Towns, Police Stations, Points of Interest & More), #teleport XXXXX -180935.250 282269.000 68992.648 0, #teleport XXXXX 587487.938 562410.813 166.757 0, #teleport XXXXX 608800.438 322241.969 -887.667 0, #teleport XXXXX 578361.250 248311.813 420.739 0, #teleport XXXXX 597772.438 87575.617 -444.268 0, #teleport XXXXX 599203.063 43126.668 -139.745 0, #teleport XXXXX 511596.688 -57540.613 108.116 0, #teleport XXXXX 604078.688 -255597.750 -636.439 0, #teleport XXXXX 575963.500 -310799.594 -728.237 0, #teleport XXXXX 536795.375 -460753.281 -721.565 0, #teleport XXXXX 357541.156 -569955.188 43.928 0, #teleport XXXXX 233812.484 -582612.500 -28.159 0, #teleport XXXXX 201755.703 -578274.000 -1029.234 0, #teleport XXXXX 106482.164 -554719.875 105.626 0, #teleport XXXXX -218066.766 -560227.125 1860.533 0, #teleport XXXXX -228072.125 -578087.375 -1596.925 0, #teleport XXXXX -325811.313 -509573.594 -1032.521 0, #teleport XXXXX -552285.313 -475123.188 -313.728 0, #teleport XXXXX -512481.313 -559847.500 -684.272 0, #teleport XXXXX -414817.813 -548633.688 -2050.239 0. Or try using google as there are several, Coordinates suck if you're own an official server. Carry-Out & Catering. B3 #teleport YourNick 167981.29772 -236640.19048 0, 13. Guide to the Hidden Controls and Features. This is the ending of SCUM Where to Base Building (Map with Locations) guide. Approach bunker from north Click the tabs to the left on or off to see particular tabs such as Gas Station Locations, Police Stations, Bunkers, Car Spawn Locations, Towns or High Loot Locations.

The great submarine cave of SCUM and others... Other SCUM Guides: Map (Loot, Towns, Police Stations, Points of Interest & More). Dine-In . A1 #teleport SgtNickFury -560102.80659 -452644.86338 0 3. Instead of you having to search YT videos all day to get them. To teleport to a particular spot, right click on the map where you want to teleport your character to, right click and select ‘Copy Admin teleport’. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. SCUM – Maps (Loot, Caves, Shipwrecks, Bunkers, Cabins, Hunting Stands and Camps) June 19, 2020 DLE Guides 0. Enter camp from west, approach from south door of mess hall. Have fun.

C1 #teleport YourNick -537172 188361 41813, 16. Spawn Items Code & Extra Commands. Please see the. A couple of armories. Similar Posts: None Found i didn't get around to updating it to 4k but it is a map. C3 #teleport YourNick 24616.80674 29738.30849 0, 23. To Teleport, open your "chat" type in or copy and paste the location you want to teleport too. D3 #teleport YourNick 236859.8138 561934.58158 0, 30.

The surface entrances are patrolled by sentries. It is only visible to you. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Player built structures can be destroyed, which is not the case with static ones, so there’s that.

List of All Items and NPC's. C2 #teleport YourNick -211574.76636 195135.51402 0, 21. All rights reserved. List of All Items and NPC's. C2 #teleport YourNick 7654.19874 106911.21709 0, 18. SCUM is an early access open-world survival game. A1 #teleport YourNick -560102.80659 -452644.86338 0, 3. D4 #teleport YourNick 477841.11009 454785.05814 0. C3 #teleport YourNick 11205.607479999999 103897.19626 0, 24.

Crave . Police stations will often have police gear, such as Police Riot Vests, Batons, MK5000s, TEC01 M9s, and other light armaments. B1 #teleport YourNick -333700.93743 -43088.78647 0, 6. Loot quality: 5/5, B2 - located in sw corner of the sector, has 4 small tents and one large tent with a bunk house and 3 hunting blinds, clothing, weapons and ammo Just to give you some background - the server I'm on has been infested by termites, AKA a group of brasilian raiders, who pretty much roam around the map raiding everything they see, and they are very, very, very efficient at it. B2 #teleport YourNick -254915.88072 -159630.84326 0, 9. C4 #teleport YourNick 342140.19262 295766.3473 0, 26.

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