British Geological Survey - a world-leading geological survey. It is Scotland’s premier provider of objective and authoritative geoscientific data, information and knowledge to help society to use its natural resources responsibly, manage environmental change and be resilient to environmental hazards. Here you can find the number of Earth science features that have been assessed as favourable, unfavourable or recovering due to management, as well as searching by area, or using more detailed selection tools to find how many Earth science features have a record of irreversible damage (‘partially destroyed’) at their last assessment. The following areas have completed geodiversity audits: Map of geodiversity sites identified by British Geological Survey since 2007. SSERC Chemistry

Today, we have the highest cliffs and some of the largest sand dunes in the UK, as well as important mudflats and salt marshes. Hear about SISI project officer James Symonds' vital work controlling invasive species along our rivers. Dunfermline Apple Regional Training Centre, Digital Professional Learning Catalogue for Local Authorities and Clusters, Canon Medical Research Edinburgh & University of Glasgow. Are you a fan of Minecraft? SSERC Digital YouTube: Siccar Point – the birthplace of modern geology – British Geological Survey, Rocks and landforms in Rum – © Laurie Campbell, – Scottish Natural Heritage, Creag Meagaidh - © Copyright Lorne Gill - Scottish Natural Heritage. 2 Pitreavie Court There are almost 5000 known mineral species, yet the vast majority of rocks are formed from combinations of a few common minerals, referred to as “rock-forming minerals”. South Pitreavie Business Park Scottish Planning Policy provides an approach for the planning system on: Scottish Fossil Code – aims to help protect Scotland’s fossils while encouraging public interest and responsible use. Hit any of these geotrails to learn about the significance of some of our most remarkable rocks and landforms. Scotland has many geological gems to discover. We are also active in applied geomorphological research. Rocks may be lost through removal by quarrying or collecting, obscured by debris or vegetation, or buried beneath waste in disused quarries. Golden eagles translocated in 2018 and 2019 exhibiting potential courtship behaviours. As the Iapetus Ocean closed, three landmasses were on a collision course with Laurentia: The collisions that followed during the Caledonian Orogeny formed the Caledonian Mountains, a massive mountain range similar in scale to the Alps or even the Himalayas. Preparing a spooky disguise this Halloween? SSERC Digital The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom is a free informational and educational guide to rocks, minerals, gemstones, and jewelry. SCO17884).

It was in the lapetus Ocean, as it closed, that the volcanic islands thought to be the foundations of the Central Belt formed.

SSERC Technicians, SSERC is a Company Limited by Guarantee (Scottish Company No. Scotland’s Geodiversity Charter – encourages everyone to work together to raise awareness of, and manage, Scotland’s geodiversity; and to ensure its better integration into policy and guidance to meet Scotland’s economic, social, cultural and environmental needs.

Make-a-map – customisable map of the rock units that are of interest to you – for amateur geologists, students and teachers. Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), a statutory designation made by Scottish Natural Heritage under the Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act 2004. This map shows the OS map data on the surface and the rough position of real geology beneath, repeated down to the bedrock.
Understanding Scotland’s geology is increasingly important as the legacy of past industrial development, future land use and resource and energy pressures combine to create a highly sensitive subsurface environment. Rocks and landforms are part of Scotland’s rich geodiversity – the variety of rocks, minerals, fossils, landforms, sediments and soils, and the natural processes that form and … How Scotland's geological foundations came together, Green Infrastructure Eligibility Guidance, Rocks formed since the foundations joined, the chain of volcanic islands that had formed in the ocean was nearest – it was heading towards the foundations of the Grampian Highlands, Eastern Avalonia, the continent that contained England, lay behind the island chain, on the far shore of the ocean, Baltica, the continent containing Scandinavian Europe, lay further east – it was set to collide with the Northern Highlands. SSERC Official Rocks are composed of minerals. Complaints. The chain of volcanic islands collided with the Grampian Highlands about 480–460 million years ago. SSERC Physics This presents major challenges for sustainable development and potentially conflicting uses, particularly beneath our cities. The Dalradian rocks of the Grampian Highlands were still only layers of sediment building up in the shallows of the Iapetus Ocean south of Laurentia. About 600 million years ago, the North-west Seaboard, Northern Highlands and Grampian Highlands all lay at the edge of a continent called Laurentia, about 100km or more apart from one another. The remains of this mountain range stretch from Norway to the Appalachian Mountains of North America. There are around 895 important rock and landform sites in Scotland (identified by the Geological Conservation Review, GCR). Rocks and landforms are part of Scotland’s rich. Geoparks – celebrate our outstanding geological heritage and its links to culture, education and sustainable economic development. Scotland’s rocks and landforms (geology and geomorphology), created by natural processes over the last 3 billion years, are of national and international importance for demonstrating key geological processes and events in the Earth’s history. Scotland’s landforms have been shaped over time by: The advance and retreat of glaciers have created many of the landforms we see today, such as: crag-and-tail hills on which Edinburgh and Stirling Castles sit. View our privacy policy here. Ideal for educational use in schools and earth science classes, minerals and fossils for collectors and children and rocks for lab use. We use cookies to provide you with a better service. Notes from the Scottish Beaver Forum's most recent meeting. Around 75% of these are protected as notified Earth science features in SSSIs, and their condition is monitored under Scottish Natural Heritage’s (SNH) Site Condition Monitoring programme. Please contact Scottish Natural Heritage Image Library for further information, Tel: 01738 444 177 or, Adobe Acrobat Reader is the free, trusted leader for reliably viewing, annotating and signing PDFs. Local GeoConservation – local groups work with local authorities to designate Local Geodiversity Sites, and work to raise awareness of sites and geodiversity through publicity such as leaflets, booklets, posters, interpretation boards and websites, and by developing access and educational usage of sites and trails.

The upland environments of Scotland provide valuable ecosystem services, many of which are closely linked with geomorphology. View geology data on a mobile device using the iGeology app where you can also share your geological observations and photographs including points of interest and outcrops. areas covered by petroleum exploration and development licences (PEDL).

Registered Office – 5th Floor, Quartermile Two, 2 Lister Square, Edinburgh EH3 9GL. The geology of Scotland is unusually varied for a country of its size, with a large number of differing geological features.

Air - Broad general education (Early to fourth level), Climate - Broad general education (Early to fourth level), Energy - Broad general education (Early to fourth level), Land - Broad general education (Early to fourth level), Transport - Broad general education (Early to fourth level), Water - Broad general education (Early to fourth level), YouTube: Siccar Point – the birthplace of modern geology, Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Geoparks, national parks, national nature reserves and local nature conservation sites, – Promoting Responsible extraction of Resources, Minerals Planning Advice Notes and Specific Advice Sheets, A guide to minerals information in the central belt of Scotland, 2014 State of the environment - Full report, Scottish Pollution Release Inventory (SPRI), British Geological Survey Rockdrill 2 (RD2) promo video, Power of our Planet - British Geological Survey 2016 Showcase video, Scotland’s Coal – Life after Extraction? Rocks & Minerals – Introductory powerpoint, SSERC


With the completion of the Caledonian Orogeny, about 425 million years ago, Scotland’s geological foundations were finally brought together. Scottish Geodiversity Forum - aims to promote Scotland’s geodiversity, and seeks to widen the profile of geodiversity and influence national and local policies.

The results of Scottish Natural Heritage’s site condition monitoring programme can now be searched live through the Protected Nature Sites data analysis application.

Closure of the lapetus Ocean The Iapetus Ocean began to open up about 800 million years ago, as the forces of continental drift pulled apart a … Samples we offer come from across the … Watch the drama of grey seals pupping on the Isle of May NNR and connect with amazing wildlife at Tentsmuir NNR. flood-prevention schemes, riverbank protection and coastal defences. BGS has reproduced 2D and 3D maps of geology and surrounding islands within the world of Minecraft. Baltica collided with the Northern Highlands about 440 million years ago, pushing together the Northern Highlands and North-west Seaboard. A series of continental collisions between 480 million and 425 million years ago brought together Scotland’s five foundation blocks. The Iapetus Ocean began to open up about 800 million years ago, as the forces of continental drift pulled apart a large, ancient continent. Our varied coastline was formed by many processes, including sea-level changes caused by the last ice age.

a world-leading geological survey. SSERC Technicians

Scotland’s rocks and landforms provide a range of benefits and help us to understand how the Earth has evolved.

Continue browsing if you consent to this, or view our Cookie Policy. Data on pressures impacting features can also be searched. aims to promote Scotland’s geodiversity, and seeks to widen the profile of geodiversity and influence national and local policies.

SSERC Biology This is called the Grampian Event. Rocks and Minerals Chris Lloyd 2018-08-21T10:21:14+01:00 This is a series of activities that uses simple materials to model the formation of the three main types of rock: sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic. This is called the Scandian Event. We also encourage you to tell us where our mapping needs updating. SSERC Biology The British Geological Survey (BGS) is a data-rich organisation with over 400 datasets in its care, including: The data is managed by the National Geoscience Data Centre.

Eastern Avalonia ‘soft docked’ about 425 million years ago, as England softly collided with Scotland. Young STEM Leader, SSERC Official Legislation only provides limited protection to geodiversity outside SSSIs from the following activities: Geoparks, national parks, national nature reserves and local nature conservation sites also help protect rocks and landforms and marine protected areas (MPAs) help protect important seabed features.

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