There are two deep wells on the property but they are used only occasionally. Description: The Mallard Pacific is 304.57 assessed acres of restored natural waterfowl habitat. Two groups will be drawn each hunt date. Given that and our partnership with the landowners, the ability to keep water open and low pressure, several thousand acres of crop ground and resting areas for migrating waterfowl provide the most discriminating hunter premier duck and goose hunting in the Pacific Flyway.

Sohnrey Family Foods has donated a rice blind off Highway 99 and Nelson Shippee Road specifically for families and veterans. Contact us for availability and pricing on blinds and trailer spots. The property is right in the middle of the Llano Seco Refuge, Howard Slough Refuge and Gorril Ranch flyway. Adjacent to Aquas Frias Rd, the ranch has convenient access with plenty of parking. ©2015 - 2018 Merlo Waterfowl Company ~ All Rights Reserved530-624-6707, ©2015 - 2018 Merlo Waterfowl Company ~ All Rights Reserved. You will hunt out of flooded rice fields and well-maintained pit blinds and enjoy shooting waterfowl at close ranges and “feet down” in the decoys. Blinds: There are (9) 3 man stand blinds with boat hides, strategically placed throughout the marsh. The club is bordered on the north and the west by the State of California Yolo Wildlife Area and on the east and south by other private duck clubs. Each of the areas offer 2, 3 and 4 man lockable blinds.

One of our highest harvest rates, this property shoots all types of ducks and geese. May hunt all day. Our records show it was established in 1914 and incorporated in California.

FAX (916) 648-1665, © 2020 California Waterfowl Association   |   All Rights Reserved, NEW! The club has a riparian water right through the State of California for water deliveries to the club. The numbers of wintering waterfowl on these properties are staggering. The Senator Outing Club has 16 members that hunt in pairs. Sign up once and your name will be on the list for all season. These woodlands are home to blacktail deer, turkeys and wood ducks to name a few of the inhabitants. Traditionally, this is a spectacular time for waterfowl hunting in the Sacramento Valley. The Senator Outing Duck Club is located in southern Yolo County and is approximately 10 miles south of the Mace Blvd over-crossing at Interstate 80 in Davis. Looking for a blind/duck club near Sacramento for next season. As a result of this vast experience he has been able  to identify areas in the valley where ducks tend to migrate on an annual  basis. Check availability and pricing. Blind/Duck Club Near Sacramento for 2018/2019 Season. With it's larger checks and big water, it makes for outstanding pintail shooting. Hunt on a mutually agreeable date in December or January. Special conditions: At least one member of the hunting party must be a junior, veteran or woman. Special thanks to Closed Zone Farms for providing mowing and discing services to CWA’s Butte Creek Island Ranch and Sanborn Slough properties.

Hunt Dates: Dec 5, Dec 16, Dec 26, Jan 3, Jan 9, and Jan 17. Jim has over 30 years of guiding and duck club management experience in  the North Valley. The club lies about one mile south of the intersection of County Roads 106 and 38. This club is located between the Sacramento NWR and Delavan NWR and is a season long attraction for the large amount of ducks and geese wintering in this area. Special conditions: At least one hunter must be a junior. I was thinking out by Woodland, North of Sac and even South of Sac if there are some good spots. The Afterbay Ranch directly boarders the southern edge of the Thermalito Afterbay and just north-east of Rancho Esquon. Together they have the expertise and properties to offer a great waterfowl hunt. Greco Gun Club. Bordered by Butte Creek to the East and directly under the Llano Seco Refuge and Rancho Esquon Flyway, this ranch has a high harvest rate. PHONE (916) 648-1406

1346 Blue Oaks Boulevard Located just east of the Upper Butte Basin Wildlife Area and Hwy 162, the Meyers Ranch is a solid shooter and has just five blinds in over 400 acres of rice. Given a storm or foggy day, look out! This water cost is included in a members annual dues. Claim your profile for free. A location close to Sacramento is fairly attractive." We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.

May hunt all day. Services will be private. All rights reserved, Stromer Realty Company of California, (530) 671-2770.

Conveniently located on property are RV trailer spaces with full hook ups for additional cost. Delayed wheat harvest incentive program, 75th Anniversary Inspiring Conservation Campaign.

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