Glynda's voice entered. A little over a year ago, Cardin 'let slip' that Jaune's transcripts were fake. Jaune shook his head, and dropped something in between them. There was a silence in the room. He turned to the stunned Cardin, "I absorbed your explosion and used it against your teammate."

And whether they are Looking At a person's face or their back determined what was truly being shown.

Jaune declared as raised his sword.

Thought you were dead, Arc." A thunk.

So much so, that this is the only record of this. Jaune, with no restraints to speak of, was wearing a casual white T-shirt and blue jeans. There was a small pause. Jaune didn't bother to move.

As soon as the plane landed, she stepped out and looked around. Was something going on with them. They had only come here once, when they had been informed that Jaune had... Ruby shook her head. Those are the rules. He turned back to Weiss, and for the first time, in a long time, Ruby saw a grin on his face. To finish this outfit, was a black, sleeveless trench-coat with a hood with red markings that started at his chest and over his shoulders leading down to the bottom of the coat. They continued to dance quietly, the music from the hall echoing just enough so they could follow along.

The two stared at each other for a moment, as if sharing a private conversation. Yang was another story.

he smirked as kissed her hair. All the second years and above were summoned to the arena for an announcement. "Should be healed up soon, so no one will notice. Detonated a shape charge. They all flinched like they were hit.

This is the One Above All.". The pale moonlight from the window illuminating their eyes and bare forms. Until eventually she also started to distance herself, at first it was subtle but soon it was exactly like the others. But she did, until Ozpin came in. "I-" Ruby started. Ruby could see it now, in his eyes, not just his posture. Not even Goodwitch's comforting hand could help with how utterly betrayed and alone he felt. "Come on, sis. "That Jaune died long ago.

"Every time he fought, he was careful to hurt but not kill. With that, he died in Tony's arms. Thank you Ruby. His right arm was just hanging limply by his side. Professor Goodwitch looked up in surprise. Ruby could hear it. She was graceful as always, walked with confidence, but the anger on her face was plain to see. Jaune turned to Glynda and gave a wide smile.

When Jaune Arc's life goes to hell, he's desperate to gain back what he lost. The apple dropped to the floor in a loud clunk. Before they could ask, Ozpin took hold of the cloth and slowly pulled it off. He grinned before introducing his weapon, "Meet Souffrance Eternelle." He started reaching for his blade when he heard footsteps. She fell to the ground and Jaune spoke again. "I betrayed them today. She was the one to warn them of trusting him, of trying to turn him back. He dropped to his knees and the light started to fade out of his eyes. Turning back to Ruby, Yang nodded.

She smiles. Arc." There was no doubt that Jaune had been working with the enemy, that he was the enemy.

"First, introducing Team CRDL." After that, Ren and Nora started to do the same, they felt betrayed by the person that was supposed to lead them.

"In preparation to deal with your military.

I was umm." Jaune lazily parried every one of his slashes, each hit sending vibrations up Russel's arms because of the blade's shape. She turned slowly, because she was carrying some books in her arms and an apple in her mouth.

He looked them in the eyes, "I was tired of being the weak light trying to fight to protect those I cared for and losing everything. Cardin soon spoke up, "Wow. Pairing: Lancaster. Jaune turned away and entered the plane. A pause, slow breathing. Yang placed a small kiss on Ruby's hair and walked out of the room. It was Crocea Mors. Jaune appeared on screen again. She remembered that time. Ruby recognized. Ruby thought about how Jaune looked at her, looked at them. ", With that, Jaune turned back to Ozpin and nodded. Ren sighed as he rubbed his face.

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Jaune was panting, sweating, and looked desperate as he ran. Jaune stood, facing his former teacher. Jaune smiled wide as if he had just won the biggest prize in the world. Not anymore.". Ren nodded slowly, as he shifted in his seat, wincing as he did so. "And you made him the man he was today. She needed to find him. He raised his hand and Yang went into the air before he dropped his hand and she crashed into the ground in a crater. The two stopped in shock and Jaune just looked at them with that cold smile before motioning for them to 'bring it on'. She was about a mile away from a small beach house. Ozpin said quietly, looking back at Jaune. She had to focus on Cinder. Why would Goodwitch? The judge stared at him for a moment before sighing. Dove managed to recover his sword and brought it up to block it but on contact an explosion happened. First 5 gets props. Jaune pauses and sighs. 'Whatever this is, it's big' Ruby thought as they walked into the back. "It was strange, didn't really think about it. The order in which they lost faith in Jaune. ", Pyrrha hesitantly stepped forward, "We want to know what happened to you. They both charged. Honestly.

Jaune chuckled bitterly. "Always better at everything." He made Sacrifices." But, before you go. Glynda had snapped it up and worked with Weiss to figure out the virus. "Of course, Professor." He was wearing the same worn armor, and had the same gruff face. "Are you ready, Mr. But she already knew the answer.

Betrayer. "I fought for hours and eventually my weapons broke and I was out of aura. "Alright Jaune, it's time to go home." He smiled, "Hello, Beloved. Ruby looked over to her partner, who was still staring at the frozen image of Jaune reaching for the Camera. "To the socially awkward." The projector had been pulled down and Ruby saw that scroll again, the same one she had seen Goodwitch carrying in court. Jaune Arc, the formally dead and worst fighter in the school, was effortlessly beating CRDL. No this is a lie. So late that night, he took his gear and ventured into the Emerald Forest. The amount I stole from her is nothing compared to what you gave me.". He set Grim on Thousands of people. "At least you're making progress." I remember thinking that this was it, the end.

He was going to prove them all wrong. "So, I guess this it huh?".

But, I thought this was a one-way trip? This was all we could find with his scroll. I have to get them to trust me. "Pyrrha Nikos. I told them I hated hunters, hated the stupid system.

"Those are the truest words I, Jaune Branwen, have ever heard." Jaune spun behind Russel and kicked the back of his knees, driving him to the ground. They were hoping that this would be the news they were hoping for. He stared at her. The people who were to be his second family, had just abandoned him. Everyone just watched the brutality in shock, not able to do a thing. This one is an RWBY one where Jaune gets betrayed by everyone in Beacon and Remnant's Allfather had sent him to the MCU. And in the end, he wanted to see you one last time before he left. Once in a while, he would stop and bring up a piece of footage, a photograph, a report. Your friends! Once he was in control again, he looked back at them.

", Ruby stepped beside her, "To be with us. And this time, Glynda nodded slowly. The world of Remnant would soon be shaken to its core. ", "No, you were to help out where you could and then when your time had come, you would be able to return home. "I back stabbed everyone. His aura stopped, "Jaune Arc died that night. Ozpin Already Knew After telling all of his friends about his faked Transcripts, Weiss goes to Ozpin and insists on having him expelled. (Coverart: Khor Evik Vlakhavlakh).

Glynda and Ozpin left the room silently, leaving the two teams there. Weiss was the first, followed by Yang and Blake and finally Ruby. He yelled. Nothing and no one could fix that.
"Bring in the accused."
They had faked everything.

"I think I put up with your attitude because it was nice being around a pretty girl like you." It's so we have evidence … for the worst case scenario." Instead of the usual schpeal where Jaune is betrayed and left for not, he's only suspended under the ruse that they'll be reviewing his progress. "Friends? "I don't know if I can send a message to Glynda in time.

This is personal.".

"Jaune Arc, you have denied your right to an attorney.

Pyrrha stood by him for weeks.

The rock landed in a thunk against the water. I'm due for a check up anyways." He looked liked the average civilian, if you excluded the muscle tone and scars. He wasn't.

Didn't know how long she stared at Jaune.

Where was the send-off from? The wood creaked underneath her feet, and Jaune shifted in his sitting position. I hope you Enjoyed this! It's a hunter whose gone bad. "Alright, for the record Jaune. And, Ruby felt her heart stop for a moment, her eyes go wide in shock, and a single name leave her lips. ", Ozpin nodded slowly. Pyrrha growled out. Borl nodded slowly and stood up, taking out his scroll. Taking a deep breath, Ruby nodded. It's secluded so he can live in peace, until he's ready to rejoin society.

"You know Ruby. He raised his hand as it started to glow black and a rock nearby levitated as it was surrounded by the same aura. But, Ruby couldn't but notice... "We made a deal." Hot New #1. The teams stayed there for a very long time.

They all may have been hurt or upset with Jaune, but none of them wanted this. He would be waiting. He called out. And after a long, brief, quiet, intense, moment. He wanted you to … know." But, that doesn't mean things will get worse.

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