Calculating the load means determining the correct amount of cool or warm air that is needed to establish a comfortable temperature or maintain that desired that temperature inside the room. Although mini-splits allow for different placement options, its appearance can distract some homeowners since they can be hanging off the wall or ceiling. When sizing for a multi-zone application, you want to select each air handler in a size that can handle the square footage for each room. If the ceiling in the zone you are conditioning is taller than eight feet, ask your HVAC contractor to perform a load calculation using Manual J.

Key Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing a System for Your Customer. Using an undersized air conditioner to cool a big space would not make any sense. While you can accurately measure the size of the room based on the square footage, determining the right size of a mini split would be a little bit challenging due to several factors, such as the height of the ceiling, insulation, the climate in the area, and even the level of the room’s exposure to sunlight. Perhaps the most significant benefit of mini-split heat pumps is their size. Despite their upfront cost, they’re incredibly energy-efficient and offer many different types depending on your customers’ needs. They do not have the reputation that the more prominent brands have, but they offer reliable mini-split models at lower prices. Where Can I Buy Ductless Air Conditioner? So, when choosing a ductless mini split, it is important to make sure that its BTU rating is suitable to the size of the room where you will install the system. This is the same data that is used to determine the right BTU rating for the unit that will be used for that particular space. With ductless mini splits, the indoor and outdoor units have varying sizes or rated capacities. The wasted energy, in this case, would be substantial and you can expect your electricity bill to skyrocket.

Even though the air handlers add up to 39,000 BTU's, the odds may be small of a time when you need full capacity out of the bedroom and the kitchen at the same time. All Rights Reserved. For the more prominent brands, MRCOOL, Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu, and LG are the best. Compared to other systems, mini-splits generally offer cost and energy savings over time; however, the initial installation process can be expensive, with an average price of about $1750 per ton (12,000 BTU per hour) of cooling capacity. Because it’s more likely that each room in your home may have different sizes, the size or rated capacity of individual air handlers may also vary. Do not include closet space, unless you are installing a concealed slim duct with an air supply and air return vent. According to rule-of-thumb sizing charts, the ductless … Since the load influences ductless size (and cost), it may be to your benefit to seal up your home and add insulation if needed. For accurate sizing, you can always tap the help of an HVAC expert who will calculate your cooling or heating requirements and determine the right size of the mini split air conditioner for your home. This means that having a unit with a higher rated capacity or higher BTU rating doesn’t assure you that you’re actually getting the right size. What would happen if the system is oversized or undersized? If you are installing a ductless multi split (multiple zones), you may well benefit with home-efficiency upgrades of air sealing with caulk and weather-stripping, and boosting or replacing insulation if needed. A professional home energy evaluation can determine if home-efficiency upgrades are recommended to save energy and boost comfort. Its size allows for easy installation and freedom with placement — they can be on the floor, mounted on the wall, or attached to the ceiling. When it comes to mini split air conditioners, size refers to the capacity of the unit to heat or cool a specific space or room. While the requirements look a bit too much, it’s not as hard to handle as it looks. Now, what would happen if you installed a mini split with a BTU rating that does not match the size of the room? Unlike central air or furnaces, mini-split heat pumps are a lot quieter to operate.

Because your comfort and energy-savings are stake, it is imperative that your mini split system is properly sized for the room that you will heat or cool. Mini-splits make less noise as air travels through due to its less turbulent air. Mini-split heat pumps are a great option for customers and provide an enhanced level of flexibility.

The truth is, the size of your unit must be proportionate to the size of the space. The inside components are distributed around the home and use low-powered fans to disperse air throughout each room. And, home-efficiency upgrades are good for the life of the home. The problem is it might undergo a process called short cycling, which is bad. Contrary to popular belief, bigger doesn’t always mean better when it comes to air conditioners. It has two main components; the indoor air unit and the outdoor compressor/condenser. It has two main components; the indoor air unit and the outdoor compressor/condenser. Want to get updates about the latest content, industry news and business tips? For smaller, less prominent brands, Pioneer, Daikin, and Kilmaire are good options. However, if you are installing a ductless mini split (one room/zone), and you’ve decided to go by the square footage, this is how it is done for a ductless system: This example highlights the deficiencies of using the rule-of-thumb method for sizing a ductless system: There are just too many variables for sizing a ductless system to not use Manual J. On-Premise vs.

To find the square footage of a room, multiply the width and length of the room. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy. While many other things have to be considered prior to a purchasing decision, making sure that you have chosen a properly sized unit should be on top of your checklist.

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