Who are on earth,  Let your sword be always in your scabbard. Afflict not the elders in our midst, nor the tender babe, nor the procreating youth, nor the child in the womb, nor the father or mother, nor our bodies dear to us. destroys sins  4.2.9  delivered ones the luggage pullers and all these are made efficious to be very useful or multipurpose and be granted long life full of sacrifices with praana, Apaana, Vyaana airs, the eye and ear with sacrifices of the ming, speech, the Ego ‘I’ along with sacrifices with perfection in the truest term. “Through yajna you nourish and sustain the gods and those gods will, in turn, sustain you. Salutations to him who is in the sand by the side of the river   Thaasameesano bhagava parachinaa mukhaa krudhi.

Let not death come near me. Namo vanchate pari vanchate stayunam pataye namo |

To him who is red coloured,  Aarathe  gogna  utha  poorushagne ksyadweeraaya  Ya eetha bandascha bhooyaamscha diso rudraa vithasthire  Asmin mahatyarnaven tarikshe bhava adhi Among the various Vedic hymns recited daily by a vaidika, the Sata Rudriua occupies a prime place.

Forgetting the ills done by them,  Swapadbhyo  jagardbhyascha  vo namo nama         3.2.6  Salutations to Him who stands prominent, the wielder of the sword; to the prince of thieves, salutations. Ye divi yesham annam vatho  varshmishadha sthebhyo dasa, 
The sun and moon are your eyes, the burning fire your face. The kind of peace I am getting after reading Sri Rudra Japam and its meaning is immense. Salutations to the great and majestic one, to Him who is full of all excellence. Namah parnyaya cha parnashadyaya cha But in a ritual of offering flowers unto the altar of Visnu, namah is added to every name appropriately modified to dative case, giving the sense, 'unto'. Also move away from us.

Little soft at us, who praise,  Let the Prithis, the forefathers feel glad and approve of me. Nama sankhaya cha pasupathaye cha     8.1.3  First Anuvaaka Namasthe Rudhra manyava Uthotha Ishave Nama Namsthosthu Dhanvane Bahubyam Uthathe Nama. But Bhagavan, You art Lord and master of them. Sri Rudram - Namakam With Meaning On 6/08/2011 06:05:00 AM with 0 Comment. Nama seegriyaya cha seebhyaya cha     5.2.3    Thousands miles away,  To him who is like disease to his enemies,  svarashcha me shlokashcha me shraavashcha me Salutations to Him who is in dry things and green things. prathimaa cha me varshhmaa cha me draaghuyaa cha me The package was intact, and the books arrived in excellent condition. Nicherave paricharaayaaranyanam  pathaye namo nama         3.1.5 

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