It was tearing up my airframe. Do you re-pitch for the static comp? The fuel burn of the 3002/3003 will be slightly more than a 912, but not significantly. Horsepower: 35 Weight: about 64 lbs Price: $2,090 complete Also available: Kawasaki 340, air cooled, 35 hp, New, $2,595 complete Used, $1,795 complete A lightweight (only 58 lbs) version of either engine is also available. In summary, I was very happy with the Rotaxs but did not expect a lot out of the A-75.Warp. The larger and more popular (now days anyway) Subaru engine is the 2.2 Liter, which weights a whopping 315 lbs !!!!! Hope some electric trikes / planes show up to the comp!! Rotax Powertrains . @MontyStone showed one once he rigged up with a simple weight scale meter with a memory needle on it. Six participants submitted their machines for testing. In summary, I was very happy with the Rotaxs but did not expect a lot out of the A …

I see the A-65 is 173 lbs, whereas the electric start C-85 is 207 lbs, which sounds about right. Rotax 277, 58” PowerFin, 2-blade = 200.2 lbs Rotax 447, 68” Ivo, 2-blade = 300.6 lbs Rotax 503, 70” PowerFin, 3-blade = 400.7 lbs Continental A75, Warp Drive, 3-blade = 350.3 lbs. Prices include a fan or enhanced free-air cooling: Make: Kawasaki 440-A, air-cooled Like New! Quietest...yes. check out the. The installed weight of a 3002/3003 engine typically comes in at about 45 lbs less than a Rotax 912. It's designed for the short light weight props on paragliders. I have my stock configuration of 80HP Rotax 912 UL with an Arplast 3 blade prop- not sure what the prop diameter is. Can't wait to see the results. I found this on the internet, so I don't know how accurate it is, but all weights are in lbs. (rebuilt) Horsepower: 40 Weight: 55 lbs Price: $2,850. We can go to 1,200 for any unlikely person fortunate enough to have that kind of thrust. Mine won't win that’s for sure. Is there such thing as an affordable one? The prototype Blue Yonder Twin Engine EZ Flyer is powered by two 503s in pusher configuration. I always do mine on concrete or wood planks. The Rotax 277 vibrates something fierce. also the readings varied greatly with max rpms versus cruise.". Example - granted not a Stratus, but some of the NSI Subaru … it works good.

Hey good idea, the organizers just polled the forum for activities and comps.

Our goal is always to maximize the fun and to minimize the weight. Although static thrust does not tell the whole story, the resulting data does tell part of the story…plus this is great fun. These cookies are essential for the operation of the site. Looking forward to the results of this comp April 3-6. (but really produces the power - that weight is also from the Stratus web site).

Rotax 503 trade show display Type Piston aero-engine: National origin: Austria Manufacturer Rotax: Major applications: Quad City Challenger Blue Yonder EZ Flyer: Produced until 2011 A Rotax 503 mounted on a Flightstar II ultralight. We will use a “Y” bridle with each rope end making two wraps at or near each axle and use a bowline knot. I heard some really wonderful things about the Jabira, and I bet they would make a good light and fuel efficient engine choice for the model 3 and 4’s, but have not heard of anyone using one with the fox or avid. The wieght figures are off the internet, so who knows how accurate they really are, but someone put a lot of work into finding these figures, so they are probably correct or close to it. 11-12-2011, 11:34 AM #2. Plus obstructions in the back have an vortex in the flow field, etc.... essentially OGE (Out of Ground Effect) compression type phenomenon. Please inquire. That's a lot of extra weight out in front of the noise, which affects both the total engine installation weight and the CG of the aircraft. you know what else would be interesting would be to get a sound meter to award the quietest thrust winner also. Productfinder Clear all filters. It was great low tech ingenuity. Here is an engine weight comparison: Rotax, Continental + others. Never had a problem.

Re: Here is an engine weight comparison: Rotax, Continental + others Major Skeptic here.

So many airports are noise sensitive. HighWing. I Other engines can use a light weight (and cheapish) wood prop, which gives a lighter total installed weight and affects the aircraft CG less (but it's hard to beat metal for durability), If this is your first visit, be sure to

Rotax 912 165 Includes 20 lbs radiator, et, CAM-100 225 Includes 20 lbs radiator, etc.

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