Yes, he has met James Garner, who portrayed him in “Barbarians at the Gate.”, “He used to come out to the Dinah Shore Open,” Mr. Johnson says. And one suspects that you can’t put a price on his experience. I’d had enough of public life,” he says. ''We have an office. A public relations bombshell went off when The Times disclosed a financial arrangement under which Mr. Johnson and a small number of his executives could each reap profits topping $100 million. If the CEO of the United States could shed and rewed, why not the CEO of a FORTUNE 500 company? By ''They become self-appointed critics and consciences,'' says Manhattan psychiatrist Clifford Sager, who specializes in marital therapy.

Occasionally a stepmother & will take an active role in ensuring that her husband maintains ties with his progeny. Johnson died on December 29, 2016 at his home in Jupiter, Florida, seventeen days after his 85th birthday[1] from pneumonia. (FORTUNE Magazine) – His temper might perhaps be a little soured by finding, like many others of his sex, that through some unaccountable bias in favor of beauty, he was the husband of a very silly woman; but she knew that this kind of blunder was too common for any sensible man to be lastingly hurt by it. (It should be mentioned that in the corporate stratosphere, the phenomenon of divorce still pertains largely to men: The two women CEOs of FORTUNE 500 companies, Katharine Graham of the Washington Post Co. and Linda Wachner of Warnaco, are both widows.) He served on the board of directors of several companies including Bentley Pharmaceuticals. But even as the second wife gives her husband pride of place, she maintains an independence that eluded many first wives. Instead of showing up on magazine covers, he is more likely to appear at a golf tournament or a theater opening. Frederick Ross Johnson was born on Dec. 13, 1931, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the only child of a hardware salesman and a bookkeeper. Or from India,” he says.

Management buyouts have made new millionaires and billionaires of people like John Kluge, Ronald Perelman, and Saul Steinberg. In the early 1980s the recently divorced Mosbacher was considered the second most eligible man in the world after Prince Rainier -- or so it was said in Texas.

Shortly before the pair were married in 1985, Moss left Merrill Lynch, went to England with her $75,000 bonus to buy ''a truckload of antiques,'' and set herself up in Manhattan as a decorator and retailer.

This was what happened to John Rollwagen, as he told the story to Jan Halper, the author of Quiet Desperation, the Truth About Successful Men. ''I feel that way about mine.'' Both proved ill-fated. IT CAN BE TROUBLESOME, of course, if a CEO on the loose starts an affair with a subordinate.

''This family needs tradition.''

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